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Get Curly Hair At Home Without Using Any Expensive Tool

Heatless Hair

Curly hair looks beautiful and if you do not have beautiful curls, then you may want it. Most people are inclined towards heat appliances for curling their hair. They do not know how much damage they are doing to their hair. Avoid using these harmful methods for curling like heatless hair curler set and shirts toward the new trend to create natural curls. We have listed various curling methods which you can use at home without causing any damage to your hair. Also, you do not need any expensive tools to create luscious curls at home. Check out the following tricks and implement them at least once:

heatless hair

Getting curls with braids is one of the simplest and easiest steps to get overnight curls without using a heat-based appliance. Take a shower before sleeping, let your hair dry and create loose braids before sleeping. When you will wake and see your hair out of braids, then use a wide brush for separating the curls. While creating the braids, you should try to stay create them to the bottom to get the right curls.

  • Buy Set Of Hair Curlers

Hair rollers are most popularly used as hair curlers. A hair roller is a traditional hair curling tool and it was introduced before the invention of the hairdryer. The hair rollers are very useful these days because people are looking for a heatless hair curler set. To use a hair curler, you should take shower and let your hair dry approximately 80%. After that, start rolling up your hair with the help of the hair rollers. Make different sections of hair and roll these sections with the help of a hair roller. Finally, wrap your hair in a sheet to make sure that your hair stays together while you sleep. After waking up, undo the rollers and you will get curly hair. Separate the curls with the help of your fingers.

  • Headband

You can use your headband for curling your hair overnight. In this method, you do not need tight rolls. You can easily create loose waves with the help of the headband. Wear your headband you normally would. Now, take hair strands and start looping them over the headband. Create as many loops as possible as per the length of your hair. Detangle your hair in the morning and comb with your fingers.

  • T-Shirt Hair Halo

This technique is a little bit similar to the headband technique which is described above. But with this technique, you will get bouncy curls. T-shirt hair halo technique will give you ring like curls rather than usually waves. Take any of your old t-shirts and start twisting them in on themselves. Keep twisting until you get a rope-like structure. Tie the ends of the twisted t-shirt with the help of the hair tie. Wear it on your head like a headband. Pull up a section of hair and twist it around the halo. Once all you the hair sections are wound up, let your hair dry. Finally, remove the t-shirt and you will get beautiful curls. It is one of the best ways to get heatless hair curls.

  • Twists

For twisting your hair, you can use a piece of toilet paper, baby wipes, makeup wipes, pipe cleaner, and toilet paper. Well, you can also use it on long hair but you will be overwhelmed by the amount of effort you have to apply. You have to create various small sections of the hair and start rolling them up in the twisting material starting from the bottom. After reaching the top point from where you want to start the curl, tie up the twist. Repeat the process for various sections of the hair. Let your hair dry naturally. When your hair is properly dry, then you can undo the twists and detangle curls with your fingers. With the help of this technique, you can easily create a loose wave and super tight curls.

  • Ribbon Hair Curlers

The ribbon hair curlers are perfect for creating beautiful curls without doing any damage to your beautiful hair. You have to divide your hair into various sections and use the ribbon curlers for twisting your hair overnight. During the morning, open up hair curlers and see the beautiful curls you have obtained. The ribbon hair curlers are easily available in various local and e-store. You can easily get them from anywhere. 

Final Words

The heat appliances may help you to easily obtain beautiful curls in no time. But this is a very quick and easy way to create curls but can lead to a bad impact on your hair health. Using heating appliances on the regular basis is not a good idea. Therefore, you should consider using non-heat appliances for curling your hair.

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