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From relief to regret – Readers’ experiences of abortion

From relief to regret - Readers' experiences of abortion

Dirk Bach and his wife agree: They did not want to have a child with trisomy. From relief to regret: Readers’ experiences of abortion, read again here why they would have been happy about a blood test.

Introduction: From relief to regret: Readers’ experiences of abortion

Examine the genome of a baby in the womb? The pregnant woman’s blood is often sufficient for this. A good nine weeks after conception, a blood sample can be used to abortion test whether the unborn child has Down syndrome. On September 19, the Federal Joint Committee wants to decide on the question to which ZEIT ONLINE has to dedicate a focus: ” Will the blood test for Down syndrome become a health insurance benefit? ”

“When my wife had a miscarriage, we decide

If she gets pregnant again, we will do tests to make sure the baby is healthy. We want to make sure. I’m an engineer, a guy who wants to know all the facts. My wife and I are very similar on this point, so when she got pregnant again in 2007, we had a 3-D ultrasound.
We live in the United States at the time. My wife flew to Germany regularly because we bought a house near Ravensburg. She also took care of the preliminary examinations on the occasion. That’s why she was unfortunately alone when she got the message during the ultrasound that something might be wrong. The next step was to measure the baby’s neck folds, which again show irregularities. This time I went to Germany and stay with her.

The advice we received from my wife’s gynecologist was medically informative. But he could only tell us what the result could mean: trisomy’s, for example, or a perfectly healthy child. The only and best way to know for sure at the time was to take amniotic fluid.

“We had no idea” From relief to regret – Readers’ experiences of abortion

In the time up to the amniotic fluid test and the diagnosis of abortion, I read a lot, on the Internet, but above all in our library in Ravensburg. I research the trisomy’s – 21, 18, 13 and Buy abortion pills in UAE. The smaller the number, the worse the disability. We also read texts about what it would be like to live with a child with Down syndrome. For the first time, we look at the consequences that a decision for or against a disabled child could have. We had no idea.

But we agree relatively early on: From relief to regret – Readers’ experiences of abortion

We did not want to carry a child with a serious defect, nor a child with Down syndrome. We already had a healthy boy back then. That was the crucial thought: We didn’t want to burden Lukas with that. The handicapped child of a couple of friends receives – or so it seems to us – 70 to 80 percent of the attention. The other children came up short. After all, a disability is not an illness that will go away again. Intensive care never stops.

The decision can destroy relationships

The abortion took place in the University Clinic in Ulm, which has a lot of experience with late abortions. The children are buried centrally there and a small memorial commemorates them. It was a very good place for us. We went there a lot back then.

From relief to regret – Readers’ experiences of abortion, I am very grateful that my wife and I have similar beliefs and feelings. If one wants to keep a disabled child and the other doesn’t – that can destroy relationships. After all, there is no compromise. We were and still are in agreement today: We would make the same decision again despite the great pain.

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