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NHL 22 Review (PS5)

As I said a while ago when I looked at NHL 22 Review (PS5), sports simulators are a place that millions of fans will have as long as the sport itself is famous.

NHL 22 Review (PS5)

And no matter what changes developers make to these games, people still want to buy them every year, and without a doubt, FIFA is the only living witness to this.

The NHL, on the other hand, is a small location. While theoretically targeting Americans and Canadians, it also has fans around the world, although it goes without saying that the player base is not as big as that of FIFA players for obvious reasons.

But the NHL is still a franchise that despite the criticism it sometimes gets, sells like a hot cake every year, and make no mistake, NHL 22 will still be successful, even if some foreigners are not affected by the EA changes. Done.

If you have never played in the NHL before but you are a hockey fan, then you should definitely get the game in next-generation consoles. New Frostbite Engine for PlayStation 5 and Xbox X | The S series makes versions that the game should buy for everyone, especially if they want to experience the new NHL beautifully.

Let’s start with what everyone likes and then move on to what everyone hates this year.

So our first stop is graphic. There is only one word to describe what NHL 22 looks like in 4K on PlayStation 5: Interesting. The graphics are impressive, and I was impressed to see what Ice looks like from certain angles, not the level of detail that every player now comes up with.

Make no mistake, there is still room for improvement, and for example, people can use a lot of polishing, especially since EAs mainly continue their reactions between three rounds or after achieving a goal. Gives.

The explanation that seems to bother most franchise fans is the pass system. The game certainly feels different, and when I say different, it’s because the overall speed of the game is very slow. The pass system itself plays a big part in the whole thing, but I don’t think slow speed is necessarily a bad thing. And there is a good reason for that.

EA has obviously tried to make NHL 22 more real, especially in the new generation consoles, so by introducing new tricks including this pass system to slow down the gameplay, the company is really making the game overall. Little Arcade. . In other words, NHL 22 is now more like a hockey game and less like an arcade title where scoring is nothing more important.

So at the end of the day, NHL 22 is like a transition to a one-of-a-kind game that feels very real at the end, maybe not this year but in future releases. The game is still entertaining, and the graphics are clearly the best development in the new generation consoles, but if not, those who want to get the game in the older generation don’t necessarily have to look for major upgrades.

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