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How To Create a Simple Currency Converter App?

The rapid digital transformation has broken all the barriers. Today, people are now doing business across the globe without depending on the country’s borders. With the growing digital and mobile app technology, you can now deal in any currency in seconds on your smartphone. 

This increased globalization and cross-border transaction have paved the way for the development of a  smooth currency converter app. This app allows businesses to convert their native currency into other currencies. If you want to build it, in this article, I will tell you how to create a simple currency converter app in easy steps. 

Why are businesses looking for currency converter apps?

Modern companies now do business across the world. Business people, many times, have to make payments in foreign currency. For example, if a company is developing a mobile app from a mobile app development company in India, they would pay the amount in US dollars. But the company based in India needs to convert that currency into Indian currency. 

Hence, both parties need a quick solution that gives them all the required information and services for currency conversion. And this is where a currency convertor app comes in. It allows users to easily track the exact value of a certain currency in real-time and exchange rates. Here are the additional benefits of using a currency converter app that entices Mecidiyeköy escort businesses. 

  • The currency converter app tells exchange rates in real-time as currency values fluctuate every moment.
  • This app helps businesses estimate the price of a product in foreign currency.
  • A currency converter app has the ability to analyze the exchange rate of a currency.
  • This app is highly useful in international eCommerce businesses. It helps customers and sellers to get the most accurate price of a foreign currency and make a well-informed buying decision. 

How to Create a Currency Converter App In Simple Steps?

1. Conduct Market Research to Identify the User Requirement

A currency converter is a simple-scale mobile application that provides limited services. Its use cases are not very extensive since it provides only a very specific service. Therefore, you need to conduct market research to identify what services or features the target audience wants from a currency converter app. 

Find out whether they want an application that gives information about only currency exchange rates or also allows them to make transactions in foreign currencies. If the demand is for only an information-seeking app, then you have to create the app accordingly. 

And they demand a transaction facility in the currency converter app, then you have to build a payment system in the app. Hence,  conduct research and surveys and identify what exactly or specifically users want from a currency converter app. 

2. Decide the Features

Currency converter apps give many advantages to multiple industries. Especially in the travel & tourism sector, people drastically need reliable and secure mobile apps that allow them to convert their money into the local currency. 

Besides this, people also want to stay up-to-date with the accurate and authentic value of a particular currency to ensure the right foreign currency exchange through mobile apps. 

Thus, considering all these services, you have to choose the features that you want to include in your app. To give you an overview, here I have listed the common features that most currency converter apps have-

  • Price Tracking Feature
  • Augmented Reality Currency Conversion
  • Offline usability
  • Currency Analytics
  • Recent Conversion History
  • Live Currency Updates
  • More Supported Currencies
  • Built-in calculator to compare prices
  • Compare prices while traveling 

Besides this, you can also take ideas from these famous currency converter mobile apps to know what features they offer to users-

For Android 

  • XE Currency
  • Easy Currency Converter
  • All Currency Converter

For iOS

  • Currency
  • My Currency Converter & Rates
  • Currency Converter Plus Live

3. UI/UX Design

Design is one of the main aspects of currency converter app development. You should try to create a user-friendly UI/UX design that gives your customers a seamless and fast mobile experience. Since a currency converter app needs to perform actions quickly, focus on designing a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface that users feel easy and interactive while using. 

4. Find a Dedicated Mobile App Development Company

You need a dedicated mobile app development company that can assist you to build a currency converter mobile application. This company holds proven experience and solid expertise in developing business-oriented mobile apps. So they can help you build a high-quality and performing currency converter app. 

But before you hire them or outsource your project you must clearly define your app requirements and business goals. You also should know what factors to consider while hiring a mobile app development company. 

How Can Your Currency Converter App Earn Money?

Your currency converter mobile app needs an effective app revenue model that produces good profits. There are many models which you can incorporate into your app based on your business goals. 

For example, in-app purchase model, subscription model, freemium model, in-app advertisement model, etc. However, for currency converter, you can adopt a subscription model and earn money from every user on a monthly or annual basis. 


A currency converter app is the need of the hour in the current market landscape. It is a highly useful mobile app concept that can help many industries. Companies do business and sell products across different countries. Therefore, the need for a fast, secure, and seamless currency converter app is growing substantially. And the above steps guide you to develop this app in very simple steps. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz-a well-known Top Android App Development Company that creates business-oriented apps for startups and business ventures. She has wide expertise in developing iPhone apps for a variety of industries. Besides this, She participates in several social welfare campaigns and authors technical articles.  She is highly skilled in developing iPhone apps for multiple industries. Besides this, She likes to participate in social welfare campaigns and conducts webinars with tech experts. In her free time, she searches for the latest designing and developing trends to outbreak them in her works.

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