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How Does Modernization Impact Individuals’ Mental Health?

The modern world has changed a lot compared to 40 years ago. Here, the accessibility to things has become easy and convenient. Now, we do not have to wait for weeks to receive letters from our dear ones. Also, we do not need to go out in public places to do shopping or other things. With the advancement in technologies, our lifestyles have been simplified greatly. Though these advancements are essential for modernization, we are paying a high cost in terms of our mental and physical well-being. We are losing our focus level and facing many mental and physical health struggles due to the advent of new technologies. To overcome our mental health challenges, we must learn about self-actualization psychology and other remedial therapies.

For precautionary measures, we need to learn about the impact of modernization on our overall well-being. This is why this guide will present a picture of how modernization impacts our mental well-being.

Advent Of Technologies: A Trap For Humans?

The onset of the digital revolution has made our lives simpler than before, but this has entrapped us with our devices. Early humans were free to roam anywhere. They were open to all adventures and were less attached to enchantment with liabilities. The improvement in technologies has revolutionized everything that we see presently.

Adding to the advantages, the digital revolution has simplified the way we used to communicate with others. Now, we can chat or talk with our friends who are sitting at a far off place. All thanks to mobile phones and similar electronic devices. According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America survey report, 99% of adults own electronic devices. Among these, around 86% own computers, 74% own a smartphone, and 55% own a tablet.

The survey report also mentioned that adults who have accounts on social media platforms The total have skyrocketed significantly over the past few years. Among these, the large proportion is young adults. Next to them are adolescents and middle-aged adults.

Well, there is no issue in connecting with friends and family members via social media channels. However, the case is different at this point. Here, people are getting addicted to their phones and digital devices. Without their electronic devices, youngsters face difficulty in survival. This is why it becomes necessary to address the concern early.

Constant Checker: An Unknown Pandemic!

Self-Actualization Psychology

The rise in the population of social media users depicts how humans wish to connect with the world easily and conveniently. Although the advancements in technologies are omens toward our digitization goals, these are not feasible. Due to advanced AI-equipped tools, people get attached to their devices very closely, which is a significant cause of worry. For example, if you take away a person’s digital device from him for an hour only, you can easily observe changes in their attitude. The reason is that people become very close to their devices. On their devices, they regularly check notifications, and this tendency is a sign of a ‘constant checker’ pandemic.

Constant checker’ is a tendency because of which individuals constantly check their phones for notifications and messages. This thing, over time, takes a severe form and converts into significant mental health struggles, such as perfectionism. When they see others achieve any significant milestone, they start comparing their life to that person and strive to attain perfection in everything they do. This can also lead to a mental breakdown when they aren’t able to perform a certain task perfectly.

In the case of perfectionism, people need to seek therapy for perfectionism.

Digital Connectivity

Easy access to technologies has raised the living standard of individuals. Although this is a good tendency, it has cost our physical and mental well-being. Many people strongly support the fact that unplugging their devices or taking a digital detox is necessary for their well-being. However, only 28% of them actually follow these ideals, and the rest procrastinate doing so.

Among the entire grouping, 48% of Millennials, 37% of Gen Xers, 22% of Boomers, and 15% of matures feel tensed about the repercussions of excessive screen time. This consideration is backed by many studies. These studies concluded that excessive screen time increases the risk of loneliness, depression, and lack of self-awareness. Well, to overcome a lack of self-awareness, individuals can rely on self-actualization psychology, but for other struggles, they require specialized therapies and counseling seminars. Due to excessive screen time, people face issues with: 


Happiness is a state of mind where we feel satisfied and free from every tension. Leading a happy life is everyone’s aspiration. Even though everyone wishes to live a life full of happiness, only a few succeed in doing so. The cause for this relies upon people’s attitudes. Yes, it is true that people’s attitude greatly impacts their mental health and physical well-being. This is why it is always suggested avcılar escort to keep a positive perspective.

In the present times, due to the engagement with digital devices for hours, people feel low about themselves. In fact, they even develop a negative perception of themselves .In addition to that, they need to reduce their screen time. This way, individuals can work towards the betterment of their overall well-being. There are some of the Best Manifestation Methods available as well that can help you deal with the negativity in your life and organize your thoughts in a more positive way. 


Isolation is a word that was most used in the year 2020. The reason for its popularity lies with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although isolation was necessary to limit the further spread of the virus, it did no good for individuals’ physical and mental well-being.

Due to their engagement with social media channels, individuals avoid attending ceremonies and functions, impacting their health. This is why individuals must attend societal functions and ceremonies. This way, they can take care of their health along with nourishing their interpersonal skills. 


According to a study conducted by the Pitt’s School of Medicine, individuals face tendencies like depression by spending excessive time on social media channels. As per the statistics, frequent checkers showed up depression tendency 2.7 times more than those who spend less time on social media. This is why individuals must prepare a routine to use their social media channels.


The onset of digitization has revolutionized the way with which humans used to live. Even though this revolution has simplified our way of living, it has impacted our mental health conditions to a great extent. This is why we need to act accordingly to prevent ourselves from struggling with any mental health-related struggles.

For example, due to engagement on social media platforms, individuals look after others’ profiles featuring success in their fields. This inspires some but also demotivates others. By looking at such things, we develop a negative perception of our own identities. This is why we need to understand our true potential. For this purpose, we can take the assistance of the fundamentals described in self-actualization psychology.

Also, if anyone is looking to know more about mental health struggles and their possible remedies, they can check Living Excellence Today’s official website.

On Living Excellence Today’s website, Dr. Gurpreet Kaur , a licensed professional counselor regularly posts blogs and newsletters about various mental health struggles and their remedies.


Hi, I’m Gurpreet! I haven’t always been a “mental health warrior.” There was a time when things weren’t how I wanted them to be. There was a time when I wanted to give up. There was a time when I needed someone to guide me in the right direction. There was a time when I needed to learn the importance of self-love and embrace my true Self to be and feel whole. I started my wellness journey almost two decades ago when I was just a college student. As a pre-med student, I suffered from major depression my sophomore year. During this depression, I enrolled in a required undergrad psychology course. This was the beginning of it all. I fell in love with psychology. Not only was the content fascinating, but it was real. I could relate to the course because I was suffering from it. Fast forward through a year-long battle with my dad, and I finally switched my major from biology to psychology. That was the first obstacle I conquered to embark on my journey towards healing.
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