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How to buy microphone for speaker?

The microphone for speaker is like a loudspeaker, but for sending sound waves in one direction. It’s used to catch the vibrations of air caused by sound sources (especially voices) and convert them into electric signals. Most microphones are based on the same physical principle that converts sound into an electrical signal without wires or cables. Some types of microphones also require pre-amplifiers, so they can reproduce low power sound signals.

We all know that the speaker is a device to convert electrical signal into sound. The way it’s made up even helps we understand why microphones are called speakers too. There are two types of speakers: dynamic and condenser. Condenser speakers work on an electrical principle where a fixed charge is used to detect the changes in sound wave. On the other hand, dynamic speakers use electromagnets and moveable parts (usually paper) as transducers to convert electrical signal into sound.

Depending on your choices, you can buy multiple types of microphone for jbl speaker from an online store at very affordable price rates. If you already have a speaker, there is no need to buy a new one. You can make a homemade microphone too without having much knowledge about it.

Tips to select the best microphone for speaker:

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the first thing you should look at while buying a microphone. Cheaper microphones have high signal to noise ratio, so they produce less distortion and interference.

Likewise, the closer the microphone is placed to the speaker’s mouth, the better its sound reproduction will be. For this reason, it’s best to buy a condenser speaker for this.

If you want to buy a microphone for your child, opt for dynamic microphones as they are less expensive than condenser microphones. They are also easy to carry and require low maintenance.


Before buying anything, set a budget so that it’s easier for you to choose from various options at the store. If you are buying a microphone for your children, there is no need to spend much on it. As they acquire knowledge about this device, they will be able to take better decisions. For a professional singer or a speaker, spending hundreds of dollars to buy an expensive microphone is not a difficult task.

Connector Type:

There are three types of connector available for microphones nowadays: XLR-3/1, 3.5mm mini jack, and USB. XLR-3/1 is suitable for studios as it’s compact, easy to connect with other devices, and comes with a lock feature. But microphones made up of this connector are expensive to buy. You can find models at an affordable price range too.

3.5mm mini jack is the old type microphone which has a couple of drawbacks. The audio quality is not up to the mark and it needs an adapter to help in compatibility across multiple devices. But it’s still available with some manufacturers so you can opt for this if you want to buy one on a budget under $30. You can also consider buying mics made up of another connector which is even cheaper.

USB microphone is the most expensive of all three types of microphones. They are mainly used in recording studios, but some manufacturers have made them available for home users too. These are easy to install and work on USB connection so there’s no need to buy an adapter or power source while using them.

Microphone Design:

Nowadays, most microphones come in advanced design with stand and tripod base. A light weight microphone is easy to carry around for recording audio or creating voice memos on mobile phones. Your choice of microphone should also depend on your preference of using it.

If you are an adult who doesn’t like to kneel down while talking, go for a microphone with a stand. But if you are not much concerned about its design, feel free to choose any model as per your budget and performance requirement.


Your microphone should be comfortable to use. There are models that come with shock mount for reducing the noise while recording audio. Some microphones have sophisticated features like switchable polar patterns, different frequency responses, etc. which are not required by an ordinary user at home or in office. So buy a simple model if you want to use it as a beginner.

But if you want to buy one for your child, opt for those with features like noise cancelling and high amplification as they will be more beneficial for children during their learning period.

Before making a purchase decision, read reviews on different models of microphones available in the market and decide accordingly. This will help you choose the best one for your needs.

Top Five Microphone Brands:

There are lots of manufacturers who provide good quality condenser and dynamic microphones. Some of the most popular brands include Audio-Technica, Blue, Neumann, Tascam, and Shure.

If you want to buy a cheap microphone from a reputed brand then go for Audio Technica or Shure. They are the most trusted brands in the sound equipment industry. But if you want to buy a microphone made by one of the famous manufacturers, don’t worry about its price as they will cost you less than $100. You can also go for Blue Microphones or Tascam if necessary.

Read reviews on each model of microphone before making a purchase decision. You can also get the assistance of an expert sound engineer if you are confused about which model to choose.


Once you have known your purpose, usage requirement and budget of a microphone you can visit any shop or order one online. A little knowledge of sound equipment will be beneficial during selection of a quality microphone for you.

Just think about your requirements and buy a good quality microphone without worrying too much about price. This piece of equipment will prove to be beneficial for you as it’s useful in various multimedia works like web casting, video conferencing, live performance, etc.

You can make use of this article as a guide while buying one or more microphones for home, office or studio use. It will help you make a wise choice by providing some essential tips and product features. With a little patience and learning, you can buy a microphone as per your requirements easily.

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