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Morning Desert Safari | Things You Need To Know

Morning Desert Safari

Witness the first ray of the sun

Witness the first ray of the rising sun from the Arabian Desert and bask in its glory. The sight so mesmerizing and peaceful will take your heart away and make you fall in love with nature all over again. You can capture this incredible sight in your camera as a souvenir of memories of the morning desert safari.

Enjoy a bumpy Camel ride

What’s a desert safari without a bumpy ride? A camel ride highlights the morning desert safari in Dubai that helps you explore the wildlife while navigating through the lonesome desert. On these 45-minutes to an hour-long ride on the back of a camel, you can enjoy the falcon display. Don’t forget to get the fun picture of the falcon on your arm – one of the best touristy things to do.

An exhilarating dune bashing experience

Dune bashing in Dubai desert safari tour lets you experience the Arabian desert in an adventurous way. It is a jeep safari ride in big 4×4 vehicles that involves driving at varying speeds over dunes. It is an adrenaline-pumping activity that lasts for about 20-30 minutes.

Ride a quad bike

Experience the thrill of riding a quad bike in the Arabian Desert. The quad bike is a four-wheeled motorbike that offers the thrill of riding on amazing terrains and enjoying the picturesque setting in the backdrop. When you rent the bike, the tour operators instruct you how to use it and provide you with protective gear.

Ski the dunes with sandboarding

Sandboarding is another great activity that you can try in the Arabian Desert. It is similar to snowboarding which involves riding down a sand dune while standing on a board with both feet strapped in. An activity that will fill you with adventure while enjoying the serene beauty of the desert.

A memorable hot air balloon ride

Get on a hot air balloon and enjoy the perfect 360-degree view of the Arabian Desert. As it moves high up in the air, the view becomes even more beautiful, and you can spot safari wildlife in the area around. You’ll be tempted to capture the views in your camera as you hover around Dubai.

Fun facts about morning desert safari


  • Dubai Desert Safari can be visited at any time of the day. But let us talk about fun facts about the morning desert safari. Early Morning is usually for those that prefer to spend the day in peace, silence, and serenity of the exciting Safari Desert. Desert Safari is known for its high dunes, creating an ideal
  • One should prefer a Morning desert safari when one goes to the desert in the morning and feel the vibes present thereafter that the whole day goes well.


  • Morning Desert Safari is the best tour for those that need to start their early morning nicely with all the best activities offered. This tour is appropriate for those who like to relish the Desert Safari thrills in a short span of time. This tour offers the entire desert’s thrills and adventures, not the camp activities offered within the longer tour.
  • There are cold wind breezes and a clear sky in a morning desert safari, which will give you an aesthetically pleasing view. If you go a little bit earlier, like before sunrise, you also get a chance to see the beautiful sunrise.
  • The fun fact about the morning desert safari is that the desert is less crowded in the morning. So you will also get a chance to roam in the desert more comfortably as there would be fewer people.

If we talk about the activities that one can enjoy in a morning desert safari, so they are-

Dune Bashing:

Have you ever got an experience off-Road driving in the desert? If not, then go for it. Dune bashing is an amazing experience in which you can board on the vast Red dunes in a 4×4 vehicle with professional and special skilled drivers.

Camel Riding:

 The second best activity can be getting pictures with a Camel and a ride on it. Camels are the friendliest creatures in the Desert. You will enjoy the ride, and you can also ask the guide to click some good pictures of the camels. The best thing for a camel ride in the morning desert safari would be fewer people at that time, which means you will easily get a chance of getting the pictures.

Morning Desert

Morning Desert Safari is the best for those with restricted time to see the complete desert safari experience. The Morning Desert safari experience does not include cultural desert activities. If you are curious about these aspects of the desert safari experience, please check our evening desert safari deals

Ultimate Morning Desert Safari Tours with Best Fun Activities

A desert safari in the morning in Dubai is an environment that appeals to all. After all, it’s a classic adventure tour that helps you to appreciate the region’s stunning desert scenery on a grand scale, as well as a healthy dose of ancient Bedouin culture and a variety of awesome desert-inspired events. And, if you want to explore the Arabian Desert’s beauty and grandeur in a unique yet utterly wonderful way, consider incorporating a camel ride session to your morning safari, which will guarantee you an amazingly wholesome desert experience.

What Really Is A Morning Desert Safari?

Morning Desert Safari Tour Companies

The choice of Dubai morning desert tour options has increased significantly so you can really tackle the desert at a pace and budget that works for you.

Luxury Morning Desert Safari

For a deluxe VIP experience, we cannot recommend highly enough booking your tour experience with heritage. They offer several tour variations, including pairing your early morning adventure with a hot air balloon operator for an extreme breakfast adventure.

With collection from any Dubai hotel pick up point included, you will be driven deep into Dubai’s revered Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (which only allows a small number of licensed desert tour operators) where you’ll enjoy your experience from the back of the 1950s vintage Landover. This is one of the truly unique Dubai experiences worthy of the premium price tag.

The tours run within the DDCR focus on the desert itself and the wildlife inhabitants rather than the dune bashing and other desert motorsports.

Booking for Tours

Make the most of each moment when you travel. Skip the hassle and book in advance. Find the best experiences, tours, and activities for your trip with Get Your Guide. Multiple languages. 3 million trusted reviews. Convenient mobile booking. 24/7 customer service.

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