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Kindergarden cleaning services

.Efficient and thorough school and kindergarten

Cleaning Kindergartens and schools are places where there are a lot of people. Small and large, younger and older. Therefore, KINDERGARDEN CLEANING offers thorough and daily cleaning are necessary if everyone is to be adaptable and feel safe in the surroundings.

Cleaning in institutions is a big job because it often involves large rooms with many surfaces. However, this is not an obstacle for us, as we have employees who can work quickly and efficiently through all cleaning areas.

Depending on whether you want us to clean a school or a kindergarten, we naturally have different routines and measures that we implement. We, therefore, adapt the cleaning according to the needs.

Less illness and more well-being with school and kindergarden cleaning:

kindergarten cleaning is very important .When many children are gathered on the same premises, it is of course impossible to avoid illness.

However, with thorough school cleaning or nursery cleaning, the risk of infection with bacteria or viruses that give rise to disease is reduced.

In kindergartens, we have a special focus on floors, as both children, parents, and employees go in and out the doors several times a day.

The risk that the children can pick up some unwanted bacteria is therefore great if the cleaning here is not top-notch.

But thorough cleaning is also very important for the well-being of both children and adults. Because when the surroundings are clean, neat, and tidy, you can focus on the work and the children’s well-being.

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We have an extra focus on minimizing the risk of infection Kindergarden Cleaning :

We have always performed school cleaning and kindergarten cleaning very thoroughly. But with a new virus on the field, we have of course become even more aware of the need for extra thorough cleaning.

We want it to be a safe experience for the staff to come in and for the parents to drop off their children at kindergarten or school.

Therefore, we are happy to initiate extra measures in our cleaning if you as an institution see a need for it. We are therefore also happy to help make remedies available if necessary in connection with e.g. activities in kitchen and dining areas.

Efficient cleaning comes with good communication:

There are several things that come into play for a good and thorough nursery cleaning or school cleaning. One thing is that we make an experienced and skilled team available.

Something else is that the communication between the institution and us is good and constructive. Because there will be ongoing focus areas where it can be corrected or changed to optimize. Both for you as an institution and also for us as a cleaning team.

We ensure this with always clear and very positive dialogue, so we meet each other at eye level.

With good and constructive dialogue comes both a good atmosphere and good ideas – so it is a big focus on our part so that the collaboration can run smoothly.

The good dialogue starts already now, so feel free to call or write to us if you want to hear more about our abilities and approach to kindergarten cleaning or school cleaning.

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  1. Cleaning company in Zealand with extensive experience:

At Jacobsens Rengøring, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services to both private and business customers throughout Zealand. With more than 10 years of experience with standard cleaners and special cleaners, we are a cleaning company that you can safely leave the task to.

No matter what kind of cleaning you want our help with.

we organize it carefully according to the needs and wishes that you have. Of course, we are also happy to give our best, so you get a cleaning that is top-notch.

Totally understand if you would like an offer before choosing us as your cleaning company. We are happy to prepare this for you both from a telephone conversation or a physical inspection of the task.

That is why recommend the latter as it gives us the full insight into where to put in and what it requires of our staff.

2. Get an always clean home or business with professional cleaning:

Would you like to come home to a home that just always shines? Or where you should at least not take care of more than the daily cleaning? Or would you like more time for company activities?

These are just some of the reasons why many choose to have us stop by at regular intervals. Because not only are we more efficient at performing cleaning – we also like to do it while you are not at home, or while you have other duties at home that you are doing.

The same applies in the company, where we adapt it to the employees’ working hours. It’s great to come home to a home that always shines or to show up in an office. Where there is a long way between the dust and the greasy fingers.

It also creates a much healthier environment, which provides more joy, energy, and fewer sick days. Value cleaning as much as we do but would like to be free to do it yourself, you are welcome to contact us.

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3. A cleaning company with quality products and a high level of service:

  1. Our cleaning company offers stable quality and professional customer service.
  2. We provide a thorough and efficient cleaning experience for the Danish private and business community.
  3. Also take care of the daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning with you. We only employ staff with a clean criminal record and who have undergone training in cleaning.
  4. The keywords for a safe and long-term collaboration are trust, respect, and dialogue. Dialogue and communication are the last and crucial points for good cooperation.
  5. We talk about your wishes and needs, and this applies whether you are a private or business customer. At the same time, it is constantly crucial that we can constantly revise and optimize the cleaning plan.
  6. our cleaning company offers stable quality and professional customer service.
  7. Cleaning must be a free choice
  8. And it must also be up to you who you want to use from time to time or monthly basis.
  9. Of course, we will be happy if you still want to use our service after a trial period.
  10. We also thank you for this with a cheaper price for cleaning than if you just Hire US once in a while on an hourly basis.

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