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Interior House Paint Services Cost?

How Much Does Profesional Interior House Paint Services Cost?

Paint is one of the essential parts of a home. It can change the look and feel of the interior.

Yet, there are a lot of affordable painting service professionals that offer at a good price – the question arises of how much professional interior house paint services cost.

This blog will break down the question with necessary information. Let’s start.

How Much Is the Interior House Paint Cost?

The average cost of painting the interior of a house ranges from $1.85 to $2.74 per square foot in the USA. This means that an average 1,500 square feet home will cost between $2,770 and $4,000 for a professional service to paint its inside walls.

Also, for ceilings, trim, doors, closets, and any other details that need to be painted, it will most likely add up to another $400 to the cost. So the total will be around $4,400. But don’t forget to add an extra 10% for paint materials, which will be about $440.

This figure does not include other interior painting costs such as repairs, supplies, and equipment rental.​

Factors affecting the price of house paint service

Several factors affect the price of availing of a painting service for you. Let’s know.


The cost difference in painting a home’s interior varies from one region to another. Generally, homeowners can expect to pay more for painting services in the Midwest, where the weather is harsher compared to those living in areas with milder climates.

This is particularly true for homeowners living in Florida and California, where humidity levels are high.


Preparing the surface of the walls before painting may include filling holes, chipping, peeling surfaces, and sanding. This can change the initial cost drastically, depending on the amount of work involved and if scraping is required.

Type And Color of The Paint

The price of interior house paint increases with a darker color and a deeper sheen. For example, a flat paint costs less than a semi-gloss or gloss paint job. In contrast, the cost of matte paints is higher compared to eggshell finish paints.

Materials And Tools

The average cost does not include the price of tools and materials needed to paint. It is best to ask your service provider if they are providing these items for free or if you need to buy them on your own.

Standard House Painting Process by Professional

The interior house painting costs depend on the size of the home too. The larger the house is, the more you will have to pay. On average, here are some steps that it takes for a professional service to paint the interior or exterior.


First, the professional service will prepare the site before they start painting. They will clean up all debris and dirt from the area. This is very important because dust, dirt, and other grime can get trapped between paint layers and ruin a coat of paint on your walls.


After the prepping, the professional service will use a primer for the walls to promote paint adhesion. Using an oil-based primer is vital because it helps prevent moisture from seeping into your wall and causing mold or mildew later on.


This next step can be tricky if you are not experienced. Professional painters tape off windows, doors, and baseboards. The tape needs to press down firmly so that paint won’t bleed under the pressure of a brush or roller.


Now the painting process starts! Professional painters will use quick-drying paint with primer mixed inside. It is also important they don’t leave any paint spots on your floor or around light switches, door frames, or molding.


Once the painters finish painting the inside of your house, they will clean up any paint on surfaces that should not be painted. They will use a vacuum cleaner with a hose. They will also cover the furniture with plastic sheeting and remove all the tapes from the window and door frames.


Once the professional service has finished painting, they will inspect the job along with you. This way, you can point out any spots where they missed or needed more paint. After this, they will leave your house.


Hiring an expert to paint your house is always the best way to ensure you get an expert job done. It’s worth it, not only because of the quality but also because time and money are saved by doing it yourself or hiring amateurs like some people try to do.

No matter how much interior house paint service costs, always try to choose the best one that serves you.

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