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Is Aesthetics Pro Worth an Investment?

Is it wise to invest in Aesthetics Pro software? Please read this article as we cover all you need to know.

Medical Spa Software – An Overview 

While most people do not equate medical spas with their doctor’s office, the two are comparable. Medical spas are were actual medical treatments are performed, necessitating tight limitations and a thorough inspection of the data you preserve. You could think that keeping paper records is sufficient. Still, you’ll need a complete platform to keep all of the information you’re collecting safe, as well as to help you better serve your patients’ needs. 

You’ll need help keeping track of everything if you manage a medical spa and see more than a few patients every week. What if your manual assistant decides to depart unexpectedly, even though you think you’ve got everything under control now? 

This might have a significant impact on your workflow. Instead of relying on manual approaches that don’t scale and complicate things, you can use Aesthetics Pro software to stay on top of everything. 

Aesthetics Pro Software 

Aesthetics Pro Online is a medical spa management system that gives dependable platform to coordinate all electronic health data and medical aesthetic businesses a flexible. Pro Online also includes a calendar, e-records, e-photos, and reporting features to provide you with a complete medical spa solution. Medical aesthetic practices, medical spas, wellness centers, weight loss clinics, and tattoo removal centers can use Aesthetic Pro Online, a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based medical spa platform. 

You can access HIPAA Compliance charts to record all patient data in Aesthetics Pro software. Moreover, the cloud-based software allows you to view information anytime, anywhere. The bundle also includes marketing management, which will enable you to track leads and send out tailored email campaigns to attract new consumers. You may also integrate the software with a call center and send staff to follow up on marketing leads. Last but not least, the accounting module allows you to generate accurate, up-to-date revenue and profit figures, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your client handling activities. 

How Aesthetic Pro Software Streamlines Your Workflow? 

Health Records Management  

By streamlining your practice and process, E-Records Management improves the patient experience. The program is easy to use, HIPAA-compliant and secure. However, With sophisticated tools at your disposal, you can create interactive forms from the ground up that are tailored to your specific business needs. Aesthetics Pro Software also provides a collection of ready-to-use documents. You can collaborate with one of their development experts to create your own. 

Appointment Scheduling Tool 

Aesthetics Pro makes it possible for existing and new clients to schedule appointments online. All appointments can be scheduled and tracked by provider, room, and equipment. Therefore, there are also map resources available for resource management and efficient scheduling. You can also verify and amend appointment confirmations, as well as use the auto-email confirmation tool. 

Cloud Accessibility 

With Aesthetics Pro software, only the staff members you authorize can access your records. Furthermore, by encrypting all electronic transactions with 128-bit encryption, all of your data is securely stored at the point of entry. Overall, this software protects and secures your company’s data. 

Financial Management 

With Aesthetics Pro’s accounting and billing component, you can reconcile daily transactions, generate breakdown reports, and track sales and profit figures in real-time. However, Aesthetics Pro software also facilitates efficient marketing by giving tools for tracking leads, marketing expenditures, and return on investment (ROI). Although Aesthetics Pro Online’s marketing suite allows you to review campaign results. The rich reporting features allow you to track business performance thoroughly. 

Aesthetics Pro Demo  

You can schedule an Aesthetics Pro demonstration by contacting the seller via the company’s official website. In addition, Aesthetics Pro software provides a free demo to allow you to explore the software’s features properly. Moreover, the demo is beneficial since it will enable you to evaluate the program in a real-world healthcare scenario, making a more educated final decision! 

Aesthetics Pro Pricing  

A typical EMR software bundle could be pretty pricey. This reduces the price of Aesthetics Pro online E-Records to a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, Aesthetics Pro enables your firm with all of the advantages of centralized document storage. Backup without the costly IT infrastructure or support personnel necessary to manage it. Overall, the Aesthetics Pro pricing is reasonable. Aesthetics Pro Pricing is available in three editions: 

  • New Solo Provider Edition: $109.99/month   
  • Enterprise Edition: $165.99/month   
  • Enterprise Plus Edition: $229.99/month.  

According to Aesthetics Pro reviews, the software’s price is well worth the benefits it provides! 

Aesthetics Pro Reviews 


  • Aesthetics Online is simple to use and covers a wide range of issues, making it an excellent “all in one” health record management tool. 
  • The customer service team immediately answers all questions, no matter how big or minor, and works to resolve them as soon as possible. 
  • The software complies with HIPAA regulations and is compatible with award systems such as Aspire and Brilliant Distinctions. 
  • The software makes booking, rescheduling, and changing appointments simple. 
  • All services required for inventory management, medical records, marketing, scheduling, and report generation are provided in a single spot. 


  • The patient portal is cumbersome, and it is difficult to adjust its features. 
  • It is challenging to receive confirmation SMS when email installations are in progress. 
  • The patient’s allergy list/profile does not appear in the patient’s dashboard. It is not visible in any way when entering medical notes. 

Our Final Thoughts About Aesthetics Pro Software 

Aesthetic Pro software is a customizable and safe platform that combines unique EMR features with a dependable web-based interface for on the go use. Whether you manage one or a hundred sites, the system uses cutting-edge technology to enable you to work efficiently and make informed decisions. 

However, before buying the software, we recommend scheduling an Aesthetics demo to learn more about the software’s features. Furthermore, you may read several Aesthetics Pro reviews online to obtain more insight into the software from the perspective of existing users. 

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