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Get The Best Toy and Gift Idea for Your Kids

Toy and Gifts for Kids

Finding meaningful Non-Toy Gifts for Kids is one of my favorite things to do! Toys, of course, are fantastic… But today I’m sharing the greatest non-toy presents. They’re educational, and artistic, and open up a wide world of play, but today I’m revealing the finest Best Toy and Gifts Idea.

Play is crucial for a child’s growth, so I never discourage children from playing with toys; yet, I strive not to make toys the primary emphasis of what our children receive. Toys, of course, have their place.

They make fantastic holiday stocking stuffers, and fun birthday gifts, and are just plain fun to play with at times… After all, I’m a play therapist. It is my job to play with toys while working with children (since learning through play is a wonderful thing!)

However, I enjoy coming up with non-toy birthday and Christmas ideas. In our house, toys are also overflowing, and if you’re reading this, I’m betting it’s the same in yours. Every year, I undertake my own Decluttering Course, in which I walk through our house and donate toys, yet they keep reappearing on birthdays and holidays.

Is it Possible to Have too Many Toys?

I was just in our playroom this week looking for toys to give when I noticed that our kids no longer play with any of them. They do, after all, desire toys. They’re requesting toys. They can’t live without them when they see them in the shop or at a friend’s house.

I don’t want Christmas or birthdays to be solely focused on the gifts. I want children to go beyond the “desire” for presents and develop a “want” to serve others, make memories, and understand the true meaning of the season.

Kids have a lot of things. There’s a lot of stuff. (It’s not just the kids who have too much stuff; adults, too, have too many things.)

There are toys, toys, and more toys. Trucks, automobiles, barbies, legos, Princesses, stuffed animals, Pokemon, Shopkins, Nerf Guns, Droids, trains, dinosaurs, and even baby dolls (twice!). While I am grateful that we can provide so much for our children, it is a topic we discuss frequently: when do you say enough is enough?

When should you say “No” when you know you have the option of saying “Yes”? Children in our town are sleeping on chilly floors tonight, while our children have three of the same toy… a gift that another child would be overjoyed to get.

I want our children to understand escort that giving is about more than just things. I get that having new toys is exciting for children, but I don’t want them to lose interest in (or remember) what they are receiving because it has become so normal for them.

Get Amazing Gifts for Your Kids

When I was thinking about kid gift ideas this year, I knew I didn’t want to limit myself to just gifting toys.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite non-toy gift ideas for kids. Christmas presents, Easter gifts for kids, Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, and birthday gifts for kids are all possibilities. These may be used at any moment and are far more significant than any toy you could buy.

Some of these were given to us by corporations or friends, while the rest are concepts we’ve tested throughout time. I’ve also included a few affiliate links to help you find the items mentioned in the post. I hope you enjoy these kid-friendly gift ideas as much as I enjoy sharing them.

P.S. If you don’t want to go overboard with the gifts, take a look at what we’ve done in the past: Our Christmas with Four Gifts.

When I find myself buying too many toys for my children, I have to stop and think about why I am doing so.

Was it because it was adorable, entertaining, or a good deal?
Were there any times when we saw a sale advertised on television or social media and felt it was a wonderful deal?

Is it Because I Adore the Way They Smile?

Did all of this have more to do with ME than it did with THEM?
I sometimes get the impression that we buy merely to buy. “What is it that __ desires?” It happens at Christmas, on birthdays, and in particular grade graduations. We purchase it because we believe we should.

That’s when I usually come to a halt and question, “Would these toys improve their life in the long run?”
We have a lot of stuff because we have four kids, three boys, and a girl… The majority of it can be found in the toybox or one of the living room’s storage ottomans. That’s where it’s at right now.

Yes, kids play with these things now and then, but more often than not, you’ll find them outside on the swings, building forts, or playing football in our backyard, playing some type of made-up game of hide-and-seek.

Our daughter, on the other hand, enjoys playing with toys (dolls, etc…). She’s at the perfect age for toys right now, but if you ask her to play ‘family’ or dress-up, she’ll pick the latter every time.

The week before the big day, bring a large bag. Your family stuffs the bag with toys and leaves it for him. Santa returns that night and takes them home. His elves repair the toys and distribute them to children around the world.

Non-Toy Gifts for Kids (50+)

What if we… came to a halt? What if, instead of buying a bunch of toys, we put our money into making memories? Consider the following question while considering Christmas gift ideas for kids, birthday presents, etc.: What if we truly strove for memory-makers as birthday gifts, vacations or holiday gifts, and more helpful Christmas Gifts for Kids? Get these best smart gift ideas for your Childress and make them happy ever. Gadgets and accessories give you the most resalable information about these gifts for your home. Read our blogs about these and get the all information you need.

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