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How to Hire the Right Recruitment Agency in Thailand

Recruitment Agency

Be it with friends, spouses, teachers, or colleague’s relationships are an important part of our lives and to our requirement agency. A pediatrician will be a better choice to aid your child who is sick instead of a doctor who focuses on the elderly population, similar to how a math teacher can help you  gain a better understanding of that particular subject when compared to an English teacher.

The process of selecting a company for recruitment isn’t any different.

The most successful relationship that a business has with its hiring agency is one that is built on partnership. This makes the time spent choosing one of them all the more crucial.

  1. Discuss your company’s requirements and challenges with your employees internally.

Before you start searching for a recruiter and meet with your staff to discuss your needs for the business and challenges in hiring, the management and all those who are involved in the hiring process ought to have the chance to participate in the discussion at least once.

We’ll provide more details about the profiles of candidates in the next post of the month as the more you know about the people you hire and the jobs you are hiring for the more in sync the executive search in Thailand you select will be to your department.

  • Are your job openings for permanent temporary, interim, contract or a combination of both?
  • How long will your typical recruitment process last?
  • Do you have a company that is experiencing high turnover?
  • Are you working towards a target you’d like to achieve? What is the average time you can reduce to?
  • Do you have a specific job or jobs that you’ve had the greatest difficulty in finding?
  • Do you require a better method of organizing and tracking the candidates and applicants for your positions?
  • Are there people who apply for your job however only a few of those have the qualifications for the job?

After you’ve made your list of challenges and requirements, you can rank them in order of priority. This will be your criteria for evaluating about potential recruitment agency along with your team. When you create this checklist together it ensures that every stone has been covered and that the company you choose to work with will have the greatest impact on your company overall.

  1. Ask us for case studies of similar clients

Find out about the agency’s management, leadership and recruiters to find out which areas the professional network of the employees specialize in. Some recruitment agency have biographies of their leadership and management on their corporate websites.

The information available on LinkedIn will differ based on the person, but it is a great starting point to find more information about their business as well as to find out about the recruiters they employ. Many of the top leaders and recruiters use LinkedIn as the main social media platform to showcase their online profiles. As such, LinkedIn profiles tend to be up-to date and provide details of what they’ve accomplished for their previous clients as well as the approach they used (beyond the branding of the company).

Bring up the subject in the context of a conversation in direct communication, too. In the event that one of your objectives is to start pipelining candidates in areas of significant growth, such as and one of their Directors is able to describe how they’ve accomplished this for clients who have been with them in the past or within your field then this is an organization worth digging into. Ask the account manager to be a part of this meeting, so they can give you a detailed report about the process of recruiting.

Also, you should ask those who work in the position that you’re seeking to hire for, if they’ve any recommendations for agencies they’ve engaged before. It could be employees currently employed as well as family members, friends and online forums.

  1. Seek out specifications

There are many different agencies that offer recruitment agencies services. Not all of them are similar. Like any other competitive industry every business has its own unique approach to methods, strategies and philosophy for hiring talent which may or may not align with your brand’s image and goals, or even values.

One kind of recruitment agency that has grown in recent times has been niche agents. These agencies specialize in a specific field or type of job (e.g. HR roles, entry-level, executive, engineering). Expertise is the main benefit they offer their clients. The best niche agencies have large networks, a history of the field they recruit for and have a deep understanding of the people they’re seeking to recruit for. Their specialized resources and expertise allow them to determine exactly where purple squirrels live, and how to attract them.

There are numerous ways agencies differentiate themselves from each other. What is important is to determine the traits that are suitable for your business and your hiring objectives.

  1. Be part of their social networks on the internet.

A company’s online presence will tell you the story of their image and how they use new media to reach people and how successful they are in attracting inactive candidates on the internet. Follow the company’s online presence and connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and Twitter to find out the way they engage with potential candidates as well as their networks and the public.

A few things to think about:

  • How do recruiters from the agency browse the web?
  • Do they have a presence on the social media platforms?
  • Are they members of any professional organizations?
  • Do they participate in the debates that are taking place within their field? Are they knowledgeable?
  • Did they work in your field before?
  • Did they get their degree from an institution in the area?
  • If you search for the name of the agency on Google do you find any ads? If yes, then where?

You should think about selecting a recruitment agencies in a similar way as when you are looking to buy the house you’ve always wanted. Checking their website is like scouting the location and the features of the house before going through the property. Could it be a better option for a quicker commute to work, and also the places you go to? Is there enough room available for your family and guests? Is the neighborhood and location appropriate to your needs?

If you just focused on the house and did not consider the other aspects it is possible to end up traveling for 90 minutes to work, hearing traffic noise in the in the evening when you’re looking to unwind from your busy day resolving problems (big or small) which would have been avoided prior taking the title. As a metaphor, the ideal house with the perfect location is in the market but it will require some digging to locate it.

  1. Test before hiring

If you come across an agency you like, inquire if they offer any pilot programs or plans to take on a couple of existing positions the team is working on so you could “test” these positions prior to signing a long-term contract. From their point of view, they’re on the threshold of gaining an exciting new client which is why they are more inclined to sign the terms rather than reject the offer. Should they demand a lengthy period contract, but without a predetermined period of time, which gives you the opportunity to first work with them and then decide to think about reconsidering?

To offer the most effective opportunity to observe the way an agency works for you and how you and the agency work together choose to work with them only. The process of assessing and building relationships with several agencies simultaneously is a challenge both for you as well as them. It’s not likely to get the most effective results from them if they’re competing against other agencies, and it’ll cause you to spend more time engaging in the same conversations with numerous suppliers. You might be given the same candidates from multiple agencies, and that’s unproductive and frustrating for applicants too in the event that they’re being offered the same position from different agencies.


Hi, My name is Kob Sook and I am from Thailand. I work as a Human resource. I have a great experience in HR, recruitment process, pay roll. I managed and administrated all the prospective candidates or executive search in Thailand, Headhunter Thailand . Feel free to reach out.
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