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How to Report a Cyber Fraud Online?

Internet is more popular in the technology age. No one can live without the internet. Everyone is connected to some digital device. Our regular activities are dependent on online. Many people ethically use the internet but some use it criminally. So, now the time has come for all of us to be aware to save ourselves from crime. Therefore, This blog will help inform you how to report cyber-fraud online.

What Is a Cyber-Fraud Online?

No matter you are a student, employee, or home user. Almost everyone uses the Internet to communicate with each other. Therefore, we do not even know and online fraud happens in our common life. We are doing important work, repeatedly calling credit agents to buy credit cards. As a result, we all get annoyed with nonsense calls and say yes to buying cards. So, we share all of our sensitive information with others. In this scenario, they take advantage of this situation.

Online fraud and catching a thief is not easy. We need to know how the crime report is filed and the expert person who looks closely at all aspects of the crime. Digital investigation Expert Anuraag Singh is one of the best digital analysts in India. He is an expert in cyber forensics and investigations. He has achieved many certificates of appreciation from RPF Cyber Cell, Delhi Police, Crime Branch, Revenue Intelligence, and many more.

It’s time to raise your voice against Cybercrime online….

How to Report a Cybercrime Online?

The Union Home Ministry has launched a nationwide hotline 155260 and a reporting mechanism to combat cyber fraud. The national hotline and reporting portal allow victims of cyber fraud to submit crimes and save their hard-earned money, according to a ministry statement. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) under Union Home Minister Amit Shah has operationalized the national helpline 155260 and reporting mechanism for averting financial loss owing to cyber fraud, the notification added. On April 1, 2021, the hotline became live. Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) of the Home Ministry launched the hotline 155260 and its reporting platform with active assistance and collaboration from RBI, all major banks, payment banks, wallets, and online esenyurt escort merchants.

The victim is also given an SMS with the complaint acknowledgment number, requesting them to report the scam on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (https://cybercrime.gov.in/) within 24 hours.

After that, the concerned bank examines the information in its system after seeing the ticket on the reporting site. If the bank finds the bogus funds, the fraudster cannot withdraw them.

The bank in question, which can now see the ticket on its dashboard on the reporting portal, double-checks the information in its own systems. If the fraudulent money is still accessible, the bank puts it on hold, preventing the fraudster from withdrawing it.


In the above section, we explained to you how to report a Cyber Fraud online? Just as crime is increasing awareness about the crime is also important. Govt. also have released helpline no to protect and overcome online cyber fraud. Especially Children are not aware of online fraud, only for entertainment they install many games, and they are caught in any trap. As you know, internet scams like phishing, digital kidnapping, bad/ fake antivirus software are on the rise. We will meet here, Anuraag Singh With 21 years of focused IT, Cyber Expert and Digital Forensics expertise.

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