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How do Kids Develop the Sense of Self Being?

Children are provided with information that really can teach them who they are from the minute they are born. They begin to enjoy the impact of their activities on the world by stroking their own face and body. As well as kicking and grabbing things. However, it is not until children reach their second birthday that they begin to develop a sense of self. Thus are able to reflect on themselves through the eyes of others.

One sign of this new activation of self-awareness is that toddlers begin to recognize themselves in a mirror or photograph by the age of two, which most children do by that age. This level of self-awareness can be measured experimentally by making a small mark on a child’s forehead without their knowledge, such as kissing them while wearing lipstick. Because the youngster can’t feel the mark, their sense of touch won’t alert them to its presence – but if they look in the mirror, they can see it.

When viewed in a mirror, a youngster who has the ability to imagine themselves as another person will reach out to touch the mark, showing that they associate the mirror image with their very own body. Parents should also work on their listening capability, they must listen to their children. In this way, they are brought up with more confidence and of course knowledge of right and wrong. 

Identifying the Idea of ‘Self’

Toddlers’ ability to use and understand self-referential words like I, me, you, and my also demonstrates their self-awareness. Another example is when they claim something as their own. The cry “it’s mine” is the source of many sibling quarrels.

The rise of self-conscious feelings like embarrassment, pride, remorse, and shame also indicates that a child is growing in self-awareness. Parents may note that their child is inclined to make apologies for misdeeds, and can be pleased with their own conduct. On the other way, they hide things when upset about something they have done. 

The ability of toddlers to think about themselves from the viewpoint of a second person also marks the beginning of their development of “self-concept” – stable beliefs and feelings about themselves. Children will be able to produce rudimentary self-descriptions and assessments such as “I am a good boy” between their first and second birthdays, which will become more complicated with time. By the age of eight, a child will have a fairly firm sense of their own personality traits and dispositions, it’s about whether they feel valuable and competent.

Personality Characteristics with Sense of Self Being

Personality characteristics and self-worth can have an impact on a child’s social behavior and academic achievement. Children who have positive self-perceptions have the highest social and academic achievements, maybe because they focus on success rather than failure. Parents can assist their children in developing positive self-esteem by responding positively to them and their accomplishments, as well as assisting them in overcoming unpleasant occurrences.

Parents may mold their children’s self-worth from birth, according to psychologists: when they respond positively to an infant’s behaviors, they give them their earliest memories of having a good impact on the world.

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Implications for Memory and Learning

Adding a “concept of myself” to a child’s cognitive architecture impacts the way they process information, regardless of how they feel about themselves. As adults, we, for example, remember extremely few incidents from our youth. One intuitive argument for this “childhood forgetfulness” is that memories are difficult to keep. As to recover it until they can be linked to a sense of self.

When a child’s sense of self is created, he or she is more likely to recognize knowledge about themselves. This is known as the “self-reference effect,” and it appears early in life. Children who are at least three years old are more likely to remember objects that are associated with them than those that are linked to another person.


In one trial, for example, children aged four to six were asked to sort photos of buying products into their own baskets. A basket belonging to someone else. Following the sorting of the goods. The kids were shown a larger range of shopping items. By asking them which ones they remembered from the previous game. Children remembered more of the items that they “owned” than those that were sorted into the basket of the other individual.

The self-reference effect happens when items associated with the self – such as “my apple”. Draw more attention and memory support inside the brain, ensuring that potentially useful information is not lost.

The self-reference effect can be used to assist youngsters in processing and learning information. Particularly when it first appears in their lives. As a result, urging youngsters to focus on themselves while generating sentences to practice their spelling. Such sentences beginning with the letter “I” – can help them enhance their spelling ability dramatically. Putting math issues in the first person. For example, “you have four apples more than Tom” — enhances children’s response time and accuracy.

Final Wording

To summarize, selfhood begins at birth, but children do not express a “concept of myself” until they are toddlers. The children begin to collect information about themselves and save autobiographical data. Forming a life story that directs their responses to the world. It is very important to bring up your kid with a sense of self-being. To re-direct them, a confident child. The more confident they will be, the more successful they will be in the future. Numerous games are also launched with the point of keeping in mind to grow them into self-build children.

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