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Find Out About Foamex Printing And Various Applications For Board Printing

Every business has to undertake some type of promotion or marketing and this also calls for signs and banners. This is the time to have some printing on boards completed.

Printing companies that use board printing have a broad range of customers belonging to various industries. To meet the requirements of these companies Board printing companies offer diverse options, based on the requirements and needs of their activities.

A majority of customers are looking for Foamex printing. Foamex Board, also known as Foamex printing on boards is becoming very popular with the majority of printing companies as well as their customers.

We will also talk about the reasons why Foamex is a preferred material for the majority of board printing. From exhibition display panels to customized hoarding boards whatever your printing requirements may be, we can cater to them. Our elegantly designed Foamex boards are perfect to create appealing displays for your business, events, etc.

It is primarily ideal for direct printing as it is easier to cut and shape and lighter. It also proves to be extremely sturdy. We have the reputation and goodwill in designing  3mm foamex boards and signage.

These are just a few of the fundamental features that create hoarding board a widely used material that are used in promotions and marketing. With foamex, we can create custom designs for your advertisement or display purpose. They offer a powerful impact on your business and leave your target audience surprised and creates a buzz.

A Few Things To Know About Foamex Is A Better Choice

Foamex is a material that’s simple for printing on. The molecular structure of the hoarding panel is such that it gives Foamex panels a flat and even surface which is mostly white in colour. This is an excellent thing because it makes it easy to print on surfaces such as this.

If you directly print an image on Foamex, it’s capable of producing a stunning matt look. The UV varnish not only creates a shiny effect but also provides the print with additional protection.

A Foamex board is able to endure some rough weather, in contrast to cardboard. This makes it possible to print on Foamex for outdoor signage. If you plan to utilise Foamex boards for outdoor use, the suggested thickness is 10mm as the 3mm and 5mm Foamex are not strong enough to stand up to the harsh weather.

All boards will wear and tear over the course of time However; a Foamex board is quite resistant to tears and wear. Buy our ultra-thin sturdy 3 mm foamex board for interior decoration. With our 3mm foamex board panels, you can handcraft safety signs and estate boards. We are available to help you get the fantastic eco-forward foamex boards in 3mm and 5mm sizes. We offer the best prices on our products.

Additionally, to be durable Foamex is also very light. It is a reason why Foamex boards are an ideal choice since they are easy to carry and to set up.

Foamex is a product that’s simple to use. It is simple to stick to a specific surface too. When the top executives of your organisation and other business associates use these promotional drink coasters given by you in front of their guests, there are a lot of other people who may be your potential customers or clients who will be noticing.

This is the reason why Foamex board is considered an extremely flexible material. It also boosts your sales and helps generate interest in your project which can turn into revenue.

Alongside being tough and light in weight, another characteristic of Foamex that’s appealing is that it’s an extremely fire-resistant material. These are the features that make a board an excellent value for the money.

Printing With Foamex Is A Popular Method Of Printing

A material with a variety of uses. It is suitable for many different tasks. When you are preparing to market your business you will inevitably require high-quality banners, Foamex board, brochures, etc. Having a dedicated printing company to aid you in these efforts is a must.

Display Graphics: The Foamex board is ideal for exhibition graphics since the requirements for displays and other signs in a setting such a situation is to be massive and easily transportable.

Signs For Construction Sites: Foamex boards can be utilised at construction sites to get all the safety and health messages across.

Foamex Printing offers excellent construction site board printing services that can surely communicate your brand message to your targeted audience.

Signs For College And School: Foamex boards are frequently used in large institutions such as colleges and schools for information graphics since they easily be placed wherever and are light.

Point of sales signs: Foamex boards can produce excellent print quality, and you can utilise any colour, and then put it into any shape you prefer.

Signs for event venues: Foamex boards or Foamex printing is used extensively for signs at events to make appealing promotions and ads at events.

Moreover, we ensure that your site board has bespoke graphics, image and brand information and helps generate more revenue. We also accept custom options to boost your campaign or creatively advertise your message.

The Most Popular Printing Material

The features and advantages of Foamex PVC board, also known as Foamex printing should have demonstrated the reason why Foamex is a popular material for a majority of companies. Its properties like being light and its thickness of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm let you use Foamex boards to carry out a variety of tasks.

You will get excellent value for your money with a PVC Foamex board. You can get your brand name and logo imprinted upon these coasters for the whole world to see.

With the ease of customization and a wide range of colours – avail countless bespoke options for your tailored requirements. Whether you need foamex for your hoardings, exhibition display panels or something else, we have unique solutions for foamex printing!  We’re amongst the most renowned digital printing companies in the industry.

Alex Smith

Alex is the Marketing Head at Foamex Printing Company based in the UK. His value-driven ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry lead him towards success. Alex also has a keen interest in writing informative blogs for various leading blog sites.

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