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Getting Married? 7 Best Wedding Ties For The Groom And His Groomsmen

Everybody wants to look good for their wedding. That’s why it’s important to ask for help or do some research beforehand. It may take a couple of weeks or months before you decide on your final wedding outfit, but it’s better to wear something you love.

Of course, your outfit will be based on your wedding motif or theme, but it’s still important to know the best options for your tie. Men’s ties have a variety of categories to choose from. Fortunately, if the groom will buy a suit that matches the bride’s gown, then you’ll just have to choose for the ties of the groomsmen.

Nowadays, it’s not just the bride and her bridesmaids who have a matching outfit but also the groom and his groomsmen. If it’s not the suit, they usually go with matching men’s ties or socks.

If you’ve decided to have coordinated ties, then you shouldn’t hesitate to check the list below!

1. Solid

Solid-coloured ties have been a go-to for classic weddings. If the wedding is formal, a black-tie is a usual choice or other dark colours. On the other hand, if it’s a casual setting, you can settle for pastel-coloured ties.

Whether you’re having a casual or formal kind of weeding, solid ties are never off the list. It’ll just depend on the combination of the colour, length, and width on how elegant the tie can be.

You may opt for the darker shade of solid coloured ti for the groom, while lighter shades for the groomsmen.

2. Polka dots

Do you have a playful kind of wedding? Then a polka dots tie is for you! The common men’s ties for formal weddings are burgundy, blue, and grey. However, if you want to be more experimental, you can choose any other colours.

For example, if you’re having a garden wedding, you can opt for a dark green polka dots tie to match the venue.

As for the groomsmen, they can wear the opposite of the tie that the groom is wearing. For example, if the groom is wearing a green-based tie with black polka dots, then the groomsmen can wear a black-based tie with some green polka dot.


3. Stripes

Want to add a bit of your personality? Then you should choose stripes ties. Just like the polka dots tie, you can the groom and groomsmen can also have alternate colours for striped ties.

When it comes to striped men’s ties, blue and burgundy are also your best bet. You can wear a blue suit and top it up with a deep blue striped tie.

The striped tie is a timeless piece that’s also easy to pair with the usual colours of suits. So if you’re not sure what to choose, this might be your best shot!

4. Chequered/ Plaid

Just like the other ties mentioned before, chequers and plaid men’s ties are also versatile. You can choose to wear a plain tie with a mix of grey and black patterns to match your black suit. You can be as creative as you like as long as you know your colours.

Another good thing about choosing checked or plaid as your wedding outfit is that you can stand out among those who choose to wear solid colours. Of course, you don’t want to leave your groomsmen behind so they can also go chequered or plaid with a different pattern or direction.


5. Colourful

If none of the traditional men’s ties passed your standards, then you should go with a tie full of colours or attention-grabbing patterns. With that, everyone will notice your style. Besides, it’s your wedding so you should choose to be happy.

The key to having the best one-of-a-kind tie is not how ugly it is. You can have people jealous of the idea that you can make bold decisions for your wedding day outfit.

For example, if you have a bohemian wedding, then it’s best if you go with a floral tie. A black base with blue or peach flowers on a tie will capture the theme.

6. Paisley

Another great choice for a bohemian-themed wedding is the paisley. Aside from that, paisley ties have been making a comeback. It’s becoming more popular as gooms and groomsmen choose this type of tie.

In addition, even though it’s a complicated pattern, it can be well paired with solid-coloured suits and shirts. If you’re having second thoughts on choosing a paisley tie, you can ask your family and friends, or just go with it!

7. Bowtie

Nowadays, bowties are not just for the formal and black-tie kind of events. It now comes with a wide range of colours like pastels, neon, and neutrals. If you’re having a casual wedding, the groom can wear a pastel-coloured bowtie while his groomsmen wear a shade lighter or white.

Of course, it’s important that you also have it coordinated with the outfit of the bride and her bridesmaids.

Another tip when coordinating the ties of the groom and his groomsmen aside from the things mentioned above, the groom can have a solid-coloured tie while his groomsmen’s ties have patterns (and vice versa). Don’t forget to share with us your favourite men’s ties for weddings by leaving a comment below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.
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