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How Does a Robotic Welding Automation System Work?

Automation or robotic welding is meant to make the welding process more accurate, reduce time spent on projects, and enhance safety at work. This makes robotic welding and the WeldSaver machine more popular nowadays in many industries. Many industries are now using automation welding in their production to increase their profitability and meet their bottom line. So, how does robotic welding work? Let’s find out in this post. 

How Does Automation Welding Work 

When transitioning processes to involve robotics, various factors need to be considered. Among them is amending processes to fuse in with the automation. This includes programming, which ensures no collisions between equipment while working. Manual welding does not require programming because human welders operate welding equipment. The robotic arm is designed to move in three dimensions in automated welding. The filler wire is sent to the robot for the welding job by the wire feeder. The welding process is enabled by the high-heat torch located at the end of the arm, which melts the metal. 

Using automated or robotic welders and the WeldSaver water saver makes the welding process much safer because temperatures occasionally reach thousands of degrees which can be fatal if the molten metal comes into contact with the skin. While robots do the welding processes, skilled human welders still need to stay close to these machines. Skilled human welders must be certified by the American Welding Society (AWS). Besides certifying human welders, society also certifies robotic welding arms antalya escortlar operators. 

The Welding Processes 

The welding process needs a high level of skills and knowledge to go smoothly, especially when using the WeldSaver. The downside is that there is a shortage of professional manual welders. They are few and do not meet the industry’s needs. AWS estimates that in 2022, there will be a shortage of around 450,000 welders in the industry. 

A robotic arm automates the process, which leads to faster operating time, less waste, and high levels of accuracy. There is a wide range of machinery, and robots can adapt to many welding processes, including TIG, arc, spot, and resistance. Let’s take a look at these welding processes:

Arc Welding 

Arc welding is the most popular robotic welding process nowadays, which requires a water WeldSaver to operate well. The metal is melted by an electric arc that generates extreme heat in this process. The temperatures can reach up to 6,500° F, which melts the metal. It is the molten metal that is used to join parts together. Once cooled, the joint parts solidify, making a stable connection. Arch welding is an ideal choice if you want to achieve a higher level of accuracy in larger productions

Resistance Welding 

Resistance welding may come in handy if you want to lower the cost of production in automaton welding. The process is also good for heat-treating. In this welding process, a pool of molten metal is created by a current of electricity. The pool of molten metal passes through the two metal bases, which joins the two pieces of metal together. 

Spot Welding 

Other metal materials can conduct electricity. Such materials will therefore require other forms of welding. The automotive industry is frequently faced with such situations, especially when assembling parts of a vehicle. To counter this challenge, a variety of resistance welding is used. This type of welding helps to connect a pair of thin metal sheets in a single spot. 


Welding, especially in the automotive industry, is nowadays made easier, faster, and safer with robotic or automated welding and the water WeldSaver. Robot arms are used to weld parts together that are rather too hot for any human to come into contact with. Automation welding has also helped achieve repeatability, which has increased precision in various industries such as the medical equipment field. We hope that this post was helpful, and now you are knowledgeable on how robotic welding works. Always acquire welding equipment such as the WeldSaver from reputable dealers such as Proteus Industries. They offer all kinds of industrial equipment, including water weld savers. 

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