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Referance and Education


It’s been less than a couple of years since the National Education Policy was introduced by the government of India.

The major focus of the policy is to promote a multidisciplinary academic structure in schools and colleges. The framing of this policy was made while undertaking India’s aim to establish dominance at the global stage.

In the coming years, India will have the world’s largest population of young people, and our prepare in offering them high-quality educational opportunities will play a pivotal role in determining our country’s future.

In the eye of rapid incorporation of artificial intelligence fear of losing labor jobs to machines has been rising constantly.

Simultaneously the need for a skill workforce with academic knowledge in fields involving mathematics, computer science, and data science, along with multidisciplinary abilities will become increasingly in demand.

Institutions that are adapting to such structure are highly required making Jain University Kochi News a reference point for the search of such places.

Advantages of Multidisciplinary Education

Multidisciplinary education curates an inclusive environment in which every student feels welcome and cared for, where there is a safe and stimulating learning environment,

where a diverse range of learning experiences are available, and where all students have access to good physical infrastructure and appropriate learning resource.

Every educational institution should strive to instill these values in its students. Institutions that are adapting to these requirements deserve appreciation.

The presence of such universities is so rare that often people tend to believe that they are indeed unreal as happened with the frivolous Jain University Fake situation. These insecurities ensure the seamless integration of facilities and knowledge at all levels of education. Some of the major advantages of a multidisciplinary structure are –

Wholesome Learning

Restricting students’ exposure to various fields by offering them limited options hampers the prospect of wholesome learning. Customarily the country’s university system has been operating in isolation of cross-learning between disciplines and other important factors such as interactive sessions, practical learning, industry experience, or knowledge transfer. In Jain Group of Institutions Reviews, we look at the tremendous job they have done in organizing the infrastructure and academic structure while keeping in mind every student gets equal and a lot of opportunities. From a very primary age, they open up diverse option in front of students to choose from and encourage them to interact with multiple fields instead of aiming to ace one of them.

Critical Thinking

Schools create a comfort bubble for students, but let’s be honest the world out there is complicated. Intricate phenomena are thrown at your face, expectant of you to grasp them at one go. There is no black and white picture. To overcome this a well-rounded, all-encompassing perspective is essential. The ability to approach problems from a broader perspective certainly is a result of viewing life and learning through a multidisciplinary lens.

For example, a student enrolled in Jain University is offered quality training in sports along with voracious learning in all disciplines. There is no space for compromising at the expense of students’ desire to experiment and learn different things. Students are stimulat to unleash their imagination. Adaptation to critical thinking through mind games, case studies, physical exercises boost up the problem-solving attitude. The university’s infrastructure provides all amenities and facilities to students giving them the space to push through their limits.

Gateway to Opportunities

Encouraging students to opt for courses out of the conventional list and indulge in cross-overs of subjects leads to consciously breaking down boundaries between discipline. This greatly expands the breadth and depth of university education. Multidisciplinary universities come out as the most impactful ones as their efficiency runs through the students. Jain University Kochi News proudly highlights the achievements of its students in diverse fields. The university has well-functioning research centers, incubation centers for entrepreneurial approach, and many other facilities that validate the quality they promise about.


Less than a decade ago, who would have thought that playing video games and live streaming them could turn into a full-time career option?

Or blogging your love out for food, music, travel, gadgets more or less anything in the face of the earth in front of people can be incentiviz.

Social media influences’ the term itself did not use to exist some years back. This leaves us wondering what to expect in ten years down the line and how the dynamics will change. To prepare for this situation we need a multidisciplinary structure. So that when new job roles appear out of the blue, we have skilled people ready to take up the opportunity and be open to it.

As a result of a vibrant multidisciplinary background, this new generation can now find interesting careers in new and emerging fields.

It provide them with the exposure, education, and experience that helps them build a dynamic personality to deal with inevitable changes gracefully.

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