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IVF Process Turns Female’s Infertility To Fertility  

Infertility has become one of the biggest challenges in society, and the same is the case with women who take a longer time to get pregnant. As per the medical reports, around 15% of women suffer from infertility, and due to that, many couples fail to conceive a baby.

However, for those planning to have a baby and planning for IVF treatment, this article is going to be the right place.

To save female reproductive rights, doctors have come up with techniques collectively known as ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). ART consists of various technologies like In-Vitro Fertilisation, Intrauterine Insemination, and many others. All these treatments include the best success rates to solve infertility.

Suppose you are a female and facing continuous failure to get pregnant or suffering from any type of female infertility issues. In that case, you must visit an IVF center or fertility experts. Only an infertility specialist can treat your problems and give you the ideal treatments that you need to achieve pregnancy.

What is In-Vitro Fertilisation?

In In-Vitro Fertilisation is one of the techniques of Assisted Reproductive Technologies used to treat infertile females with the best success rates. The in-Vitro fertilization process is a very time taking approach and consists of various steps.

IVF Procedure Step by Step

Firstly, proper medication is given to the female to mature the eggs to make them sufficient for fertilization. After that, the mature eggs are taken out of the female body in a dish. The eggs are combined with the sperm in a laboratory to help the sperm fertilize the eggs. After fertilization, an embryo is formed, and the embryo is again implanted in the female’s uterus. And if the fetus is inserted along the lining of the uterus, then the female gets a successful pregnancy.

IVF treatments consist of several steps, and it takes around 3 to 4 weeks to complete the entire operation/surgery successfully. In several cases, a single IVF is not enough to make a couple fertile, which is why they need more than one cycle of IVF to succeed.

IVF is the most effective method and comes with the best success rates compared to other Assisted Reproductive Techniques. The treatment can be carried out by using the female’s eggs and your male partner’s sperm. If a female is suffering from ovulation disorders and cannot use her eggs for the IVF treatment, she can use donated eggs by a different female to attain pregnancy. But in those cases, the mother will not be the baby’s genetic mother, although the father will remain the child’s genetic father.

In-Vitro Fertilisation Cost In Jaipur

As compared to other Assisted Reproductive Technologies, In-Vitro Fertilisation is quite expensive yet effective. The process is very typical and requires intensive care and attention and the machines and pieces of equipment for taking out IVF. All these things make IVF a bit costly. Generally, the IVF treatment cost in Jaipur ranges from 1,75,000 to 1,50,000 INR.

IVF With Donor IVF

The donor IVF takes place with the help of an egg or sperm donor for taking out In-Vitro Fertilisation. If for some reason, the male or female cannot contribute to the IVF treatment, then it is taken forward with the help of a donor.

Q1.What is Intrauterine Insemination?

IUI is an infertility treatment that includes taking out highly-concentrated sperm from the semen taken for males. Then the sperm is injected with a fine glass-tube-like needle in the female reproductive part. It helps the sperm fertilize the egg after fertilization takes place in the female’s uterus, the chances of conceiving increase.

Take Away From The Blog

Want to turn your infertility into fertility? Aastha Fertility Care is the Answer.

Aastha IVF Center offers the best infertility treatments in Jaipur. The best part is they provide affordable infertility treatments to couples who are struggling with fertility problems. They have made the process so convenient by providing the treatment in the comfort of your home. So, whether it is IVF, IUI, or any other advanced technology to give you the ultimate gift of motherhood, Aastha Fertility Care is the place for you.

Visit their website for more details on their treatments, pricing, availability of appointments, and customer care services.

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