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Moviesrush | A detailed review of The Walking Wounded 2021

Review of The Walking Wounded 2021

The Walking Wounded is a collection of stories about unsung heroes. Those who have survived, or stood beside those who have died, and who should surely be part of the agenda we must build together. Because that is what you can take away from a film like this. You can check the moviesrush and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website.

Importance of a particular moviesrush film

However, it is very difficult to separate the importance of a particular film from the quality of the final product. There are films whose intentions can be simply admired, but which ultimately do not conform to the structural rules and guidelines of their genre. Sure, it’s a documentary, but it’s also a way of presenting a frightening reality in conversations that range from sadness to hope.

A compelling documentary or not

The Walking Wounded is a compelling documentary or not. Recall the last time a film made you want to help strangers. In my case, I’m from a different society, one that doesn’t even come close to “suffering” the effects of war. Yet Ash Patiño’s film made me want to at least listen to the people around me.

Four people who each cope in their own way

Patiño makes a very simple film about four people who each cope in their own way and go on with their lives. Some of their statements are more optimistic than others. But they all make it clear that suicide (and social anxiety, depression, etc.) is a reality we have to face.

More universal and human on moviesrush

The subject is a very complex one because the film does not delve into the reality behind the situation. War is a monster of incalculable proportions. The kind that changes form and yet remains effective in the minds of those who suffer and fight it. The Walking Wounded is not an anti-war film in its commentary, but the final message, which transcends patriotism, is something more universal and human.

The mental health of war veterans

There is, however, one particular scene in which a woman describes the collective response to the mental health of war veterans. It seems inconceivable that people would deliberately denigrate the human condition, but her words shook me to the core. The film argues that war is a toxic and invisible issue for the people left behind.

Full of optimism

The Walking Wounded is a simple film, but it manages to convey its direct message. It is full of optimism, hope, and realism in the truest sense of the word. Get ready to enjoy the best entertainment ever on movieswatch. You can check out the latest thrilling, action, romantic, and comedy movies and serials ever at this website.


Lately, I have had the opportunity to watch a number of films that deal with mental health issues that are much more topical than we think. From post-traumatic stress disorder to teenage anxiety, the problem is there and we need to talk about it. The cost of doing nothing is greater than the effort it takes to at least talk about it.

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