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How to Fix Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating Error?

Sage programming thinks of different elements and functionalities, for example, overseeing pay and costs, invoicing clients expertly, working on bookkeeping errands, tweaking solicitations, and so forth. Indeed, even subsequent to comprising of bunches of highlights, Sage is no place back in showing mistakes. As we probably are aware, actuation starts things out prior to utilizing any product accessible on the lookout. In any case, consider the possibility that the product shows a blunder during its actuation. Today, we will investigate one such issue that showcases at the hour of enacting Sage 50 for example Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating Error.

Further, we have examined the causes behind the blunder event. This article incorporates every one of the significant fixes of the Sage 50 enactment mistake.

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Causes Behind the Occurrence of ‘Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating’ Error

How about we investigate the accompanying rundown comprises of the relative multitude of potential reasons that might lead to the Sage initiation mistake. On the off chance that you are encountering one of the recorded causes, immediately attempt to determine it to keep chipping away at Sage.

  • On account of the inaccurate Windows framework date, you might confront a Sage 50 initiation mistake.
  • Because of the blockage of Firewall or Antivirus.
  • A harmed or secret choice .DAT might cause a blunder.
  • Assuming the information way records have been harmed, you could get an issue.

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Investigating Steps to Resolve ‘Sage 50 There Was a Problem Activating’ Error

The accompanying advances can be applied to manage the Sage 50 actuation blunder. Assuming you track down any trouble in applying the accompanying advances, reach us to get quick help.


  • As a matter of first importance, you want to initiate the program on the server.
  • And afterward, impair the firewall and antivirus and guarantee that the PC can ping the server PC.
  • Then, check if both of the PCs have similar adaptation by following the means composed underneath.
  • Assuming any of the PCs is utilizing an alternate rendition, redesign it to a similar variant as a server or the other way around.
  • Pick the Help menu and snap on the Sage 50 Activation Licensing and Subscription choice on the PC that has a downsize rendition.
  • Click on OK.
  • From that point forward, select the Serial Number and return Sage.
  • At long last, send off Sage 50 and check regardless of whether the program has been initiated.
  • Check on the off chance that you can get to the organization drive and continue on to the subsequent stage.
  • Check the information documents way by following the under advances.
  • The underlying advance is to close Sage 50 from all PCs and figure out the information way.

Presently, give new titles to the records: OPTIONS.DAT, SERIAL.DAT.BAK, ENVSESS., ENVUSER.DAT, SERIAL. ENVSETNG., Entitlements.xml, documents having the expansion of LCK and PTL, SoftwareInstallations.xml

  • Send off Sage 50 and initiate it.
  • Click on the manual initiation choice and adhere to the continuous directions.
  • Finally, really look at the date settings on your windows framework. It should be right.

Note: With the send off of the Sage 50 US2020, Pervasive is rebranded to Actian.

Step I: Activate your program on the server

  • Run the Sage on the server.
  • Permit the Sage to actuate.
  • Presently, check in the event that you actually get the mistake message.

Stage 2: Make utilization of the Actian/Pervasive on the server

  • Stop and resume Actian/Pervasive on the server. For this, follow the underneath steps:
  • Close the Sage 50 on all PCs.
  • Go to the Task Manager.
  • Click on the Details area and quest for w3dbsmgr.exe.
  • Note: In Windows 7, it will be named as the Processes tab.
  • Go to the interaction and select the End task.
  • Explore to the Services area at the upper segment, group by name, and chase after psqlWGE
  • Double tap psqlWGE and tap on the Start
  • Reboot your server/PC to have the information.
  • Arrange your Pervasive data set motor to run it as a framework administration.

Stage 3: Verify authorizations

  • Double tap on the common envelope.
  • Click on the Properties and move to the sharing tab.
  • Hit on the Advanced sharing and select offer the organizer box.
  • Click Permissions and select Add.
  • Enter the Windows usernames/bunches having the Sage 50 access.
  • Select the Check Names to confirm the usernames.
  • Allot every one of hilarionbet güncel giriş
    the additional gatherings/clients the Full control
  • Tap on OK and afterward move to the Advanced Sharing screen.
  • Continue to the Security tab
  • Actually look at Administrators and frameworks have the entrance
  • Click OK

Stage 4: Configure firewall and antivirus

  • Empower the Sage and Actian through the firewall.
  • Likewise, avoid the application from the antivirus examine.

Stage 5: Verify information way

  • Check the server and the workstation have the right information way.
  • Find the information way in the server.
  • Twofold endlessly click on the Properties under the Shared envelope
  • Record the name of the offer
  • Explore to every one of the workstations.
  • View the planned drive to make sure to stamp out the specific common envelope.
  • Search the information way on every workstation to confirm it is highlighting the specific planned drive.

Stage 6: If the Actian/Pervasive is harmed, or numerous forms are introduced or some unacceptable Actian/Pervasive is introduced on the waiter

  • Physically uninstall/reinstall Actian (previously called Pervasive)

Stage 7: Missing records in the information way

  • Run Repair on the program.
  • Click on Start, and afterward go to the Control Panel
  • Tap on the Add/Remove Programs.
  • Pick the Programs and Features
  • Click on the Sage 50 Accounting from the projects rundown, and tap on the Change
  • Select Repair and the interaction will start.

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Decisive Words!

At last, we have arrived at the finish of this informational article that incorporates the means of managing the ‘Savvy 50 there was an issue initiating’ blunder. We expect that you have effectively settled the blunder by perusing our enlightening post. On the off chance that the mistake stays unfixed, kindly go ahead and in contact with our Sage Experts by reaching us or record your question on our site. We attempt to determine your issues seeing Sage in a matter of moments as we esteem your time and cash.

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