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Guest blogging: List of benefits, objectives and tips

But what is “Guest Blogging”?

To understand more about this concept, you just have to look up its meaning in the dictionary, so we will understand much better this term so widespread and so unknown at the same time.

As the name suggests ‘guest’ is guest in English, so that tells us a lot more about the meaning of ‘guest blogging.

Social networks and the internet have become the neighbors’ yard of yesteryear, yes that place where information, gossip, salt, and who knows what else were shared.

Today, this tradition has jumped into the digital world, which is why it is becoming more and more common to have digital guests.

Guest blogging is another Inbound Marketing technique.

This technique is becoming more and more widespread and is more useful if we take into account that the digital world lives on ‘sharing, sharing’.

Generically and simply, we could say that guest blogging consists of inviting or sharing information on another blog in exchange for a link to your website.

That is, it is an exchange practice, where you can publish a post on a blog of great influence as a guest author in exchange for a link on your website and to create, share, and be more visible in search engines.

Why is guest blogging important in a content marketing strategy?

Imagine that I tell you that guest blogging is a beneficial, profitable, and effective technique with which to get the attention of your audience without leaving your office.

Surely now you want to know more about this technique used in content marketing strategies, right?

A priori, although you may think that writing for other blogs may mean losing web traffic and benefiting your competition, the reality is quite different and offers you more pros than cons.

This content marketing strategy imported from the USA is becoming more and more widespread in Europe and is especially interesting for all those SMEs or professionals who want to reach their audience, gain notoriety, improve their online reputation and add value to their services.

Guest Blogging is a critical part of a successful content marketing plan.

For this reason, it is time for you to keep it in mind in your digital strategy.

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Greater influence

First of all, it is a good way to reach your audience.

Think for a moment about the fact that your name appears on the blog of a good prescriber in your sector.

What do you think?

Surely you remember names of blogs that are referenced in your sector, I recommend that you go to those blogs to find out if they also use this technique.

Build relationships with other professionals

Guest blogging will allow you to improve your work relationships because thanks to it you will meet more professionals in your sector or similar.

This will lead you to have more contact not only with professionals, but also with an audience other than your blog, so you will benefit twice.

Improve the positioning of your website

When you publish on someone else’s blog, you can add a link to your website, which will allow you to improve your SEO in search engines.

Bearing in mind that the objective is to publish on a highly influential blog, this link will significantly improve the positioning of your business.

So this is a great way to increase the visibility of your domain.

Remember that this is one of the most popular link-building strategies.

Improve your digital reputation

Getting them to listen to you in a digital world that suffers from intoxication is difficult, therefore, writing in an already recognized blog will open the doors to an audience that is already segmented and interested in receiving information from this particular blog.

Publishing quality content on a reference blog will improve your online reputation, you will get to be known and your services or products will gain trust.

This is what we could call ‘3 in 1’.

More agility in writing

When you do something that you like, surely you put all your effort and use all the resources that you have at your fingertips so that it comes out as well as possible, but if your work is going to be reflected in a reference site, where thousands of readers will read, I suggest that your articles be ‘ten’ because there are no second chances.

Writing agility is learned by practicing, just like when you learned to type.

Quality traffic

If readers come to your blog through guest blogging it is because the content has been helpful and they have been wanting more.

Bravo! Objective reached.

Do you remember when you gave a love note to the friend of the person you liked?

The objective was clear, at least to receive a note with an answer, if possible, positive.

If you got a date it was because you had generated an interest, what came next depended on the power of seduction you had 😉

Guest blogging is like that love note that you deliver to the friend of the person you like (your audience).

More knowledge of your sector

This will make you an expert on the subject.


Because you will meet more professionals in the sector, you will open your mind to new ideas and you will learn something different every day, not only writing but also interacting with the community you create.

Objectives of guest blogging

If the benefits of guest blogging listed above have convinced you and you want to get started as soon as possible, first determine your goals.

What do you want to get?

Look at these three goals:

  1. Better position your blog and be a benchmark in your sector.
  2. Get more quality traffic for your website.
  3. Build backlinks to your website.

In any of the objectives, the fundamental thing is to investigate reference blogs with a large audience and with quality content.

Remember that sharing content on an important blog is one more step to growing your brand.

It does not mean that it is easy, writing a good post is not easy and requires work.

To achieve your goals you have to be rigorous with your articles and write much better even than for your blog.

How to guest blog?

If you are going to start guest blogging, write down these tips that will be very useful for your strategy to be relevant, effective, and profitable.

Select well

Rome wasn’t built in two days, so it’s not a good guest blogging strategy either.

If you want it to be effective, you have to spend time selecting those blogs to collaborate with; Anyone is not worth it, so study your sector and investigate which are those that have the most influence to spread your brand.

Seeks to fit

You have already selected the ideal blog in which to start collaborating, therefore, now the next step is to study it in depth.

A blog has its characteristics, it has its essence and style, so you cannot pretend to disturb it, but rather to fit in and blend in.

You don’t have to copy the style but you do have to adjust your content to the style with which they are used to publishing.

For this reason, you should not limit yourself, nor be less ingenious, it is simply about respecting the editorial line.

Search your content

If you are going to publish on someone else’s blog with great digital potential, you are not going to publish a rehash of yours, nor are you going to copy and paste one of your posts or others.

If you are focused on collaborating on another blog regularly, it is best to make a content calendar to gradually create your publications.

Always going over and over again, being picky about spelling, and, above all, creating new and qualitative content.

That is, look for references, new ideas and contrast them.

Think of your reader, he is the one you have to seduce

How can you start blogging if you don’t know the reader?

Find out through their channels, know their audience because it will also be yours.

The more information you have about your reader, the more adjusted will be the result of your publications, that is, find out what they want to read, what their needs are, and why they go to this blog and not to another.

Don’t be narcissistic

You are on a guest blog, you have to behave.

If you do not want them to look at you as the collaborator climbs, it is best not to abuse links to your blog, or too many mentions so as not to tire.

It is appropriate that you introduce yourself, you can do it with a link to your biography and thus subtly derive traffic to your blog.

How do I contact these references?

Do you remember the first day of school, institute, or university?

All beginnings are hard but exciting because new things are learned in all.

If you are already clear about the blog where you would like to be the star guest, the time has come to take action and knock door to door.

Once you have selected the blog in which you want to publish, contact the owner.


First of all, you should find out if that blog is a friend of ‘guest blogging.

Some have banners or a tab in the menu where you can see the conditions for being a guest author.

For those who do not have so much insight, you can contact via email to make your proposal to write for our blog with an article that you are sure your audience will love.

It does not hurt that you let him know that you are a follower of his blog, a blog that you find very interesting and of great help.

In the body of the email, introduce yourself briefly, directly, and with your style.

You may want to be too formal or too casual, it is best to be yourself.

Enumerate a list with your best topics already published, also a link to your biography and different social networks so that they can check your influence.

Then propose what topics you have thought might be of interest to their audience and that you would be happy to collaborate as a guest author in exchange for a link.


Guest blogging is a content marketing technique that will help you:

  • Increase your notoriety on the internet as a professional.
  • To improve the positioning of your domain.
  • To capture your audience
  • And, above all, to strengthen relationships with other professionals in the sector.
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