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Information About Documents for ACS RPL Australia

In this paragraph we get to know, Documents play a vital role in giving an assessment authority a clear idea of the candidate’s capability. The same is with the ACS RPL Australia assessment system. Here, ACS assesses the competency of the ICT professional preparing for Australian immigration.

Firstly, Such aspirants use RPL for permanent residency (PR) in Australia. If you are one of such dreamers, reading this blog will give you a clear idea of the required documents. How they should be submitted for the ACS Australia skill assessment of the RPL report.

But, before we familiarize you with this valuable information, we find it necessary to help you know the components or sections of an RPL report for an ICT professional.

RPL Application Form Section:

The application form of RPL is split into two sections. The first is ‘Key Knowledge Areas,’ and the second is ‘Project Report Form.’ We have provided briefly about both of them below:

Part 1: Key Areas of Knowledge: 

The Key Areas of Knowledge Section is based on the skills and knowledge you earned through your career. You need to explain how your qualifications and experience are in harmony with the chosen Areas of Knowledge. It would also help if you also mentioned how and where you learned them. And you need to pick one topic from the Essential Core ICT Knowledge and one case from the General ICT knowledge.

Part 2: Project Report Form 

A project report is a complete written account of a project or engagement allowing you to show your abilities as an ICT professional. And each report must be nearly a significant project or work experience in your career as an ICT professional. The purpose of these reports is to help you show that you understand and can use the Areas of Knowledge given in section 1 of the application.

Things to Remember for the Online Application Form:

Requirements of PDF file: 

Every document of yours needs to be integrated into one PDF file containing your qualification and employment record details. Keep your file size no more than 3 MB. Ensure that your PDF file is not encrypted or read-only mode. The PDF file is uploaded to the application form online.

Additional Documents: 

ACS, the assessment authority, can ask you to provide extra documents if they find your claim insufficient for the RPL Australia assessment. If it happens, then you need to attack additional or new documents to prove your claim. It would help if you renamed the document name to differentiate it from other files that have already been provided.

Original Certificate Uploads: 

You need to ensure that you give high-quality color scans of your original license, certificates, passport, resume, and the like of at least 300 dpi. And you also need to verify the digital signature very well before submitting your documents online.

Document Translation: 

You need to submit a document written in the English language. If the document is in any other language then, you need to have it with an approved English Translation. Submit your translated and original document together for the ACS skill assessment.

Translation Inside Australia: 

Translations are acceptable if accredited to NAAT, National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, inside the country.

Translation Outside Australia: 

Translations are acceptable if they are under the following conditions:

Ministry of Justice or it’s equivalent where the qualification is attained.

  • The Australian Education International Section (AEIS).
  • Commercial or Private Translators, Award-winning Institutes.
  • Australian High Commission Consulate or Embassy.

Documents Required for ACS RPL Australia Assessment:

Personal Documents:

Passport or Birth Certificate:

You have to submit a color scan of the passport. Provide the passport’s identification page having your name, address, and other necessary information.

Name Change Evidence:

If you have changed your name recently then, you need to give a clear color scan of the document.

Resume or CV:

As per ACS, you need to upload your resume, and your CV has to be in the personal section of the application form.

Documents of Educational Qualifications:

Academic Qualification:

You need to submit a clear color scan of your academic transcript and award certificate or completion letter for your Australian qualifications. If you have attached your master’s degree, don’t forget to provide your bachelor’s qualification. And, you need to include the following details in the documents for your educational qualifications:

  • Education degree title or award
  • The date of completion of the degree
  • The name of the university where the degree was earned.
  • The complete list of the course details and the grades or marks attained for each subject or unit.

Vendor Qualification:

  • Offer the vendor login details for verification reasons for Microsoft vendor qualification for ACS Assessment.
  • You could need to submit your login credentials after submitting the form for the Cisco vendor qualification. And you can attach this information as a PDF file.

Work Experience Documents:

You are required to provide a color scan of your work references on the respective company letterhead. Or a third-party statutory declaration for the RPLn Australia assessment by ACS.

Work Experience Document Requirements:

  • Your work experience document needs to have the employment start date and end date. And if still working, you can write the end date as ‘To date.’
  • Write all the tasks and duties you did in your work period with precise details for the claimed occupation.
  • Don’t forget to mention how many hours you worked in a week. And, you are also required to let the authority know whether you did a part-time or a full-time one.
  • Mention the country’s name where you worked. And If you have worked in a single country but different locations, mention the date and job location.
  • A letterhead of the organization must be submitted. It must be signed, and the author must give their name. As well as the title of the position they worked in, address, and contact details.

Requirements for the Third-Party Statutory Declaration: 

Your third-party colleagues at the executive level must provide the statutory declaration. It needs to state that the document is witnessed before the people with authority. And it also needs to include the date and place of order.

The third-party needs to mention the professional relationship with you. And the job tasks you did in the employment with the related dates.


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