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In Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimages, How to Perform Halq & Taqseer?

Haircut Guidelines For Performing Halq For Umrah:

Whether the sweltering summer weather or winter weather in Makkah. The majority of pilgrims want to take advantage of this opportunity to visit Makkah and Madina. Umrah is the most preferential pilgrimage for gathering blessings and Allah’s Mercy. People from all over the world travel to the Sacred Cities to undertake Umrah, but it is essential that the pilgrims must be aware of all the rituals of Umrah performing it.

Al-Halq and al-Taqseer are the two most essential Umrah rituals; these are obligatory acts that must be performed during both the Hajj and Umrah. Many people are unaware of the importance of performing these Sacred Rituals of Hajj and Umrah. The details about these rituals can be a little fuzzy across different sites and blog posts, therefore have a look at the most accurate and undeniable significance, methodology of performing Halq or Taqseer rituals.

Definition Of Halq And Taqse er:

Halq is an Arabic word that means “hair cutting (or shaving).” Only two terms in the Holy Quran are derived from this root, and both are related to Hajj. However, Taqseer is derived from the Arabic word “al-Qasr,” which means “to shorten.” Thus, Halq refers to shaving the entire head with a razor, whereas Taqseer refers to hair trimming.

The Prophet Mohammad’s dream turn into reality when he shaved his head totally during Hajj-Tul-Wida. He began the Halq by shaving the right side of his head firstly, and then the left side of his head. After having to complete Halq, the Prophet (ﷺ) emphasized the significance of these rituals by asking mercy three times for all those who perform Halq and once for all those who perform Taqseer.

Haircut Guidelines For Performing Halq For Umrah:

  • Halq is not mandatory for women in any situation, only Taqseer is advisable for them.
  • Men must shave their heads completely for performing Halq. The partially shaved head is not considered.
  • If one has no hair, he must still run a razor on his head to fulfill the Halq ritual.
  • Always face the Qibla and start performing Halq or Taqseer from the right side.

Rules For Women To Perform Taqseer:

Women’s Umrah Taqseer rules differ slightly from men’s, the following significant distinctions are as follows:

  1. Women should not perform Halq; instead, they should conduct Taqseer in order to be free from the state of Ihram.
  2. While performing Taqseer, all ends of the hair must be chopped off to the length of a fingertip.
  3. If a woman has short hair. It must be cut slightly for exiting the Ihram state and completing the Umrah pilgrimage successfully.

When should Halq Ritual be performed?

After performing the first three rituals of Umrah such as Ihram, Tawaf, and Sai, the Halq ritual is performed. It is well known that Halq or Taqseer must be performed in order to remove Ihram. Halq before Umrah is prohibited because any haircut done prior to wearing Ihram is not deemed Halq or Taqseer.

In short, after knowing the significance and method of performing these rituals. It would be easier for you to perform Umrah with great care and pure intentions. If anyone of you wants to perform Umrah and looking for the best opportunity, then a trusted travel company such as Muslims Holy Travel will assist you in this regard. Therefore, you can explore a wide variety of Hajj and Umrah services including 10 Nights Umrah Packages 2022 with lots of amenities. So stay updated about all of the aspects of performing Umrah and Hajj practices, supplications, and many more.

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