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Know How to Extarct Mailbox from EDB – Expert Solution

Ways to Extract Mailbox from EDB Server

Have you ever encountered a situation where you don’t know how to extract a mailbox from EDB open a certain kind of file format? Most of us face this problem. In a computer system, there are hundreds of file types. Either we have to find a relevant application to open that file or convert the file into other formats.

Say for an example: for PDF files we use Adobe Reader to access them. But what to do when we don’t have a specific application to open a file format.

Likewise, For Microsoft Exchange mailboxes we have a certain kind of special file known as the .edb file. Unfortunately, there is no direct way you can open this file into a readable format. No, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. After all, it’s kind of fun doing difficult things.

Reason Behind The Extraction of EDB Files?

It is often observed that EDB files are limited in size and when the size of the file increases it gives rise to many problems. A few examples are slow performance, dismounting of databases, and corruption of databases. This leads to many instances where we need to extract mailboxes from EDB.

  • Want to Square Up by Dispute or Settlement

The need to showcase your email(s) to someone like in the judiciary. Get relaxed, you don’t have to represent your complete mailbox. Then, you have to convert your Exchange database server files to PDF format. You can convert the desired email to PDF if required and showcase it.

  • Backup and Restore

Assume that you have kept a backup EDB file. Until yesterday you were using Microsoft Exchange. However, now you are on a different email client such as MS Outlook.

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You need to take out the old mails from the Exchange server and want them on MS Outlook. Then for access your EDB files in a PST format, you have to convert EDB files to PST. 

Exemplary – Extracted EDB converted to PST can be used in MS Outlook. The use of extracted backup files will be helpful.

Best Procedure to Extract Mailbox from EDB?

SysTools Most Rated Utility EDB to PST Converter is one of the most popular applications which helps you to convert EDB files to PST files. This tool not only helps you to remove the corruption from the exchange server. You can convert your EDB files to multiple file formats like PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML, and EML. You can use this tool and can get rid of all the tedious troubleshooting steps, Involved in extracting data from an EDB file.

Key Features of EDB Converter

  • Option for scanning the local drives for an EDB file in case you are unknown to the exact location of the file.
  • You can save the EDB file in case you want to perform the conversion later. Get yourself free from adding or scanning the computer again and again.
  • A quick scan and Advance scan options are available to choose from, depending upon the level of corruption.
  • Decrypt your mails if saved encrypted.
  • Different Export types are available. Like PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, EML, and HTML.
  • Advanced settings option for PST format if you want to split the large-sized EDB files into equal-sized file formats.

Step By Step Guide to Convert EDB files to PST 

Step1: Click on the Add file at the top left, a dialog box will appear on the main window.

Remember you can add more than one EDB file from the same option.

Step 2:  Select or search the EDB files using the appropriate option.

Use three dots to browse the file if you know the exact file path.

Step 3: Use the left panel explorer and preview screen to select the desired emails or whole mailbox for conversion.

Step 4: Click on the export option after selection, Choose the desired file format.

Let the process get complete and you’re ready to use the converted file in an email client.

Author’s Perspective

In this article, we discussed the convenient way to extract mailboxes from EDB files. Why opt for the tedious and fussy way of doing things when these applications have made our work a lot easier. 

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