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Is it necessary to test the fabric for microbial activity in 2022?

Quality of the product is the attractive and trustworthy factor that attracts the consumers towards a product or a service. Hence, it is essential to check any product to determine its quality before it reaches the market for public use. The fact is applicable even for the fabrics as its usefulness extends to a more excellent range. The cloth or the thread undergoes several testing processes before it develops into the desired form. One of the tests of fabrics includes the jis l 1902 test method, and it remains beneficial to check the antibacterial activity in the textile products. It might be a finished product, or it could even be nonwoven material. 

Significance of quality analysis

It is crucial to check the quality of the product as it remains an influential factor in developing the business. Brand awareness is associated with quality, and thereby the identification of the products becomes simple for the users. Some of the basic expectation of the consumer includes

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Quality
  • Reliable 
  • Skin-friendly

Skin-friendly is the primary factor that makes the consumer buy the product. The material needs to absorb the sweat and must remain odorless to prevent the body from microbial infections. Hence, it is essential to check the fabric or the clothes of the top brands to pass through the jis l 1902 test method to stay active in the industry.

What are all the materials that come under the specific microbial test method?

The jis l 1902 test method is applicable not only for specific clothing but is also includes

  • The textile products
  • Clothing material
  • Home furnishings
  • Natural or artificial fiber
  • Organic or inorganic materials 
  • Hospital usage and so on

The hospitals use textile products or nonwoven materials in the surgery process. Hence, it is essential to check the quality by subjecting it to microbial testing to free the infection process. Otherwise, it might become one of the reasons for infection to the patient, and the consequences might lead to further complications based on the patient’s health. 

What is the purpose of the testing method?

The primary intention of the test is to evaluate and compare the activity of the antimicrobial factors under various circumstances. It is a laboratory process where the microbes contact the strands of different fabric samples under other contact times. The testing result relies on the Japanese International Standards association Test Method. It is effectively result-oriented to determine the antibacterial properties of the testing fabric.

What is the testing process?

The laboratory test activity is carried out by following specific procedures to get the result. Here, the step begins with the interaction of the sample fabric with the control fabric. The time set is from 0 -24 hours—each sample in the lab contacts the live bacteria present in a nutritious solution under regular time intervals. The temperature is selected based on the requirement, and the evaluation remains progressive based on the norms of the reaction. Some of the microbial strains used in each test include

  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Methicillin-resistant bacteria
  • Klebsiella pneunoniae bacteria
  • Clostridioides difficile bacteria
  • Candida Auris fungus

The lab rest remains advantageous under various circumstances and makes the fabric suitable for consumer use. 

What are all the factors analyzed by the process?

The test result of the jis l 1902 test method is for analyzing the following data.

  • It gives the best result in verifying test validity
  • The evaluation of the test result per gram of the textile material is possible on the remaining sample
  • The consistency replicate samples of each set are possible by analyzing the relevant information
  • The negative control of the microbes gets determined at every test process

What are all the test methods included in testing the fabric?

The testing method of the fabric includes various processes, and some of the functions include

  • Mechanical 
  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Instrumental and so on

The standard method used in common is the jis l 1902 test method, and it remains effective based on the quality factor.

Why there is a need for testing the fabrics?

Microbes are present everywhere, and they are responsible for several beneficial activities. Its reaction begins with the material that comes into contact with it, and it plays a significant role in the microbial suspension process. Generally, textiles connect with the human body and remain active with the microbes present in the sweat. The contact rate with the human body and the finished fabric is higher regularly, so the test remains crucial in the textile manufacturing process. 

What are the procedures involved in the testing process?

  • Preparing the culture medium
  • Sterilization
  • Inoculation
  • Incubation
  • Wash and shake
  • Count

The steps mentioned above include the testing process, and the experts in the relevant field carry out the process effectively. 

What are the benefits of testing the fabric?

Several benefits are available for the testing process, and some of the benefits are mentioned below for reference.

  • The microbicidal and the bacterial properties of the sample fabric are studied well using the testing method.
  • Standardization of the microbial concentration is possible by providing enough nutrients during the incubation process. It is enough to use on the fabric under various criteria of testing.
  • The antimicrobial count of the fabrics is the deciding factor for the conclusion of the test result.
  • The test remains the effective and valued determination for the antimicrobial activity of the fabrics.

Apart from the mentioned factors, several industrial benefits include in the testing process.

Developing industry

The textile industry is a rapidly developing industry compared with the other sectors. It satisfies the basic need of human life and supports the nation’s economy to a greater extent. Therefore, the crucial industry needs to improve its standard by following the testing process designed for the particular industry. It will help in the further business development way and helps in marinating the quality of the product in the marketing process. 

General factors

The human body can release the waste through sweat, and it remains infectious under certain circumstances. The material must absorb the effort and help keep the body’s surface dry. Otherwise, the unabsorbed work causes itching and develops skin diseases. Because of the poor quality fabric, the consumer needs to face further consequences. 

Therefore, it is essential to test the quality of the product and get the certification for the irritation-free factor. The experts test the quality in the industry, and the evaluation is necessary for the further manufacturing process. 


It is significant to determine the quality of the product as it needs to satisfy the expectation of the consumers. Consumer satisfaction is the critical factor that determines the success of the business. Testing the fabric remains significant to promote the company and withstand the market. In addition, quality helps reach the textile business in an extended way. Quality testing is not only for textiles but also for all consumable products, and the industries are following the norms of testing to satisfy the customers in all aspects. Several industries follow the standards of testing to determine the quality of the products, and it is the necessary factor that benefits the business to a greater extent. It helps in the expansion of the company to the next level.

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