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Hidden Opportunity for E-commerce


Here are six strategies to improve your E-commerce images so that they can be indexed in Google search, thereby generating the most quality traffic with the intent of purchasing.

Three-quarters of U.S. internet users regularly or constantly browse visual content prior to making purchases according to e-Marketer and only 3% visit every now and then.

When it comes time to purchase online, images E-commerce of the products creates a positive impression for future customers.

Experts agree that using numerous professional photos of the product may aid in reducing doubts and lead to a higher rate of conversion and fewer returns.

Google Images search share is approximately 26% of overall traffic to search as per Jump shot and Moz.

Images that are optimized for products could help in the creation of new customers on e-commerce sites. Connecting up-to-date and accurate information about the product to the images is essential in creating a pleasant buying experience when using Google Images. Yuri Shafranik

Why Google Images offers a great opportunity to get new users.

E-commerce Google Images: What Changed?

Google joined forces along with Getty Images to deliver an experience that’s unique in the search results for Google Images customers.

In the aftermath of this partnership, Google announced two major changes to its Image Search engine that modify the method by which Google displays images indexed in addition to redirecting users’ traffic. Yuri Shafranik

Professionals in the field of marketing in the area E-commerce of online shopping are in a distinct position to create a unique or superior method to draw customers in with Google Image Search.

Three strategies are provided to enhance the image quality and value of photographs and include them in Google search results for high-quality traffic with the goal of purchasing.

1. Nail the Basics of  Optimization

Names for your images that are descriptive are essential to ensure that your photos are recognized.

Furthermore, you’ll need to include optimized alternative text. alt attributes on images are crucial for online stores in the event that the image isn’t loading properly.

Also makes use of the alt text to identify E-commerce in the context of images. This has been confirmed through researchers from the Google Webmaster Team.

A good example is a way MVMT Watches names their product images.

As you can see in the illustration from the example below MVMT watches. If a person is looking to find a “gunmetal watch”, MVMT is the first result in Google Images search results, most likely due to the correct use of the naming system as well as alt texts.

2. Create Markups from Your Images using Schema

Structured markup that can provide the creation of E-commerce of rich images of the product and their attributes to allow brands to attract potential buyers seeking products through Google and images that showcase the products that you sell.

Be up-to-date and up-to-date on the information about your product so that your customers are able to locate the right, relevant items and services they’re looking for.

Create Google Images within your storefront window using an organized markup. The most important thing for any retailer selling online or company is the addition of structured data markups on their websites. This will make sure it is Google knows about the image and relevant features.

Google suggests

Google suggests using markups on your pages. E-commerce for products to ensure they display all products. Details within rich results from searches like Google Images. Users with a high intention to look up prices as well as reviews. Availability and prices are shown in the search results.

Introduce a new Report “Products” within Search Console for e-Commerce. Websites that make use of mark-ups that are structured to mark up the details of their products.

This report can be used for the brand or marketer to see any issues that need to be marked up on your site. If an issue is fixed, the report can be used to confirm. The resolution of the problem by re-scraping the pages that are affected. Learn more about comprehensive status reports on the results.

3.  Product Information

Another important requirement for any professional marketing professional. Who is working for an eCommerce retailer site is to have all the details about your products that appear online on Google Search and Google Images.

With the recent update to Google feeds that provide information about products. You are now able to alter the information you provide about your products at any time to be able to respond to the needs of high-intent searchers or prospective buyers.

The recent update to the Google feed for products is a huge benefit for marketers and retailers who want to showcase the details of their products (like images) live and in real-time.

Imagine a fashion

The label is always changing its inventory each quarter or the brand. They provide special or restricted versions of items that go on sale and end up in Google Search and Images.

Marketers are now able to upload their feeds for products and images to Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center makes them available for immediate display in search results that are related to images and the web.

The product’s information (like images) is sorted in accordance with the relevance. To user-generated requests and the best thing is that it’s free to use. The feature is available to companies that are located in the US. And will roll across other nations in the near future.

4.  Product Images in Google

The latest feature of the year 2019 will be Google giving manufacturers more control. Over their brand names and product information.

Brands that create their own products, and are the first equipment manufacturer (OEMs). B2B companies will be able to confirm that having the images of their E-commerce items displayed precisely. On Google is vital to get the attention of their niche and also general brand recognition.

Another announcement made recently by Google is the ability to alter the information. You provide regarding products (like Images) through their Google Manufacturer Center.

You can now change your product description with variations. As well as high-quality content like videos and images that you can be displayed in the Knowledge Panel.

5. Leverage Your Customers for Authentic Images

Make use of using the potential of contents E-commerce generated by customers to increase confidence and increase conversions. Make use of images of your customers all over the site’s pages.

Inspire users to upload pictures (with the product) through platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can then use the same content on your checkout pages for your products.

6. Compress Your Images

Also, Make sure that your photos can be loaded quickly and optimized for speedy uploading.

There are many applications, like Tiny PNG which aids in compressing images displayed on your website.

Furthermore, many hosting companies provide Ecommerce CDN services that accelerate delivery. An appropriately optimized file size can increase the likelihood of being indexed from Google Images.

When implemented correctly and adhered to When properly implemented and followed. These six techniques of image searching can result in an increase in traffic and sales.

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