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How to download an Intel graphics driver

Intel graphics driver is a software which is specially designed for operating systems to communicate with specific hardware devices. The customized version of graphics drivers provide you with the best experience. These drivers were first introduced in 2010. 

There are multiple ways to install intel graphics drivers but in this article we will provide you very simple and most trustable ways to download intel graphics drivers in your PC manually as well as automatically.

Ways To download an Intel graphics driver

1. Manually

You should contact your admin for help because usually windows doesn’t permit a guest or standard user to install the driver


Before starting the installation of an intel graphics driver you must create a backup drive in your system so that your data remains safe. 

Check the taskbar of your computer if any application is running in the background then close it. 

If you aren’t aware about your intel processor then we will recommend you to note down the intel processor number. Follow these steps to know about intel processor number:- 

  • Click on the windows key and then click on the start icon at the left corner of the screen. Click on the search bar and type system. 
  • Now choose system information from given potions. Your intel processor number will be shown on your screen. 
  • After note down the intel processor number, go to the download center and type the processor number. 
  • Now you are free to choose your desirable intel graphics driver. 
  • When you click on the icon of the driver you will find that downloading will start after a few seconds. 
  • Now browse the computer for driver software. 
  • Select the directory where your file is stored and open it. 
  • Driver will be installed. 
  • Restart your computer as soon as the installation procedure completes. 

This is the standard and most preferable method to install intel graphics drivers but still you are facing some problems. We will suggest you to visit intel support by visiting the official website of intel that we provide at the bottom of our article. 

How to verify the installation? 

If you want to verify the installation of the Intel graphics driver then you have to visit the device manager. 

  • Open the device manager from your system by clicking on the search bar and type the device manager. 
  • You will see a lot of options in the device manager. Search for the display adapter and double click on the same. 
  • Now click on the intel graphics device. 
  • Open the driver tab in the given options.
  • Now you are allowed to check that the installed version of intel graphics driver is correct or not. In case of installation of the older version we will recommend you to switch to the latest version for better efficiency. 

How to automatically download the Intel graphics driver in Windows 10? 

If you don’t want to install intel graphics manually then don’t need to worry. Intel provides you a better option to install the driver automatically. But for this purpose you have to download intel driver and support assistant. This assistant will automatically detect the suitable version for your system and will install it after sometime without any technical glitches. 

You can also use free driver updater software which will help you to update all the outdated drivers in one click.


Why should I upgrade my intel graphics driver? 

If you want to get maximum efficiency of intel drivers without any glitches then it’s desirable that you should have the latest version of intel drivers. There are lot of reasons to upgrade the intel graphics driver but few are:- 

  • To fix the problem related to graphics of such low quality. 
  • Full safe and secure as compared to older version
  • To improve the speed significantly

What does an Intel graphics driver do? 

The main use of intel graphics drivers is to communicate with intel graphics systems and recommend the usage of drivers from your system. 

What is the best intel graphics driver?

You will find a lot of Intel graphics drivers for Windows 10 in the market but you need to choose the best driver. We will recommend you to install the Nvidia GeForce graphics driver which provides you best experience as compared to other graphic drivers. This is the best driver if you are looking for any intel graphics driver for an amazing gaming experience. 


Intel graphics drivers  are a very important part of the system and play a crucial role in communication with the operating system. There are a lot of Intel graphics drivers available in the market but we will recommend you to choose those drivers which suit your computer perfectly and enhance the efficiency of the system. In this article we provide you a link from where you can download the latest version of intel graphics driver without any issue and in above part we give you a brief description about updation of intel graphics driver. We provide you every step which you need to follow but still if you are facing any trouble related to Intel graphics download or update then you can contact us. We will be glad to solve your query. 

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