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How to fix the running slow issue in QuickBooks online?

QuickBooks Online has gained immense popularity in the market, using which you can manage your accounting and financial data remotely. You don’t have to worry anymore about generating the file backup manually, as all the data is saved in the cloud using this accounting software. Instead, users must require a good internet connection and an upgraded version of the web browser to operate the QuickBooks online application smoothly. But at times, users might come across QuickBooks online running very slow issues due to which users fail to proceed with their ongoing work. This post has described all the prominent causes behind this issue and the simple hacks to fix it with ease.

Explaining the reasons why does QuickBooks take so long to open

Before diving into the troubleshooting solutions, it is necessary to determine all the factors that might result in the QuickBooks Online running very slow issue. Therefore, to make you understand, we have listed some of the reasons below. Go through them.

  • It could happen when the web browser you are using to access QuickBooks has some issues.
  • Sometimes, the poor performance of your internet connection may be responsible for this issue.
  • There might be the possibility that the cookies, caches, and third-party plugins are creating conflicts while loading the web pages.
  • It may also happen when Windows is performing slowly and thus fails to run the internet properly.

The Best Ways to Improve QuickBooks Online Performance 

If your QuickBooks Online is working slowly and you need immediate help to get rid of this issue. All you need to do is to perform the following solutions to rectify this issue effectively.

Way 1:- Shut down the tabs or programs that are not in use.

It has been advised that you must close the running programs in the background to boost the speed of the QuickBooks Online application. These unnecessary apps or tabs do nothing but consume the excessive power of your system. Similarly, the opened tabs can also be the reason for the slow speed of QuickBooks. Therefore, ensure that you close the tabs that are not in use to enhance the better performance of your web browser to run QBO smoothly.

Way 2:- Web Browser must be upgraded.

Every web browser releases updates, and it is very crucial to install it on time. These upgrades can help with a variety of faults and difficulties that slow down your internet connection. Therefore, it is important to keep your browser up to date, whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Simply keep an eye out for new updates. By getting the latest updates, you can improve the speed of your QuickBooks Online.

Way 3:- Disable the browser plugins:-

Usually, many users might install third-party plugins in order to support the additional features of the internet browser. As a result, some of these plugins may affect your browser and lead to the QuickBooks Online running slow issue. You can increase the speed of your internet by removing such plugins. To do so, go to the browser’s settings, open the extensions page, and disable any extensions that may be causing issues. In this way, you can compare the speed before and after disabling browser plugins and extensions.

Way 4:- Try accessing a different web browser to operate QuickBooks Online

If you are using a supported web browser to run QuickBooks online, then you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Alternatively, if you are still facing issues, you must try another web browser of the upgraded version. It has been suggested that Google Chrome is the best web browser to enhance the better experience of the QBO application.

Way 5:- Removes unwanted cache files and cookies

Working on a web browser for an extended period of time saves cookies, cache, browsing history, and other information. If you’re concerned about why my QuickBooks Online is so slow, you should clear your browser’s cookies and cache. This will speed up your internet connection, allowing you to utilize QuickBooks Online more effectively.

Way 6:- Get the latest updates for your Windows operating system

Keeping your OS upgraded as per the latest Microsoft updates assures that there are no problems in the system causing your browser to lag. To update your Windows OS, follow the steps below.

  • To initiate the process, tap on the Windows menu and then move to the Control Panel.
  • Afterwards, you need to locate and hover your cursor towards System and Security from there. Furthermore, go to the Windows Updates section.
  • Soon after this, pick the Check for Updates option, and if any updates are available, choose Download and Install.
  • End the process by relaunching your system. By doing so, your Windows will get updated as per the newly released version.

Way 7:- Verify the Internet Connection:-

Increasing internet speed is a crucial component in avoiding slow speeds. Your web browser saves a cache file that allows you to visit a web page that you previously opened quickly. If the constraints exceed what is intended, the internet speed may suffer. The cache file should be deleted, and the internet speed should be increased for better surfing.


It can be aggravating to discover that QuickBooks is running slowly owing to a slow internet connection. To avoid similar problems, double-check your internet connection and ensure your system meets the QBO system requirements. After that, you can use the procedures indicated above to resolve the issue. We give you the guarantee that you will find this post informative and helpful in helping you fix the slow issue in QuickBooks Online. In addition to this, these approaches will undoubtedly assist you in increasing your browser speed so that you can efficiently use QuickBooks Online on your system.


Users often come across QuickBooks online running slow issues when they are not connected with an uninterrupted and proper internet connection. Users may also encounter this issue when their system fails to meet the basic system specifications to run QuickBooks Online. In other instances, it may occur due to the storage of unwanted caches, cookies, or browsing history. However, you must close all the programs running in the background and clear the cache files to fix the issue. Alternatively, you may also try using a different web browser of the upgraded version to operate the QuickBooks Online application smoothly on your device.

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