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How to Download Archived Zoho Mail emails to Computer?

Summary: Do you wish to save emails from your Zoho Mail account to your computer’s hard drive? If that’s the case, you’ll find this site quite useful. You’ll find everything you need to safely download Zoho Mail emails right here. Here, In this article, we are going to provide a very effective and efficient ways to download archived Zoho Mail emails to Computer. If you are looking for ways to do so, then please read this article till the end to understand the whole process in more detail.

Zoho Mail is a popular email service with a number of advanced features. It’s an ad-free webmail service that allows users to send and receive emails as well as share data. Important email security, on the other hand, should be required to avoid inadvertent deletion and corruption. Downloading Zoho Mail emails to your computer allows you to reuse and access them at any moment, even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Get the tool and immediately download emails from your Zoho account to your local hard disc.

Instructions for Using This Tool

1: Download and install the software on your device.
2: Login with your username and password.
3: Choose a format and look for a venue.
4: To download mail from Zoho Mail, click Start.

Let’s have a look at the important criteria for downloading Zoho mail before we get started.

Advantages and Requirements of Downloading Emails from a Zoho Account

Without a question, Zoho provides excellent service to its customers, but data loss is always a possibility with both desktop and cloud email providers. Here are some of the reasons why users must download Zoho Mail in order to resolve all of the following issues:

  • Data Breach and Hacker
  • Deletion by Mistake
  • Unexpected Tragedy
  • Errors Made by People

Account Deletion

A Zoho Mail personal or free email account comes with only 5GB of inbox storage by default. As a result, you should back up your Zoho emails to your PC on a regular basis. Users may need to delete their Zoho mail account on occasion. However, it is a good idea to back up your Zoho email account for future use.

Hacked Zoho Mail Email Account

Accounts using Zoho Mail can be hacked as part of a bigger identity theft scheme. You will lose your email, contacts, and other information if your Zoho mail account is hacked. As a result, you should back up your Zoho mail account on a local computer before losing any crucial data.

To backup important Zoho Mail emails

Many recorded occurrences of Zoho mail email account users’ emails, taksim escort contacts, and other vital information disappearing or being corrupted occur with little or no ability to restore them. So, if you don’t want to lose your critical email, make a backup of your Zoho mailbox before you lose it.

How to Download Archived Zoho Mail emails to Computer Manually

To download emails from your Zoho account, follow these steps:

1: Log in to your Zoho Mail account first.

2: From the top-right corner, select the Setting icon.

3: Choose Import/Export Emails from the drop-down menu.

4: Now choose the folder where you want to save your Zoho emails.

5: To download all emails in a folder, select “Export all emails in the folder”.

6: Double-check Check the Include subfolders box, then click the Export button.

7: The download procedure will begin. You’ll get an email with a download link once it’s finished.

8: When you click the link, your emails will be downloaded as a.zip file.

9: Unzip the ZIP file to get access to your Zoho emails in EML format.

Note: The download zip file links will be sent to the same Zoho account as you downloaded the emails.

Limitations of Manually downloading Zoho emails

Users can only download emails from one folder at a time using the manual technique. This method will not work if you wish to download all of the emails from the folder at once. Furthermore, following the download, the email’s subject is not visible. You must use the alternate approach if you wish to download all emails from your Zoho email account at the same time.

Professional Method to Download emails from Zoho Mail

Users can easily download all of their emails using the Email Backup Tool. You can use this tool to download emails from your Zoho account. This tool allows you to download Zoho Mail emails in a variety of file formats to your own hard drive. It can save Zoho Mail files in PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, and PDF formats.

You can easily import Zoho to Outlook using Zoho Mail PST migration. You can also migrate Zoho to Gmail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Office 365, and other platforms by using a different format.

Steps to Download Archived Zoho Mail emails to Computer:

1: Launch the tool and enter your Zoho credentials.

2: Choose the appropriate file format.

3: Export zoho mail to the desired format.

4: Click Start to begin downloading mail from Zoho Mail.

Prominent features of Zoho Mail Backup Tool

  • This tool backup Zoho Mail emails to PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, PDF, DOC, HTML, and other formats
  • Directly transfer Zoho email backups to Office 365, Gmail, and Outlook.com.
  • 100% Safe and Secure Interface
  • It also maintains Meta Properties and Folder Hierarchy Structure of Zoho Mailboxes.
  • Complete and selective emails from your Zoho Mail account can be archived on your computer’s desktop.
  • Emails from the Zoho Mail Inbox, Sent, Draft, Trash, and Spam Folders can be downloaded to a PC.
  • Zoho Emails can be saved in a variety of formats, including webmail, documents, and email formats.
  • Without Outlook Connectivity, save Zoho Mailbox in an Offline Location with Batch Mode.

Final Thoughts

Many people are looking for a way to extract emails from their Zoho Mail accounts. We covered how to use the Import / Export option to download Zoho emails to your local hard drive in the previous blog. This method will not work if you wish to download all emails from your Zoho email account because only one folder can be downloaded at a time. You can utilize the above-mentioned alternative solution to get around these limits. To download emails from your Zoho account, it’s best to choose a dependable service.

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