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How to Convert Zimbra to Gmail Account Directly?

You should know the true techniques to convert Zimbra to Gmail if you need to do so for any reason. This post will show you how to use the top two methods for importing emails from Zimbra to a Gmail account without losing data integrity.

Do you want to know how to convert Zimbra to Gmail? If you’re looking for a trustworthy way to convert Zimbra to Gmail account, you’ve come to the right place. Simply read this article to learn how to import TGZ to your Gmail account. Users may effortlessly migrate from Zimbra to Gmail and move TGZ files to their Google account using this solution. Here you will find the simplest, most dependable, and most basic method for connecting your Zimbra account to your Gmail account.


Zimbra Desktop, often known as Zimbra, is a highly sophisticated and useful email client that is now accessible. You can manage email, address books, calendars, projects, notes, and other important user or company resources. It also comes with a safe Briefcase folder where you may save crucial notes and papers.

Zimbra is a collaboration package that contains a mail server as well as a web client. But, as we all know, nothing beats Gmail in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Gmail, often known as Google Mail, is a well-known webmail tool for conveniently managing personal and professional email data with a variety of filtering settings. It is one of the simplest and most user-friendly online mail platforms for regular email use. Furthermore, G Suite, Google’s productive toolbox, includes useful programmes such as Google Meet, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, and more. This is also one of the main reasons for Gmail’s massive fan base and millions of active users all over the globe.

Many people are unhappy with their current email client or have reasons to convert Zimbra to Gmail. When the Zimbra desktop mail client is used to transmit emails to Gmail, this is one such case. The following is a step-by-step instruction for migrating Zimbra desktop email to Gmail using both the manual way and a professional and automated Zimbra to Gmail conversion tool.

User Query;

“How can I move my Zimbra emails to Gmail?” I’m using a version of Zimbra Client that is no longer supported. I am no longer willing to utilise Zimbra in the future. So I decided to use the Zimbra to Gmail Migration tool to transfer all of my info. Is there any way to do this task?”

“Is it possible to load TGZ into Gmail?” I’ve got a 2.5GB.tgz file that I exported from Zimbra Client. I want to copy and transfer Zimbra mailbox folders and attachments into Gmail. Please suggest a method.”

Way to Import Zimbra to Google Mail Account?

Using the 4n6 Zimbra Migration Tool, a user may quickly convert Zimbra to Gmail account. It offers a number of complex platforms for transferring email from Zimbra TGZ to Gmail. This programme will just need the output Gmail account’s login credentials. It is a perfectly secure technique of transferring Zimbra emails and other mailbox folders to a Gmail account.

Limitation on the Free Trial: The above button will provide a user with a free demo of this toolkit. Users may only export the first 10 Zimbra emails to their Gmail account during the free trial of this application. However, if you want to transfer an infinite amount of data without any problems, you must first activate this programme. As a result, just finish the purchasing procedure and get the necessary licence keys.

Steps – How to Convert Zimbra TGZ to Gmail Account?

  • Download Zimbra to Google mail converter and click on the open button
  • After that choose the Zimbra emails folder and upload the software panel
  • Click on the Export option and choose Gmail to convert tgz files
  • Lastly, enter the Gmail id and password, hit the save button
    convert zimbra to gmail

Note: If you can know more about the automated solution go our another page which is Zimbra to Gmail Migration Software

Features of this Utility

  • This programme will present users with a plethora of fantastic features. Listed below are a handful of them.
  • We have a US-based support system available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by live chat, phone, or email.
  • The app allows you to export several things from Zimbra to your Gmail account in bulk. Multiple Zimbra mailboxes may be migrated to a Gmail account at the same time.
  • It is the quickest Zimbra to Google mail conversion programme, with speeds measured in megabits per second (MBPS) or gigabits per second (GBPS), depending on your network’s strength.
  • By performing an accurate convert Zimbra to Gmail account directly, the data integrity will be preserved.
  • Users will be able to export Zimbra emails directly to their Gmail accounts. As a result, users just need to input their Google account login information.
  • The software will create a folder in the output directory on its own. It will move all of the data from the Zimbra TGZ file to the same folder in Gmail.
  • To convert Zimbra to Gmail account, it is a highly user-friendly and trustworthy tool. The use of this tool does not need any technical skills.
  • This programme runs smoothly on Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and so on.

In the realm of Zimbra to Gmail transfer, Team 4n6 has made a reputation for itself. Several government agencies and powerful forensic organisations in countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Poland, Turkey, France, Spain, Africa South, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, or countries in the Balkan or Baltic Region use our product.


Users will find a straightforward solution in this blog, namely the Zimbra to Gmail migration software, to import TGZ to a Gmail account. To convert Zimbra to Gmail account, follow the easy and effective instructions below. Users may easily move their Zimbra emails to their Gmail accounts using this tool. Users may easily route Zimbra cloud emails to their Gmail accounts with only a few clicks.

In any event, if you get stuck, contact our dedicated support staff for assistance. Our support team is available to assist customers with their Zimbra to Gmail transfer.

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