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Ideas For Small Businesses To Promote Sales Over The Year End

The year’s end is quickly approaching!(promotion strategy)

The holidays mean A LOT more to folks this year after such a wild year in 2020.

Customers yearn for things to return to normal and are more eager for celebrations.

You already know what that means: it’s time to plan a marketing campaign for one more push to boost sales!

Your small business will want to end the year on a high note.

Have you prepared?

Here is our list of original suggestions for your small business’s year-end sales drive!

1. Ingenious holiday promotions(promotion strategy)

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with promotions with a festive theme?

Here are some inventive marketing strategies your small business might use:

  • Winner of a festive contest, like “best Christmas meme,” receives X
  • Run a contest with a seasonal theme
  • Discounts, hints, and shoutouts for the 12 Days of X
  • Make a virtual advent calendar with, for example, daily product highlights and daily discounts.
  • Branded puzzles and mini-games, such as Christmas bingo
  • Rewind to 2020
  • A sneak peak at what you have planned for 2021 is coming up soon.
  • social media lenses or geofilters with a holiday vibe

2. Create bundles of promotions(promotion strategy)

Bundle deals are an incredibly powerful marketing tactic!

Instead than charging different prices for each item, this entails bundling many things and selling them as a set.

Usually, the goods in a bundle go well together.


The intention is to persuade buyers to purchase the entire order as opposed to each item separately.

For instance, a makeup kit might include moisturiser, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner.

Therefore, group together things with a festive theme and sell them at a reduced price for your end-of-year promotion.

More compulsive purchases might certainly follow from this!

3. Launch a campaign to thank your customers.(promotion strategy)

The holiday season is all about giving back and expressing gratitude to those close to you.

This includes your clients and fans as a brand.

So why not launch a campaign to thank your customers?

There are several approaches to this:

  • Share user-generated content (UGC) and thank your clients online
  • Make a promo code just for your devoted clients or social media followers.
  • Create a social media post thanking them for their assistance.
  • This marketing tactic is excellent because it doesn’t require a large expenditure.
  • Never forget that a simple thank you can mean a lot!

4. A quick promotion plan

Nothing motivates us more than the sensation of FOMO (fear of missing out).

So why not incorporate that into your plan for sales promotion?

Use words that convey urgency in your promotion copy and subtitles and hold a flash sale.

Here are a few illustrations:

  • “Now or never,” I say.
  • “Time is of the essence!”
  • “Acquire while you can”
  • The sale is over tomorrow.
  • “___ is nearly gone!”

5. One Free With Purchase

Promotions that provide “buy one, get one free” (BOGO) items are fantastic because:

  • Purchasing gifts for their loved ones and pals
  • Purchasing more goods
  • Seeking a fantastic year-end deal

During this time, shoppers will be on the lookout for terms that scream “GREAT DEAL!”

And what better word than FREE to draw in more customers?

Promoting a Buy 1 Get 1 bargain is the best option, especially for merchants looking to get rid of unsold inventory.

To effectively manage and keep track of your merchandise during this busy time, use a top-notch inventory solution like StoreHub.

6. Turn your advertisements into a contest

Everyone enjoys winning!

Gamification is employed in business because of this.

Gamification is the process of making a non-game into a game.

It’s a fantastic method for boosting customer activity and engagement.

Use game elements to your advantage, such as awarding double points for each dollar spent.

This will quietly encourage additional purchases from your clients!

7. Samples for free and promotions for redemption

Massive crowds are attracted by “Free Gift with Purchase.”


Free goods is the only thing that people enjoy more than winning.

So, offer a year-end bonus to your customers to make the deal more appealing.

When a consumer makes a significant purchase at your store, allow them to redeem a cost-effective item.

Cost-effective also refers to something that is inexpensive but feels or appears to be expensive:

It should be affordable for you.

It should feel important enough to your customer for them to try and spend enough to redeem it.

One that benefits both parties.

For instance, if you run a clothing store, give away a fashionable accessory like a pearl hairband for every x dollars spent on clothing.

These freebies are typically available in bulk from wholesalers on websites like Taobao, and shouldn’t be too expensive.

The best part is that this will undoubtedly make your consumers happy and encourage them to spend more money in your shop!

8. 50% off the second item when you buy one.

It is very economical to run a “Buy 1, Get 2nd Item for 50% Off” promotion.

It functions best when it is combined with another campaign that offers a lower discount.

You might, for instance, offer an area of merchandise that is 10% off.

Additionally, you have a different group of products for which you truly want to drive sales and which now feature a “Buy 1 Get 2nd Item 50% Off” promotion.

Which offer do you believe your customers will most likely choose?

The second promotion is true!

50% seems like a better value than simply 10%.

People frequently compare options before making a decision, so even if they might end up spending more money, they’ll most likely choose the 50% deal.

9. A loyalty programme with cashbacks

While promotions are wonderful, what more can you do to help your small business grow its sales over the long term?

Run a loyalty programme is the solution.

It’s a terrific approach to entice clients to go your shop more frequently and spend more money there.

Additionally, having a reward programme enables you to gather client information.

Knowing who your clients are will help you better understand how to market to them.

StoreHub introduced Beep Cashback, a super simple loyalty programme that is fully integrated into our POS system, because small businesses truly value this.

10. After-Christmas deals and discounts

After-Christmas discounts and clearance are excellent ways to sell any unsold inventory.

Not to mention that individuals would be prepared to spend it because they would have received gift cards or cash for Christmas.

Start planning your year-end promotions right away!

What are you still holding out for?

It’s now or never!

Your profits for the following year can get off to a wonderful start at this end-of-year period.

Source: promotion strategy , promotional strategies

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