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How Long Does A Wax Last Rather Than Shaving?

Hair removal is a different struggle that every individual has to go through. Both men and women love to have smooth skin by removing unwanted hairs. Bikini lines, legs, armpits, and faces are the prime target areas for women. Men usually like to keep their chest and back free from the hair. But, it is still debatable that which is better for the skin? Shaving almost requires to be done every week as hair follicles regrow faster. But, it is also confusing how long does a wax lasts? But it is an irrefutable fact that cosmetic experts always recommend folks for waxing rather than shaving.

Why wax lasts longer than shaving?

Well, there is no rocket science behind this query. It is proven that waxing can last longer than shaving and is much more comfortable. Although the purpose of both is similar, that is hair removal. But the significant difference is the duration of results. So, when it comes to shaving, it only works to remove the top layer of the hairs. Hair removal with shaving can only last for three days. The hair becomes growing faster after shaving as well. But, when it comes to waxing, the results are enduring. It acts to remove the hairs from the roots to delay the regrowth of hairs. You can experience waxing results for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Therefore, you can imagine yourself that what is better for your skin.

Types of waxing

Waxing mainly has two types that both are good to provide beautiful results. These are cold and hot waxing.

Cold waxing

The wax is applied to the skin directly using a device. Then it is removed from the skin using a fabric cloth. The cloth then lay on the wax and then removed quickly. It removes the wax and hairs from the skin to deliver a smooth surface.

Hot waxing

The hot wax is applied to the skin and is left on the skin to become cold. Then it becomes hard and is removed directly by lifting the corners of the wax. It opens the skin pores and makes it better to pull out the hairs to make the skin surface smoother.
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This is the major reason people, especially women, choose to wax their hair. However, it might be costlier than shaving, but repeating sessions’ frequency is far lower than shaving. Read the following points to understand why waxing is much preferred to esenyurt escort shaving.

Waxing is cut-free

It is the apparent reason that waxing is much comfortable than shaving. You certainly experience the cuts while removing the hairs from legs, arms, and intimate areas. Shaving with blades can make tiny cuts when you use it on the soft skin. But, waxing does the opposite of shaving. It removes the hairs from the skin using fabric clothes or direct removing them without any cuts. Thus, it gives a smooth and rashes-free skin surface.

Waxing is time-saving

It usually takes 2 to 3 days after shaving to grow the hairs back and you start feeling prickly. You might have to use a razor at least twice a week to keep your body free from hair. It isn’t very pleasant to use razors frequently due to the busy schedule. But, when you consider how long does a wax last than shaving? You will be surprised. Waxing will give you smooth baby-like skin for at least 3 weeks. So, you might need to get a waxing session once a month. You can easily spare some time for waxing than shaving when you have to get it once in a while.

It is comfortable

However, you might feel some discomfort during the first session of waxing. Well, it is not painful as shaving, but there might be a psychological fear while getting it done for the first time. But, when you go for a repeat session, it won’t hurt you. Regular waxing makes the skin soft and smooth that will not cause discomfort. Professionals also use high-quality wax products that do not cause redness and burning sensation while pulling the hairs from the skin.

Smooth finish

Shaving cannot deliver a smooth finish as you can feel a harder skin surface that is recently shaved with the razors. You can feel prickly stubble with your hands on the shaved areas. But, when you get waxing, it will leave your skin with a smooth finish that will not look ugly and stubble. You can feel the difference by touching the waxed legs as they will become smooth and soft. Shaving can also cause redness and itching to the skin but waxing has nothing to do with that. So, waxing is superior to shaving.

Protect sensitive skin

It can cause burning and can promote causing of acne on the skin. But, waxing on the other hand cannot do this to your skin. It will protect your sensitive skin against ailments and allergies. You can even get waxing with the wax that comes with deep moisturizing properties. It will not leave your skin dry but deliver an extra finish with a smooth skin surface. You can enjoy soft skin longer with waxing.

The Final Say

It is commendable that waxing is superior to shaving. It has terrific benefits to offer and is cost-effective. However, you can consult with professionals about how long does a wax last as per your skin type. Raise your query to Beverly Hills Med Spa professionals.


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