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Laser Scanning in Construction: A Complete Guide

Surveying things and surroundings precisely and cost-effectively is now possible, thanks to high-tech solutions. Compared to traditional survey and measurement methods, 3D scanning with lasers has several advantages. The numerous benefits of 3D laser scanning stem primarily from its ability to collect data at high speeds and in great detail. In addition, non-contact measurements and decreased HSE risks are all advantages of using 3D scanning for surveys. Due to this and other benefits, the 3D laser scanner is an indispensable part of the surveyor’s toolkit.

What Tasks Do Lasers Solve in Construction?

With lasers, it’s possible to have reliable information on a building project completed in just 2-3 days without the need for several individuals. You can also use lasers to tackle the following issues in the building industry:

How the Construction Industry Benefits from Scanning with Lasers?

Using lasers in construction may help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and accurately assess dangers. Lasers also have the following advantages:

  • Improved performance. Engineers can get the most precise information about building sites by using lasers. Accuracy of up to 0.04 inches may be achieved using lasers. This eliminates the need to go back and rework architectural projects that were initially done incorrectly.
  • Collaboration is made more accessible. Lasers improve communication and coordination in the workplace. Teams may collaborate on a 3D virtual site overview no matter where in the world they are. Improved teamwork and decision-making can be achieved through this method.
  • Costs are reduced. Costs can be reduced by ensuring that measurements are accurate and that data is collected quickly and efficiently. Lasers can save up to 10% on building projects. In addition, you won’t have to send a construction crew to the location if you use this technique.
  • Boosting speed. Scanning with lasers is faster than any tape measure, with scans taking up to two minutes. As a bonus, this scanning allows everyone to examine the acquired data in the office, eliminating the need to travel to the building site.
  • Improved precision and adaptability. Scanning with lasers is fast and accurate, making manual work less desirable with its tediousness and increased risk of errors. There are fewer faults in construction projects because of the use of new technology. Furthermore, scanning with lasers minimises the time spent on construction sites, allowing for more significant work adaptability.

As laser scanning improves design, survey accuracy, performance, teamwork, and efficiency, it’s a worthwhile investment. New equipment and best practices are expected to be developed to keep up with demand as more people utilise this technology.

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