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Hyundai Tucson family trips

Hyundai Tucson price in Pakistan was buzzing in my mobile.“Wake up honey”, I told my wife Jean.” Don’t wake me up, George.” It’s the weekend, I want to sleep more”.

“Sweetheart, remember today’s date”. Jean told me that, she remembered the date, and it was not either of us birthdays or wedding anniversary.“I told Jean, that we had to pack up, and take our flight “Thanks, George.” “ I love you”. I love you too honey”.  We both jumped out of the bed, and headed to our bathrooms, to get ready.

Our kids were looking ready for the trip. Jean agreed with me on this. We all had 3 small suitcases, and we were waiting for Uber to arrive. My phone gave the notifications of the arrival.

All of us headed to the car. I checked the best rates for the Hyundai Tucson Price in Pakistan. Within half an hour we arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport. Then we took out the luggage, made the payments to the driver. Then we hopped over the air train. The view from it was fantastic.

Finally, we arrived at our terminal. We started walking fast because they’re announcing our names.

Our first stop was Dalan Airport, Turkey. Jean and I watched the sunset from our seat window.” Ya honey”. I yawned. Once we were done with the immigration, and collecting our baggage, we booked Hyundai Tucson price in Pakistan to our hotel. We were happy to receive a  great welcome from the hotel staff. The porter collected our baggage, and then we headed to our rooms. We all slept, the whole night, on our comfortable beds.

The next morning, our alarm buzzed, and our tour guide was waiting for us in the lobby.”Welcome, Wilson family.”

1. Kalkan Turkey


We were all happy to begin our trip with Kalkan.On the way in the huge buses, where all other tourists were sitting, from London, India, etc.  It was a beautiful valley, around the mountains. It was filled with trees and vegetation.

We all were wearing different colors of T-shirts, and jeans. Our kids just rushed to the beach, it was a clear blue sea, with waves coming back, and forth. The breeze was blowing. Many other people were taking photos of their loved ones. 

Jean and I jumped in the sea, in our swimming suits. It was so fun, we splashed cold water on each other. By 3 pm local time, we were back in our hotel rooms. We had lunch ready. Jack enjoyed the pizza, and Jean told me to share it with me.

2. Paris France

We enjoyed the time, and after a week we had a flight to Paris, France. We packed up again, took selfies. Then we had a complimentary ride back to the Dalan Airport. We were happy to see the picturesque view of the city. This time our carrier was Turkish Airlines. 

The cabin crew welcomed us. Jean and I took the seats, next to the window. We all had the authentic Turkish  Kebab, which is called “Doner”. I sliced one piece and put it in the mouth of Jean. “ Thanks, George, you’re so sweet”. We had a romance for a while, in the dark.

The time flew away, very quickly. Finally, we arrived at the French airport. Jean and I saw the sun setting from our window. 

We soon booked a taxi and checked into our hotel. Five of us slept again and were looking forward to more fun places to visit in Paris. 

  • Eiffel Tower

We all woke up a little early in the morning, around 7 o’clock local time. Our mobile phones were charged overnight. We all were fortunate to hire a city guide. He took, and others from the hotel. 

We arrived at the Eiffel Tower and took the lift. As we were ascending, the city and the buildings around us were getting smaller, and smaller. Jean and Eliza got scared. “ Just relax, honey,” I told her. I took her closer to me. She held my hand tightly. 

Jack and John were busy taking selfies. They even took our photos, which were awkward.

When we descended and reached the ground, we all were laughing at our photos. 

  • Louvre Museum 

Then we went to the historical Louvre Museum. It was just like walking through time. Many historic portraits were there.

All of us just walked, walked, and took photos. We never saw, just a rich place. We even climbed the staircases.

Jean pointed out to me the famous painting of the Mona Lisa.“Yes,” I nodded. Every room had pictures, and statues, of different eras. There were many covers of Egyptian mummies. Eliza got scared. She just hugged me. 

There were sculptures from the Greek and Roman eras. It was simply marvelous. We had no words to explain to the readers. 

After moving around for 3 hours, we all started to get tired. We moved out of it. But we were surprised to see a colorful fountain. Which refreshed our thoughts.

Then we moved to a nearby cafe. We had  BOEUF BOURGUIGNON, and rice.” Cheers”, we shouted. Jean and I had a local bear. We all were yawning. Our guide took us back to our hotel on the tourist bus.

3. Dubai UAE

We all walked dizzy, and tired to our room, and fell quickly asleep. After 3 hours, we all woke up and got ready for our Emirates flight. It was a little long flight. Yet we were happy. We chatted, watched movies, slept, and ate. 

All 5 of us arrived early in the morning, 4 o’clock in Dubai. The airport was full of people. The golden lights were buzzing. We soon collected our baggage. Then we came down for an immigration check.

There were local taxis, all in black color. We took one, and the driver welcomed us and took our luggage to the trunk.

  • Burj Al Arab 

We were all jumping with joy when we saw the only 7-star hotel in the world. A special car took us to the entrance of the hotel. The staff was very harmonious, and they welcomed us with a smile. 

The porter was taking our baggage. We were on an island. On the way from the hotel, we saw the spectacular Burj Khalifa, which was full of fireworks, on New year’s eve.

Jean told me that our restrooms were located under the sea.” Jean, are you kidding me”.

No honey, I am serious. The lift was made up of gold. We were getting every new surprise on every step we took. It was a masterpiece on the face of the earth.


  • Ski Dubai 

Jack told John that it was a great place with snow and penguins. All were in the snow, wearing blue, and blue jackets. We started feeling cold, in the middle of the desert. 

We all took rides, enjoyed each moment, the time we spent together laughing, and chanting after a long lockdown.

All of our kids were making snowballs and throwing at each other. We remembered Christmas time. When we saw snowfall, from our windows.

  • Dubai Mall

Jean was hungry, so was I, and our kids. We took a metro ride to the world’s biggest mall. It was fun taking the ride. We rushed to our famous American brand, Starbucks. Our kids also loved the freshly prepared food. 

We both ordered some coffee, then we visited different shops. Our kids were busy in the world’s largest aquarium. 

Jean and I bought some winter clothes. We spend around 3 hours. I told Jean that we cannot see the whole mall tonight. Yes, George.”.” Let’s get back, to our hotel”. We ordered a taxi, using an app. We sat in the taxi, after waiting for 10 minutes.

The city life was still active, everyone was moving around even in the 11 in the night. It was unbelievable. 

We all were tired. The taxi driver took the shopping bags and gave them to the potter. 

4. Lahore Pakistan

Our next leg trip was to the historic city of Pakistan Lahore. We flew in Gulf Air, from Dubai International airport. It was a sunny afternoon. We reached in 1 hour, and forty-five minutes.

 It was a small airport. Many people were taking connecting flights. We went to luggage conveyors and colled our stuff. We took a local taxi and headed to our hotel.


Jean and I took a shower and came out fresh in traditional Pakistani dresses. We booked a ride, to see the tourist spots, in the city:

  • Lahore Fort

This was an old building, it was a pre-British era. We all were welcomed by people there. Recently they installed a map, for guiding the tourists. John took some photos, of it, and the surroundings.

It was like moving back into the time machine. Our family watched also a classical performance, in the evening. We didn’t understand anything, but the show was marvelous.

  • Badshai Mosque

It was a mosque, built with red bricks, in the heart of Lahore city. Jean covered her head with a scarf. We all were happy and amazed to see that all people from different religions were there.

There was an open hall, without a roof. The ground was fixed with white color tiles. We all took photos in different locations. It has four minarets, at the end of each corner. 

  • Food street

 We had already noted down and researched the traditional Lahore food street. It was late afternoon. We all were really hungry. So we ordered some light snacks. They called it samosa, and pakoras. With milk tea. The waiter didn’t take cash from us. “No sir, you are our guests here.” He replied.

We were amazed by their kind hospitality. We also took freshly brewed tea. 

  • Jahangir’s Grave

We took another ride, to one of the rulers in the Mughal era. He was the late son of Akbar, who was also the ruler of India.

It was a well-decorated building. His late wife’s grave was also located in a nearby place.

The architecture of the building was a masterpiece. It was a similar building to the Badshahi mosque, but there was two difference. 

The ground floor was covered, and the graves were decorated, with Allah’s names. 

In the surroundings, of it were many people’s graves, which were actively involved with Jahangir’s cabinet. Some of those buildings had become worn out, with a lack of repair, and climate change effects on them. We all took photos there.

5. Tokyo Japan

We returned to our hotel. We didn’t open our baggage. The reason was that we were traveling to Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan. We hired a taxi and went to Lahore International Airport. 

It was a bit of a long journey, we traveled over India. The food was very tasty. We enjoyed our journey. Our kids enjoyed the time, on the flight. They were watching Spiderman and other cartoon movies.

  • Skytree in Hyundai Tucson Price in Pakistan

We were looking, outside the window, for our plane. Then there was an announcement of fasting the seat beats. We landed safely at the Narita Internationa Airport. 

Our family took our luggage and headed to the local city metro. We had a voice translator, on our mobile phones. 

So there was an announcement about our train. We hooped on it, with our luggage. After an hour of watching the beautiful green areas, in the surroundings, we reached our station.

It was a subway, so we came out of it, and went to our hotel. We slept and had our breakfast.

Then we took another metro, to Sktyree. It’s just a building, which is tall and stands in the middle of the city. 

We could see the whole city, from the top floor. It was amazing. We all took photos.

  • Mount Fuji

Next on our list was Mount Fuji. It was an amazing trip. We enjoyed going up. The weather was a little cold. All of us even took photos. We took some snacks with us like for e.g. popcorns etc. 

We interacted with many tourists there. Some of them were from Europe. It was a fun, and very enjoyable trip. It was in Hyundai Tucson price in Pakistan, that we saw several cities.

  • Conclusion


We traveled to many countries, but we mentioned a few. We had planned this trip last Christmas. Our children had a long winter break, so we all decided to see our favorite spots. together as a family in Hyundai Tucson Price in Pakistan.


All of us shared photos of it, on Facebook, and Youtube. We returned home to New York, after spending a month in different time zones, with different cultures, and people.


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