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How to install McAfee WebAdvisor for browsers?

McAfee antivirus is known for having excellent security tools to secure your PC. It also takes care of online threats that usually come from the internet. By seeing this, this security suite comes with WebAdvisor that will keep your device secured. McAfee WebAdvisor is a reliable tool that keeps you secure from threats when you browse the internet. It also helps to keep you secured from phishing and malware attempts when you surf the internet. The best part is that it won’t impact the browsing experience or performance.

Tools come with McAfee WebAdvisor

Before going to install McAfee WebAdvisor for browsers, it is very important to know the tools and features that come with it.

  • Typo security keeps you protected if you enter an incorrect spelling of the web. Also, it helps to take you in the right direction
  • Misclick security that blocks phishing sites and malware programs in case if you click on the malicious link accidentally
  • Safe browsing with the help of color-coded systems allow you to know about the unsafe and safe links
  • Safer downloads scan your downloads and alert you if there is a risk while opening them
  • Security check that effectively monitors to see if the antivirus and firewall are activated before surfing the internet

System Requirements to Install McAfee WebAdvisor

You must have a system configuration setup if you are going to install McAfee WebAdvisor and that is-

Operating System-

  • MS Windows 8.1
  • MS Windows 10

Web Browsers-

Google Chrome- It should support the latest version and the previous version too

Chromium MS Edge- Same as Google Chrome as it also should be compatible with the latest and previous versions

Mozilla Firefox- It is also as same as both of the above two. The compatibility of this browser should be with the previous and latest version

When you are done with this then, move ahead with the downloading procedure. After that, follow the steps to install McAfee WebAdvisor for browsers.

Installation of McAfee WebAdvisor

  • Go to mcafee.com/WebsiteAdvisor and click on the Download option
  • Now, click on save and choose a location on your device to save the setup file
  • Note: Depending on the web browser and Settings, you have to click on the bar or option to download the file
  • When the you are all set with downloading, you should open the setup program and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation
  • Note: When you restart the browser, you will need to choose the McAfee Secure Search as the default the search provider

What you will get after installing McAfee WebAdvisor?

After installing WebAdvisor, it provides complete security for downloads and also checks if the antivirus firewall is activated. Well, the text doesn’t tell the way it works but it doesn’t conflict with Windows Defender. The users will need to stay safe from Internet threats and if you have McAfee WebAdvisor then, everything will be safe.

When the app provides active security for the search system, the tool will try to enforce Yahoo search usage. It will replace the Google Search in the browser which you are using. In such a case, never accept the terms and conditions and move with the preferred search engine.

Wrap Up-

McAfee WebAdvisor is appropriate to correct the URL Address when the user has entered any incorrect spelling. It also will alert you in case of any risk of the current website which you try to open. Install this security suite and feel free while surfing the internet on any browser.

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