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How to Create Money Selling Mobile Apps for Your Local Businesses

Mobile apps provide solutions to almost all human problems. The development has been so fast in past years that for every task there is a competition between startups turned into big company giants. If any app enters the market with no additional features other than the existing one’s it fails in no time.

App development has been a highly considerable option for a career as soon as the market expanded in the last few years. This also attracted a high percentage of developers into this field.

With a large number of opportunities available in this sector, the only thing needed is a discrete idea to convenience businesses to get their own app.

If you have the right skills and a thorough knowledge of the market it is now time to develop apps for small businesses or create your own application.

It’s easier said than done. The ultimate goal is to make money that requires an action plan.

Before you begin to sell mobile apps online make sure you follow the following steps.

Step 1: Identify who are you selling to?

Define your customer base and what kind of businesses you want to work with.

Once you select the target base list all their requirements and how your app can help them.

These industries are never-ending so make sure you enter the ones which excite you the most.

Step 2: Market Research:

First thing first, look for the market requirements and figure out if this market requires an app? Nothing works well without proper research.

Before you select the market, find out how big the market is as it helps you calculate your sustainability in the future. Further, try connecting to the market and find out options available to them.

The problems faced by the current system and the required solutions to fix the ecosystem. Market research can help you understand how the market will react to your solutions.

Make the schema for identifying the problems and real-time solutions that can be achieved.

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Step 3: Define your model and price range:

Your app model depends on how you go further with the development.

You can use an app-building platform that has pre-defined offerings, unlike custom development. Or you can go with an agency that is a white label option and a costlier one but allows you to customize according to your requirements.

The model you choose decides the pricing of your application. But since there are existing apps in the market, the prices are competitive. Determine the price by thinking the other way, how much would you pay for the prospects provided by your app?

Step 4: Select your Prospect method:

To prospect new customers there are a lot of options available in the market.

Let us discuss a few network prospecting methods:

  • Warm Network
  • LinkedIn
  • Cold emails

Step 5: Closing process:

Make a map of your process of sale from beginning till the end for an ideal scenario. This gives you an example of deliverables for the customer.

Keeping in mind the above steps let us now understand how you can sell mobile apps online.

How can you sell apps online?

1. Identify the unique idea:

Every business starts as a unique idea no matter when and how it has or will have competitors in the market. Although competitors help you get better, it also pushes you to bring out the best and unlikely features.

Choosing the right idea is important to ensure that all your efforts pay off as you release the app. The idea must be beneficial for small businesses in both qualitative and quantitative manner.

As you are not in the market already, stand out and observe everything about your niche and what it lacks. You can start observing the top 3 app development services and their work. List down all that they miss and how you can add those in your application.

Once you figure this out this goes a long way and helps in all your sales and marketing models because this will help you stand out among all your competitors.

2. Research thoroughly:

Research never gets enough emphasis on development processes but this step is crucial. It will help you identify the right set of use cases required.

The process of research helps you find out what current users are using, what more they are looking for, and how you can add that to their list.

With the right information available you will be well equipped with the requirements of your clients and to provide the growth they seek.

3. Identify your development process:

The process of app development can get lengthy and time-consuming. To overcome redundancy of codes there are options available online to apps. This can be done by choosing an agency or an app-building platform.

The process through the app-building process is more scalable as it provides an option of building modules from scratch. But this method can be on the costlier side.

However, the development model can be selected based on your budget and requirements.

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4. Build a Marketing Campaign:

As you figure out all the required prospects you will need a campaign to display everything your app can do.

What is better than business owners reaching out to you after looking at your campaign? Use SEO for your campaign to multiply your reach and attract potential customers.

You can take the help of Google or Facebook Ads, these are a great source of attraction for small business users.

Define the platforms and channels you will use for marketing. Also, explain how your offerings can be beneficial for the users.

Giving out every detail about your business will help in building credibility with small business owners.


There is no defined rule book for app development. All you need to do with your skill is create something unique and help in the easy transition from current working to the app.

The above article explains everything you need to know to start selling your app to small businesses and make money out of it.

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