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Kawaii lingerie tips for newbies: what and how to choose, and where to buy

For many women, kawaii lingerie is an indispensable piece of item in their wardrobe. Whether it’s for anniversaries or other special occasions, kawaii lingerie will add cuteness to your beauty. Other than that, women who’re into kawaii and Japanese fashion find it irresistible to own one piece of a kawaii lingerie set. Risettelingerie.com provides some of the trendy kawaii lingerie. You should try some on.

When you were a little girl or teenage girl, you might have dreamed about owning some lingerie. I couldn’t blame you because lingerie has its magical attraction to every female. So this article mainly focuses on some tips for girls who are new to lingerie.

Kawaii lingerie tips for newbies: what and how to choose, and where to buy

New to lingerie, how to choose kawaii lingerie?

Girls aged 18 or 19, or in their early 20s haven’t had experience in lingerie. You can go with kawaii lingerie, to begin with. Some Lolita lingerie will be just right for your age. You won’t stop buying lingerie once you start şişli escort it. Years later, you’re going to build your lingerie wardrobe from the ground up. But first thing first, let’s see how new lingerie buyers can get some nice kawaii lingerie:

  1. Know the types of lingerie available

Before you go to the shopping mall or browse online, you should know what types of lingerie are available. The following pieces are some of the most popular ones.

Bikini: A bikini is a classic cut with a low cut while offering enough coverage. A bikini is going to make you look sexy and cute at the same time.

Bodysuit or teddy: A bodysuit is a bra and underwear comes in one piece. This kind of one-piece item is perfect for special occasions or for layering under outfits. A bodysuit usually offers more coverage than a bikini does.

Bralette: A bra without any underwire or other structural parts is a bralette. A bralette offers less support for your busts. They tend to look best on women with smaller breasts. FYI, you’ll have to remove some bralettes that have no clasp closures over your head.

Chemise: A chemise refers to a short slip dress that looks great on its own. Or you can pair it with some matching thongs.

Corset: A corset is a shapewear that creates an illusion of an hourglass-shaped figure. A corset clings to your body and accentuates your curves. It is one of the oldest garments. But unlike the old days, you can skip lingerie styles with painful squeezing.

Bustier: A bustier is an extended bra top that goes until the belly button, covering most of the torso. This kind of bra draws attention to the busts.

Robe: A robe often comes in silk or other luxurious fabrics. You can choose a long type or a short type, depending on your preference. And a robe goes well with other kawaii lingerie pieces inside, or even on its own!

Romper: A romper is a cami and tap short in one piece. It usually comes in comfy fabrics such as cotton. A romper tends to have a playful vibe. It’s great for an effortless casual look.

  1. Know your size, color, body type, purpose, and budget

Size: Choosing kawaii lingerie that fits you ensures your comfort. Size matters a lot. For instance, an ill-fitting bra causes health problems such as deforming the shape. Worse still, unsuitable bras will weaken your confidence. The salespeople will be a great help when you go shopping.

Color: It’s vital to find your colors. That means finding the colors that go perfect with your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

Body type: Everyone has a different body type. Find out what kind of body type you are before you shop. You need some specific designs to hide some and show some of your body. In other words, the right lingerie highlights your curves. Wearing the wrong lingerie for your figure could be an embarrassment sometimes.

Purpose/Occasions: What’s the occasion? Why do you need to buy some lingerie? Is it for a date or just for casual wear? Answer these questions for yourself, and then choose one piece accordingly. You’ll need some fancy and stylish lingerie for a date while a basic and comfortable set for daily use. For example, for those lazy nights when you just want to relax, kawaii lingerie like a bodysuit is perfect for you.

Seasons: You shouldn’t be surprised that lingerie is seasonal. Summer is the best time for kawaii lingerie with bold colors and cute designs.

Budget: Well, this one is important. Spend wisely. Only choose the best piece that you can afford. But not all high-quality lingerie is costly. For many women in their early 20s, you don’t want to spend all your salary on lingerie, right?

New to lingerie, where to buy Lolita lingerie?

If you don’t mind investing a big fortune in some fine lingerie collection, you can try Victoria’s Secret. However, chances are not every girl can afford to buy these fine pieces. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s not suitable for everyone.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find some nice Lolita lingerie in any shop. Yet, for more options, you can always do lingerie shopping online. There are all kinds of lingerie include kawaii lingerie, sexy lingerie, Asian style, European style, and so on. If you can’t find authentic kawaii and Japanese fashion offline, try online. Kawaii lingerie all around the world is available within a few clicks. Just remember to make sure what you need before you place an order.

New to lingerie: place comfort before fashion

It seems that all lingerie looks terrific on supermodels. But when it comes to picking kawaii lingerie for yourself, it’s quite a different story. The basic rule you need to remember is only invest in pieces that you’ll feel comfortable wearing and those that are in line with your personal style.

One more thing for a lingerie newbie, try basic kawaii lingerie first. Lingerie in basic style with neutral colors can show your cuteness. Don’t forget to put comfort before style and design. Of course, you need other pieces of lingerie for anniversaries, wedding days, or other moments. Hopefully, this article can offer you some ideas on how to build your own lingerie wardrobe. Shine your beauty with a nice piece of lingerie!

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