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How To Develop Exceptional eCommerce App Using NodeJS?

Nowadays, the eCommerce sector is facing so much competition because the possibilities of earning profits are very high here. Technologies have become more advanced in recent days, and people have started preferring to avail themselves services online rather than going outside and standing in a queue.

When it comes to using a framework, Node.js keeps a big market share for this. Most developers prefer to use the Node JS framework, which allows them to build scalable and reliable e-commerce backends.

A NodeJS development company creates various types of apps in which eCommerce apps are one of them. There are several benefits of using Node JS for eCommerce app development. After reading this post you will realize the importance of Node.js in app development.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is one of the most used Javascript runtime environments that run on the V8 engine. It’s an open-source platform that is written in C++ and ensures high-end performance. It is mostly used to develop traditional websites and set backend API services.

The challenges which the E-commerce sector usually faces resolve them at no time. It is necessary to build a scalable backend for the smooth running of the app, which can be ensured through Node JS.

When it comes to building real-time data-intensive apps, it works the best. It assures seamless running of apps on multiple devices.

How To Develop an eCommerce App Through NodeJS

It’s not a cup of tea to develop a NodeJS E-Commerce app. It involves various steps like-

  • Select Agile Software: Agile methodology is the most recommended one. For smooth functioning of the app make sure to frequently update.
  • Prepare a Team of Developers: A team of skilled developers should have Business analysts, UI/UX designers, Node JS developers, Testers and A Project manager. A team of cross-functional people makes you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Choose a NodeJS Framework: You have to choose one of the frameworks to build your app. For example, Meteor. JS, total JS, Koa. JS, Reaction Commerce, etc. These are the most followed and best frameworks that can help you to get the best multifunctional app.
  • Install Node.js: To start developing the app, first, you have to download the Node JS. Node package manager keeps a huge collection of reusable codes.
  • Heroku Cloud JS: It’s a robust managed cloud pass that is necessary for Node JS eCommerce app development. It helps the development team to focus on coding.
  • Project Management With Scrum: Scrum management technique is the most followed one for eCommerce app development services. Here people of different expertise like designers, developers, testers, project managers, etc, collaborate to build a single app.

Advantages of Using Node.JS in Creating eCommerce Apps

Excellent App Performace

It is all about enhancing user experience by providing them exceptional app features. With Node.js it gets easy to make excellent app performance with Node.js. Its Asynchronous nature makes perfect balance in load time of front end and backend.

Common Language For Frontend and Backend

Languages like Ember, Angular, React are based on a single language, which helps developers create apps efficiently as they have to follow a single language from starting till the end. This eliminates the expenses for hiring separate developers for the front end and backend. Overall it streamlines the development process and saves company expenses.

Handles Large Userbase

At a single time, a large number of users can access the app without any interruption. It simply handles a large user base which is another benefit of using the NodeJS platform. Its single-threaded and event-driven architecture helps developers to use the event loop. NodeJS breakdowns the large requests into smaller blocks.

Reduce Loading Time

It made app development extremely easy and time-saving. It reduces the loading time and ensures faster app development because it is based on a single coding language which assures quick app response.

Paypal is one of the most famous examples of NodeJS. Its backend is based on Node.js javascript, which has decreased its average response time up to 35%. Its quick response attracts various users and motivates them to use the app again.

Additional Benefits of Using NodeJS

  • NodeJS eliminates the need of writing everything from scratch. It includes pre-written codes, which help developers to use them if needed. It comes with packages that you can simply integrate into your app.
  • Node.js is best for data streaming.
  • It eliminates complex coding tasks and suggests the best ways to develop the app at no time.
  • One of the most common issues faced by eCommerce apps is the bad response rate of the app, which can be resolved through Node JS. It removes complexities and reduces the loading time up to a great extent.

For high-end app development, Node.js is the best option. Its demand increases every year, and most of the developers prefer to use the Node.Js framework for developing apps. If you are planning to have an e-commerce app, you have to hire an e-commerce app development company. They take care of your specific demands and business needs. A NodeJS development services provider company keeps a pool of experienced developers, who keep deep industry knowledge and integrate solutions according to it.

Anita Shah

I am Anita Shah, project coordinator at XongoLab, a leading mobile app development company. As a hobby, I like to write and share blogs articles related to the latest technology.
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