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Hoarding Versus Mesh Fencing: Which Is The Right Provisional Hoarding Solution For You?

Temporary fencing construction hoarding can be beneficial in security during events. It is able to be set up swiftly and quickly prior to the event’s start and removed when the event is over. But, you might be thinking about what kind of temporary fencing is the best.

There are two alternatives to choose from: the mesh fence (which is made of the metal of wire) or hoarding (which is generally made from timber or similar materials).

Both options are suitable for various types of events. To choose which is best for your hoardings, you have to take into consideration four key factors which we’ll explore in our blog post today.

1.  Resilience

Temporary fencing constructed of wire mesh is usually more durable and robust than hoarding with timber. construction hoarding is effective in keeping out those who would be able to enter the event unintentionally. It also helps deter small criminals as well as casual intruders.

If you are convinced that professional criminals with a track record attempt to break into your party then you should consider mesh fencing. Timber can be smashed through the hands of determined thieves; however, the wire mesh can stand up to the most threatening attacks.

2.  Weight

The majority of hoarding types are lighter than temporary fencing made of wire mesh. This makes them easy to carry, transport and put up. It is also simpler to remove them after the event is finished.

So, if you have to set up and remove your temporary fence as fast as you can, hoarding can be an option that is better than mesh fencing. If you do have plenty of time to construct and remove your fence then it could be worth opting for the mesh fence fatih escort instead.

3.  Effects On Levels Of Light

Mesh fencing lets light pass through and casts a significant shadow. It’s because hoarding is made of solid materials, while mesh fencing is constructed from wire that is woven into individual strands, with gaps between the strands.

If the event you are planning is in an open, large space, you don’t need to be concerned about shadows cast by the solid sheets. They’re not enough to make your venue noticeably darker and only affect the space of the event’s boundary.

But, if the event is held in a smaller, less spacious area, it’s best to choose a mesh fence. In the end, you’ll want to allow in as much light as you can.

4.  Cost

Hoarding is cheaper than temporary fencing. If you’re looking to cut costs money, this is the most cost-effective alternative. If your event has a higher budget it’s usually worth renting fencing made of mesh instead.

Hoarding Design Concepts to Make Your Brand Manifest

Marketing with hoarding printing has been in practice for many years. Actually, it’s one of the oldest trends in marketing and is part of the realm of outdoor marketing that is assisting businesses of all sizes.

Local, international and national companies have realised the value of hoardings in local areas to promote locally. This article will tell what you should do with your hoarding to ensure that your company can gain rapid brand recognition.

1.  Simple But Attractive

Simplexes are a key factor. Keep your hoardings simple, neat and tidy to create a professional appearance for a reputable company. Your product or service should be described in a few sentences. Include images or an image to help people remember your brand.

2.  Focused To The Prime Subject

Do you know that hoardings draw people when they’re concentrated? Therefore, it’s important to be focused on the content. For instance, if you’re creating hoardings for a product launch, ensure that your main focus is the product, regardless of other offerings. In the same way, if you’re offering an exclusive discount in the hoarding, it should mention the discount.

3.  Keep Attention To The Font

If a hoarding panel is planned in a hoarding, it is essential to pay particular focus to the font’s size and design. Instead of experimenting with multiple font styles, pick an easy-to-read font such as Cambria, New Times Roman and so on.

A hoarding that is easily read from a distance is believed to be the best and most effective hoarding style. Therefore, keep the font design simple and appealing. The font size should be standard. It shouldn’t be too large or too minor.

4.  Colour Contrast

In the process of designing the hoarding, it’s important that the colour of the text, the wall and the image are chosen carefully. Colours that contrast is always appreciated because they’re visible and attractive. For instance, if the hoarding’s colour is white, pick the font colour in blue, black, red or any other dark colour. The contrast colour choice can make the design of your hoarding attractive.

5.  Vinyl Billboards

Do you know that a vinyl billboard shine lasts all the time? It won’t easily fade in the course of time. The hoarding is able to endure all kinds of severe weather, including heat, rain, and storm. A billboard made of vinyl will not quickly fade even in harsh conditions. If you plan to keep construction hoarding up for months, it’s best to go with a vinyl billboard rather than painted hoarding.

6.  Pictures Tell Thousand Words

If you believe that the limited words are not able to define your service clearly to the target audience choose a sign with pictures. Images speak many words. One glance can tell visitors about your brand and services.

For instance, if you have a restaurant that serves seafood, pictures of the seafood you serve are enough to inform the people you want to reach about the specialities you offer. Therefore, pictures are more effective than words.

7.  3D Hoarding Design

The world of today is awash with the idea of 3D hoarding designs. It’s an innovative technique that catches the attention of the public faster than traditional hoarding designs. The embossed artwork is displayed in a manner that appears so unique.

People are often drawn to taking pictures of these construction hoarding on their phones to share them on their social media sites. They are one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. If you’re thinking of purchasing a 3D hoarding design it is necessary to pay slightly more to get this. However, it’s a good advertisement form.

Employ a reputable construction hoarding design firm to promote your business and promote your desired areas. Make sure your hoarding advertisements are prominent for a prolonged time to catch your attention from more people. If your advertising is only just for a short amount of time, then it might not yield the desired results.


Harvey Thompson, marketing manager at Hoarding Printing Company in London, is well-known in the business and marketing communities for his diverse business and marketing abilities. A brand strategist, he is an expert in user engagement who is open to new challenges that provide value to the organisation. He regularly contributes to the most prominent blogging platforms, which enables him to share his decades of experience with a larger audience.
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