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Is the Composition of Human Translators And Machine Translation Software Effective?

With the advent of the internet, the availability of professional translation services has become impressively apparent. However, enabling a balance between neural machine translations and professional human translators is still prevalent.

This notion became more obvious with the eventual focus upon the process of localization. Nowadays, translation agencies such as Spanish translation services, are not prone to provide simple word-to-word translations.

Rather directing energies and resources towards localizing content is more popular among the firms in this discipline.

The main reason behind this popularity is that it enables companies to expand their language portfolios and offer multiple languages to their clients. 

In this article, we will discuss how the balanced composition of human translations and machine translations can enable an effective and efficient localization process. 

The Concoction of Machine translation software and Human translations vis-a-vis Localization Process 

Initially, what happened was that if someone wanted to evaluate how good a translated content was, then they would use two aspects to judge that. The first is the adequacy of the content. And the second is how fluent the content is.

So if you are offering English translation services, your content’s evaluations will be judged on how easy it is to comprehend the passage and if it contains all the important points mentioned in the original passage. Meanwhile, keeping all the idiomatic phrases, double meanings, cultural and linguistic preferences, nuances, and intricacies intact. 

Many people often misunderstand the concept of fluency. It pertains to the grammatical components of the target language. No matter what the discipline of translation is, if it’s gaming translation services or financial translations, there is no perfect translated content. 

So it does not matter how advanced the machine translation software is, it can never give you a hundred percent result in the above-mentioned aspects.

Neural Translation Software

Moreover, this neural translation software, also can never fully understand the cultural diameter of the target audience. Hence, you can never solely depend upon automatic service-oriented software to justify the process of localization.  

For instance, if you are a language agency that offers Spanish translation services, a professional human translator who is an expert in the Spanish language, can work better on an online chatting platform, as compared to a machine translation software.

Moreover, if you are interacting with important and confidential information such as financial or legal stuff, it would be an unwise decision to rely on machine translations. Therefore, a better strategy is to combine both the human and machine elements to deliver quality translations.

Humans are better suited to offer translation services in one particular language, rather than offering to translate content in multiple languages. So for a localization agency, the best way is to combine the human aspect with machine translation services, to fill up any remaining gaps or inefficiencies.

But it all depends upon how human translators are utilized with the machine translations. Various firms like English translation services combine their machine translations with human translators focusing upon re-editing and revising the translated content in comparison with the original content.

A Path Full of Challenges 

Many translation services, especially gaming translation services, utilize the composition of neural machine translation services and professional human translations to reach an optimization level of their operations. In this way, they can diminish their costs and provide high volumes of translated content in a short time. 

Many proclaim that you can’t provide quality-oriented work with a small budget. This statement would have been true a couple of decades ago. But, in today’s global and technological age, you can generate a significant amount of output from a small input. However, you need to design a mechanism and proper methodology to do that. 

The first aspect is to give a lot of importance to the human factor. Humans tend to make mistakes. And there is a high probability that they might not be able to remain consistent and maintain the highest quality level at all times. In this case, you would have to incorporate the use of neural translation systems to fill in any loopholes.

Humans and Machines

However, it’s vital to maintain a balanced interactive session between humans and machines. There should be a unification between these two rather than a divergence. Moreover, the most crucial aspect is to see if the human translators are executing their tasks properly. Quality control check with impartiality is something a machine or software is intrinsically good at. Hence, they should be utilized to reduce the expenses incurred due to a translator’s work. 

Human activities can only be fruitful if the entire organizational structure supports and nourishes such behaviors. In a professional agency, the primary challenge is to ensure that humans are checking the results produced by the machines. And giving them an objective perspective on how the professional translators are fulfilling their day-to-day tasks.

And secondly, to see if machine translation software are able to reduce human efforts by meaning the vocabulary database and providing human translators with the appropriate words during the translation process, so that time could be saved. 


In this article, we tried to discuss how the concoction of machine translations and human translators can enable efficient translation processes. However, the results may vary from organization to organization. And, there is no substantial evidence that this composition always gives affirmative results. Nonetheless, the aim is to make the translation process efficient. Enabling machine software to conduct quality control checks on humans and vice versa in different tasks can help translation services to reduce a lot of their costs. It can also increase the number of translations that can be produced in a period.  read more

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