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Improve Your Home Interior Value

When guests arrive in your home, there’s an immediate tone that the interior sets. It either pairs well with the exterior appearance or feels as though it doesn’t fit. Pairing together the aesthetic value of your exterior and interior is absolutely essential to creating curb value.

If you’re planning a home remodel project, you can vastly improve your home’s interior value. Here are some tips to get your home remodeling project properly budgeted, focused, and kept consistent.

What’s Your Home Remodel Budget?

You have to stay tight to your budget throughout the home remodel. This means planning well, taking into account the areas of focus, and which materials/designs are going to be the most expensive. Otherwise, you may set a major portion of your budget into one area of your home, and have only a tiny portion left to spread out over the other rooms and designs.

What Sets Your Home Apart Today?

Your home is beautiful and has appeal for a variety of reasons. It’s important to keep these in mind because they’re going to be what you build off in your initial remodeling designs. These components are what you should use as a sort of benchmark when deciding what else you need to be looking for. In the case that you don’t, the project can easily become exponentially more expensive.Empire Granite

Areas of Remodeling That Can Get Expensive

Indecision on Materials – Should you decide on new surfaces for your countertops, tile, etc? You need to be ready to stand by them. What some homeowners will fall victim to is getting comfortable with changing everything in a remodeling project, and start to forget how much of their budget goes into each piece of the project. Then, they end up installing new floors or countertops they just wanted to experiment with, and as a result, have to spend even more money to replace these. Stay true to your decisions and make sure that once you are set on a material group, you stay consistent thematically.

Design- Design work is often the hardest part for homeowners that want to have full control over their remodel. Designing the layout to look beautiful, operate as an effective utility, and also have a cohesive material choice is a ton of work. Again, similar to choosing your materials, you need to take your time with design.

Inexperienced Installers – This is where getting an expert really comes in handy. It doesn’t just mean the job will be completed more quickly. You’ll also see a return on the efficiency of their work and avoid paying in the long run. Inexperienced installers will force you to spend more money on repairs later on. You may not pay today, but you will in a few months or even a year.

Why am I Remodeling My Home?

This can be a loaded question. A lot goes into deciding your home needs a facelift. However, you still need to answer it. Whether it’s to add space to the home, style your home differently as a whole, or complete a few necessary repairs with some added new furnishings, this is what should really determine your budget.

Repairs – Repairs are simple to plan for budget-wise. If you have the budget to complete all of the repairs, then you can get those done and be done with the project. In the case you don’t have enough set aside in your budget, you can simply get what’s most pressing completed. This pertains to bathrooms that don’t function well, kitchen counters that are hazardous, and other risks in your home.

However, if you have a bit of room in your budget, it can be fun to splurge a bit and get an extra set of tile refurnishing completed or try to experiment with a new color/scheme style in a room. Don’t use your budget just to use it, but consider the parts you would change if you had the money lying around.

Aesthetic Change- Changing the aesthetic of your home is a whole different animal. A ton goes into even just changing the way one room feels stylistically. You should have a budget that reflects the value you want to add to your home.

Utility- Utility is the most underappreciated aspect of remodeling. You can turn a kitchen that feels too tight and clunky into a beautiful layout with room to breathe. The best part? You don’t even need additional square footage dedicated to the room. Utility remodeling does take a more comprehensive approach in order to achieve desired results, though. You’re going to need to give up more of the original design to create a better utility design.

For whichever remodel plan you are considering, you can exponentially improve your interior value. Take into account why you’re planning to remodel, what makes your home pop today, and how you plan to change it up within your budget.

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