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Computers and Technology



The planet’s survival is at risk because humans are concurrently causing and dealing with technology deforestation, acidification of the oceans, and rising temperatures.

The details are complicated, but the trends are clear. Nonetheless, the topic of global warming is the most talked about these days. Perhaps it’s because we’re constantly bombarded with the worst of things, and we’re rarely allowed to talk about the negative impacts of the advancement of technologies.

As a result, the idea is that technology may help make our world to become a more comfortable and safe place for people. However, it’s also causing great damage to the planet and its living creatures. Assignment writing help has mentioned in one of their articles that as the world continues to advance and become more developed, more problems in terms of the planet’s health and climatic change will arise.

But, anything that is used for better will always give you an advantage. The same goes for technology; whereas it can cause great damage to the planet, it can also help the earth overcome environmental problems. Here are a few of them;


One way to save the environment is to develop and use power resources. Scientists are developing new technologies to generate energy based on non-fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and oil and gas. However, there are three primary parts of developing energy with technology: storing, energy grids, and power generation. Energy storage encompasses the development of low-cost energy storage systems such as contemporary batteries and enhanced fuel cells. Solar energy has gained popularity in these years. And people are finding more innovative ways to use tidal and wind energy for cleaner power sources, so the environment will not get impacted.


Humans have tried many methods that have helped lead a safe and sustainable lifestyle that benefits the planet. For example, smart houses are being introduced that promotes green living and waste reduction. These homes are equipped with modern sensors that help in energy conservation throughout daily activities. They track the presence of individuals in the house and make decisions that help with healthy practices. A renewable energy source powers them up. They also use natural waste management systems with built-in recycling processes, resulting in minimal trash production.

Intelligent cars were created in the same way traditional automobiles were to decrease pollutants and conserve energy. However, electric cars run on rechargeable batteries that provide power to the car’s many components. As a result, these cars are nearly three times as efficient as traditional cars.

There are also other technological techniques to contribute to environmental conservation. The majority of these methods are widely used and have resulted in significant changes. However, this effect can be magnified if the technology is developed to reach out to many people and teach them how to use it to its full potential.


Several mobile apps are launching that can assist people in relaxing, pushing them to drink more water, eat healthy food, and encourage them to exercise are just a few examples of how technology assists people in getting fit. In addition, smart bulbs in our homes can adjust or lessen blue light at specific times, which can help to protect our vision and sleep better.
There are also smartwatches available that keep track of your blood pressure, heartbeat and sugar levels. In addition, some apps provide per day calorie rate and the amount of water you should drink each day based on an individual’s weight and other aspects.

If you want to learn more about these apps and watches, visit law essay help in UK’s website.
Moreover, continuous advances in medical technology, such as the development of artificial intelligence into medicine, are assisting in improving diagnostics and possible treatments, pinpointing the precision of treatments like radiation therapy etc. These new technologies provide physicians with more precise information, allowing them to treat their patients more quickly and easily.


We must work on the planet to cure it. The ongoing spread of environmental sensors will be one of the famous technologies supporting practically every sustainable project imaginable.

Of course, technology is evolving day by day. Air and water quality are already being analyzed, pollutants are being identified, acidity is being tracked, and actual statistics on critical events to our social and economic health are captured by connected sensors as small as a penny. Wearable, clean air sensors are coming, and localized sensor networks that monitor water and energy use in buildings reduce waste. The spread of these sensors will have a significant impact on how we live.


While we haven’t yet achieved the predicted paperless society, screen technology provides an alternative to pen and paper for communications and projects and an option to printed resources in the form of eBooks and audio. Media streaming services are lowering the demand for DVDs and the extra packaging that comes with them.
Technology is also being used to avoid wasted food, to keep foods out of the trash by keeping good track of them. With a large quantity of the world’s food supplies being wasted, data collecting technology can drastically lower this ratio.

Data gathering can assist the charity in communicating with partners such as restaurants to allocate excess items to the needy.


Today, environmental scientists have started to concentrate on restoring the ecological balance that humans have disrupted. Technology is being widely used to save wildlife, as it is a major part of the environment. Some of the steps to protect the wildlife is that; their noises are now being monitored from a distance to help them in case of any danger from animals or natural disasters; SIM-based collars for wildlife near human environments are being developed to prevent animal-human interactions.
In addition, techniques for genetic sequencing to save rare animals from extinction are also being made.


Undoubtedly, technology has destroyed many things and has negative impacts, but it can help society grow and invent new things that can save our environment if used properly. UK Assignments Help has several articles written on this topic.

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