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How does an Induction Stove Work? Know Everything About It

When the time comes to take a step forward to adapt to a new technology that can change the conventional methods of handling a specific task, people are way too cautious. There are lots of questions and doubts when it comes to induction stoves or induction cookers. Let’s take a closer look and find out everything you need to know about an Induction Stove:

How does Induction Stove work?

An induction stove heats a vessel through electrical induction instead of relying on thermal conduction from a fire or electric heating element. The cooking pan must be ferromagnetic metals like stainless steel or cast iron. The heat is generated within the pan, making cooking much more efficient. Therefore, you must ensure that the pans you use are suitable to be used on an induction cooktop. Aluminum or copper pans will not work unless extra layers are added to the bottom of the pan with magnetic properties. The most simple and effective way to determine whether your pans work is to check whether a magnet sticks onto the base of the cooking pot!

Induction stove for Indian cooking

Most Indian meals cooked daily in all homes can be cooked using an induction stove. Specific models of induction stoves are specifically programmed to offer preset functions designed for the Indian cooking style. However, certain Indian foods such as phulkas (thin Rotis) are difficult to cook on these stoves.

Induction stoves need compatible cookware to operate. As mentioned above, cookware made of magnets (having magnet properties) materials such as steel and iron can only be employed. 

Cost of cooking on induction stoves

The cost advantage of using an induction stove is dependent on two factors: the price of electricity and the price of gas (PNG or LPG) in your area. If the cost of electricity in your area is more than INR.6 per unit (expensive), it may not be economically feasible to utilize induction stoves on a full-time basis. If the cost of electricity is low or the LPG and PNG you use are not subsidized or costly, then an Induction stove on EMI will be an ideal option for your needs.

Are induction stoves expensive?

Induction stoves are certainly more expensive than conventional stoves, which operational savings can offset as they are more efficient than conventional cookers. The price of an induction stove will vary depending on its type, brand, and wattage. The following is an estimate of the price range for induction cookers in India, based on different wattages of cookers:

Wattage Induction Stove Price Range
2,100W INR. 4,600- INR. 6,000
2,000W INR. 2,600- INR. 4,500
1,900W INR. 1,700- INR. 4,300
1,800W INR. 2,900- INR. 3,700
1,400-1,500 INR. 2,400- INR. 3,700

Are induction stoves safe?

  • The lack of open flames makes induction stoves extremely safe to use compared to gas hobs.
  • As the heat is generated by the vessel itself, the top platform of the stove below the vessel is significantly cooler than that of the vessel itself, making it safer to utilize.
  • The induction stove has a control system that stops the healing process when the vessel isn’t positioned correctly on the induction stove or if the vessel isn’t big enough.
  • The magnetic field created has a diameter of around two-three cms and does not cause any risk to users (People with heart implants must consult with their doctor before using it). Certain induction cookers have an anti-magnetic barrier that protects the users from magnetic radiation.
  • The temperature control feature controls the energy supply easily and efficiently, making it highly secure to use.

The economical way of buying the latest Induction Stove

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