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Infertility Treatment for Women – know more about treating Infertility

Infertility is determined as constantly trying to get pregnant, having unprotected sexual intercourse for a year, and not getting pregnant. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari (Infertility Specialist) from the finest IVF center in Jaipur says, in women, there are so many different issues that may lead to infertility like – pelvic infection, endometriosis, and many more. However, now there are various infertility treatment for curing most of the cases of infertility.

Treatments for curing infertility in a women –

(IVF) – In vitro fertilization

IVF is a process where the doctor will place (embryos) inside a women’s uterus to fertilize them. A doctor may also give you gonadotropins to trigger the development of more eggs. Then doctor performs an ultrasound, and when the eggs get mature, they will collect all the eggs with a small needle. After some days, with the help of a small medical device known as an intrauterine insemination catheter, the doctor places embryos back in the uterus

  • There is also an option of freezing extra embryos in the case of a couple need it for second chance.


If you’re having any tubal or pelvic problem, the first thing you can do is get surgery and repair back your reproductive organs. The doctor put a laparoscope by making a small cut inside your belly button to treat issues like opening blocked fallopian tubes, treating endometriosis, or removing ovarian cysts. Because of cysts there are high possibilities of infertility and it may also lead to the failure of the reproductive organs in a person.


This procedure removes fibroids tumors, polyps, scar tissues, and open blocked fallopian tubes. hysteroscopy done by placing a hysteroscope into the female uterus through the cervix for treatment. both laparoscopy & hysteroscopy are similar kind of treatment methods. There is only little difference in both procedure.

I.C.S.I intracytoplasmic sperm injection

In a sperm injection, the doctor uses ICSI injection when there is problem with natural embryo placement procedure, Then, A doctor injects sperm directly inside the reproductive system and places sperm into the uterus while doing infertility treatment.

What are the causes of infertility in a women –

To know the exact cause, you have to take infertility tests for confirmation, Because without proper diagnosis, the chances are less for the cure. And, doctor will not get the full reports of you for finding out the possible issues. So, if you’re thinking about to find the cause of your infertility, Then, you should visit for the tests, Don’t think that tests are waste, it will help you to find out the cause of infertility.

Some causes which affect fertility listed below –

  • Fallopian tubes damage. There is a structure known as the fallopian tubes, Inside a woman’s reproductive system. Which carries the fertilized eggs from the ovaries into the women’s uterus for the further development of the baby. Sometimes tubes get damaged and get marks and scars from endometriosis or pelvic surgery. Because of this, sperm prevents from reaching into the tube. In the regular stage, this is the place(fallopian tube) where eggs and sperm meet and get fertilized & move down to the uterus.
  • Hormonal Issues. Some women are unable to get pregnant because of changes in their hormonal cycles. And the body prevents releasing of eggs from the women’s reproductive system.
  • Cervical problems. Some women face problems where the body prevents the passing of sperm through women’s cervical canal. Cervical issues occurs because of inflation in the cervix or because of blockage in the reproductive system.
  • Uterine problems. Doctors have seen, some women have Uterine polyps(extra grown mass)or fibroids. It happens when there are more than necessary cells grown inside the endometrium (uterus lining) & prevents the passing of sperm to the uterus.
  • Unexplained Infertility. There are around 20% of couples facing infertility because of undiagnosed infertility issues, without any other issues. And nobody knows the exact causes. Research’s are going on in the topic but till now there are no evidence.

Infertility Tests –

When couples cannot get pregnant, they should first see an infertility specialist doctor for their infertility concerns. A doctor will take several tests to check your hormones levels & endometrial biopsy to examine women’s uterus lines. And then tell you about required infertility treatment.

  • (HSG)-Hysterosalpingography. It’s a procedure where the doctor will do an ultrasound or x-ray of the reproductive system to know the inside condition. During this procedure doctor will inject dye or saline inside the women’s cervix. Then dye or saline will travel through the woman’s fallopian tubes, and if there is any blockage into the fallopian tubes, Doctors will trace it with the device.
  • Laparoscopy. The laparoscope is a medical tube attached with a small camera- it is placed inside the belly button with a small cut to get a view of the outside of the uterus, ovaries & fallopian tubes, and any abnormality can be traced with the help of this procedure.


If any female is having ovulation issues, the doctor may have prescribed some drugs such as Follistim, Serophene, Humegon, Gonadotropins, Clomid, or letrozole. For treating you first with the medicines.

Sometimes when Clomid or Serophene doesn’t work, then taking Gonadotropins helps and triggers the ovulation process. When you’re taking these drugs, it may also help you to get pregnant. Because when women start taking these drugs, they start releasing multiple eggs. Generally, every month women’s body releases only one egg.

If you’re having unexplained infertility or other various methods for pregnancy fails, then your doctor will recommend taking gonadotropin.

There is one more medication, Metformin. It may help women to ovulate usually and if they have problems related to insulin resistance or PCOS.

Conclusion –

Infertility is a prevalent issue nowadays because of the current lifestyle and food habits this occurs. Still, Many advanced infertility treatment and medications are present nowadays to help you and your family. Best piece of advice for you is to get a consultation session with a fertility expert. Expert will diagnose you for the cause of infertility and will let you know the possibilities for getting pregnant and the possible treatment option for you.

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