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How Financial Statement Analysis Helps Business Grow

Financial statement analysis can be intimidating for most small business owners. While many business owners may hire an accountant to prepare financial statements, understanding how to examine them can help establish their financial health. To get the most out of the information provided by financial statements, they should be reviewed at least once a year, if not quarterly. 

According to Accounting Tools, financial statement analysis is evaluating an organization’s financial statements to acquire a better knowledge of its financial status. A balance sheet, income statement, cash flows, and supplemental notes are typically included in financial statements. 

Employees, executives, government agencies, and anyone with access to a company’s internal accounting records undertakes an internal analysis. On the other hand, external analysis is carried out by outsiders who have access to publicly available financial statements. Creditors, investors, credit agencies, government agencies, and the general public are examples of outsiders. 

Financial statement analysis is the process of converting financial statement data into useful information for decision-making on a broad scale. It is a procedure for assessing an organization’s current and historical financial positions and operating results. Financial statement analysis is crucial for a variety of reasons.

Financial statement analysis is essential

The following is a list of reasons why financial statement analysis is essential: 

  1. Stock ownership

The company’s owners are the shareholders. They may have to decide whether or not to keep their company’s stock holdings or sell them at some point. The financial statement analysis is crucial because it gives shareholders helpful information to help them make decisions. 

  1. Making Decisions and Making Plans

The company’s management is in charge of making choices and developing future goals and policies. As a result, they must constantly assess their performance and efficacy in achieving its goals in the past. Financial Statement Analyzer is critical to the company’s management for this purpose.

  1. Credit Extension

The creditors are the ones who lend the company money. As a result, they may be forced to decide whether or not to extend their loans to the company and demand higher interest rates. They can use Financial Statement Analyzer tool to obtain essential information for their purposes.

  1. Choosing an Investment

Those who have extra money to invest in a profitable opportunity are potential investors. As a result, they are frequently faced with whether or not to invest their money in the company’s stock. They value financial statement analysis since it provides them with helpful information for making investment decisions. 

Financial Statement Analysis’ Importance (FSA) 

The information in the financial statements is diagnosed through financial analysis to determine the firm’s profitability and financial soundness. A financial analyst evaluates financial statements with various instruments before concluding the enterprise’s financial health or weakness, just as a doctor checks a patient’s body before deciding about an ailment and before administering treatment to the patient. 

The financial statement analysis and interpretation are crucial for gaining a clear image of the statistics in financial statements. It’s also an endeavor to determine the significance and meaning of financial statement data to forecast future earnings, etc. 

How do you go about doing a financial statement analysis? 

There are many tools for Financial Statement Analyzer. However, we’ve covered the most prevalent approaches.

  • Analysis of the Horizontal 

It entails a two-year review of financial statements and their components. Trend analysis is another name for it. This gives the analysts a better understanding of the factors that influence a company’s profitability. 

  • Analysis from the top down 

It is a method of presenting financial statements in which each line item is expressed as a percentage. The income statement’s line items can be described as a percentage of gross sales. In contrast, the balance sheet’s line items can be expressed as a percentage of total assets or liabilities. By utilizing this technique, knowledge of changes in overall asset allocation and distribution will be gained. In benchmarking, the vertical analysis method is also used to compare one company to another. 

  • Analysis of Ratios 

It’s a type of study that provides a rapid picture of a company’s financial performance in key areas. Ratio analysis offers a wide range of applications as a financial tool. Financial statements provide data that is easily accessible. 


Financial Statement Analysis can be done in various ways, each with its own set of advantages. Each method makes variations, market trends, and other information visible. Its limits, on the other hand, cannot be overlooked. As a result, the work of a financial analyst becomes extremely important in this situation. 

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