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No more transferring goods issues!

You might be wondering who needs ute trays? Well, a tradesman or a farmer is most likely to be the ones looking for aluminium ute trays. These trays help them with their stable nature and durability and offer the required security. This enables easy transfer of goods due to the ute trays’ stability—these help in carrying heavy loads with ease.

What are they used for?

These trays are rigid, allowing easy handling of heavy loads and equipment. These are ideal for that extra pinch of protection and security for your goods. They are usually for goods kept at the vehicle’s back portion. For protecting bulky loads, these never disappoint you. These may get damaged after several uses, but it will be worth the investment if you invest in a good one. It is more accessible to unload and load goods. For a better space for loading, it is also possible to remove the slide of the tray; this is convenient.

It is even handy to use these trays for commercial purposes. Without worrying about damage or destruction, you can quickly load items in your vehicle. If you wish to custom make aluminium ute trays, you can do that too and then install them at the backside of the UTE. An overhead board may as well be an additional support and protection source.

Why should you choose aluminium ute trays?

Investing in aluminium trays will always be better than regular ute trays. These trays are sturdy, heavy and durable, but you should have a pretty open budget for the same. These quality trays provide extra security and tons of storage space. At first, it might feel heavy on the budget, but it would be worth the investment. Buying a good quality one would last you long without rusting problems that usually occur with other metals.

Make sure to choose a reliable vendor when purchasing these trays because there are low-quality ones in the market. There are various types of these trays, but you should always invest in sturdy and good quality ones.

There might be a point of time when you would contemplate and get fascinated by buying the more budget-friendly one, but honestly, that wouldn’t make any sense in the long run. The aluminium ones last for a long time if you maintain them efficiently.

These are specially designed and crafted for heavy and bulky loads.


The first factor to remember when purchasing this tray is why you’re buying it! Ute trays account for almost 20% of all vehicle models purchased in Australia. This means that ute trays are routinely installed in cars, and they serve various functions. Some ute trays are designed for heavy lifting, while others are used for extra storage or business purposes. Regardless, the vehicle needs for each of these objectives would be different. It’s critical to understand why you’re buying anything to get the most excellent fit!


It’s critical to know precisely what size ute tray you’ll need for your car. You’re more likely to get the incorrect size if you don’t know the specific measurements. When the equipment and cargo don’t fit on the tray afterwards, this can cause problems.


One of the pointers to consider before purchasing a tray is its lifespan. The material it’s made of will determine how long it lasts. Ensure the material you’re getting is long-lasting, so you receive your money’s worth

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