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How to Recover Orphaned OST File?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to recover Orphaned OST files. Also, we will discuss the ways to recover data for MS OST files (Orphaned) by using best and reliable methods. For complete information, we will suggest you to go with this blog.

Before, go through the solution of recovering orphaned OST files. Firstly, we need to understand what is an OST file and what is an Orphaned OST file? Let us take a look for the same.

What is an OST File and an Orphaned OST File?

OST is an Offline Storage File related to both Outlook and Exchange. The OST file is locally saved to copy Exchange Server mailbox data. Therefore, the Outlook user can work even offline through an OST file and make changes as per their wish to emails.

Which get automatically updated while being connected with the Exchange Server. So, it is beneficial to access and modify the Exchange data offline in the Outlook when there is no internet connection.

On the other hand, Orphaned OST File the exchange offline folder (.ost) file is a local and offline copy of the mailbox on the exchange server. Whenever the mailbox on the server is not available permanently. The OST file is called Orphaned.

Reasons Behind the Retrieve Orphaned OST File

There are many reasons why users need to recover their Orphaned OST data file. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same:-

1. Software Reasons

In addition, Exchange OST files orphaned as a result of tool related issues.

  • Erase, Disable, or Deny Access of the Mailbox on Exchange Server: On the off chance that the mailbox on the Exchange Server compared. To the OST file which erased or crippled by your server admin, or your entrance to the mailbox is denied. Therefore, your OST file is orphaned, and you should use a tool. to retrieve the data of your mailbox.
  • Virus or Other Malicious Software: There are numerous viruses that will contaminate and harm the Exchange Server database and make them unusable, which likewise makes the OST file orphaned. However, it strongly prescribed to introduce. The quality of enemy infection programming for your Exchange Server framework.
  • Human Errors: For example, if you erase a database accidentally, miss-parceling the storage device, then mixing designing the working framework, will all make the Exchange Server database inaccessible. Thus, for making the OST file orphaned.

2. Hardware Reasons

A hardware is damaged in putting away or moving the data of your Exchange Server database (EDB), a data catastrophe occurs, and the server will crash, around then, the OST files will get orphaned. There are three fundamental sorts listed below:

  • Data Storage Device Failure: If your hard disk has some terrible segments. And your Exchange Server databases are put away on these divisions. In that case, possibly you can just read some portion of the database file. Or on the other hand, the data you read is off base and loaded with the errors. Such data corruption will make the database inaccessible and your OST file orphaned.
  • Force Failure or Shutdown Server Abnormally: In the event that a force failure occurs, or you shut down the Exchange server. Unsuitable when the Exchange server is getting to the database. That may cause your OST files to orphaned.
  • Controller Card Malfunction or Failure: In the event that a storing controller utilized with the Exchange Server. Its glitch or failure will cause all the reserved data lost and the database corruption. So as to make the OST file orphaned.

How to Restore Orphaned OST File Manually?

If you want to recover your Orphaned OST file using a manual method then you face several issues. Using this method there is a chance of data corruption and data loss. And, it cannot provide the 100% guarantee to save our important data file with them. So, while performing manual approaches users face many possibilities.

As we have gone through all this we see that users are facing difficulties and time-consuming while using manual methods. All over there is no direct method to perform this task.

But don’t worry, in this write-up we came up with the expert suggested tool which helps you to resolve all your issues to recover your Orphaned OST file. We suggest you to go with the below post for better know about this software in steps.

Smart Solution to Restore Data From An Orphaned OST File

As in the above section, we have seen that there is no direct method to recover the orphaned OST data file. But don’t worry here we come up with a reliable solution to restore your OST data file in a single click. You can use the OST File Recovery Software through which users can easily and quickly restore their all orphaned OST data files easily without facing any trouble.

This tool suggested the experts to solve your issues in a simple and fast way. Now, below is the working process explained step by step. Go with these steps to make your conversion process easier than the others.

How to Recovery OST Files Using Software?

  1. Download or run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, Dual options to load single as well as multiple OST files
  3. Then, OST repair software shows all restorable items listed on your software panel
  4. Tool Provide various and Multiple saving options to save emails

Note:- If you want to Import your Orphaned OST file into Outlook then it is better to convert into PST first and then Import into Outlook using Import/Export.

5. Finally, the OST recovery started and took a little time to complete the process.

So, this is how we completed the task successfully without losing any information.

Final Words

In this post, we have explained the complete solution for recovering your Orphaned OST file. In the above blog, you get the reliable solution to solve your issue. Because there is no direct method to perform this task. And if you want to perform a manual method then you face several issues of data loss, corruption, virus attack, etc. So we suggested you to go with the automated software. Through which the user can easily and simply recover Orphaned OST file.

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