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Peek Into Different Advantages Of Foamex Board And Panels

In order to create a sensational buzz for your brand’s image in a competitive market is vital. Everything from digital branding to the way you display and sign your logo is essential to successfully market your company. If you’re looking to be flexible, a 10mm Foamex boards is an excellent option for businesses seeking signs that are stylish and flexible.

Furthermore, Foam board signs are able to be used in many different capacities. Here are five reasons you should consider the Foam Board sign could be the most suitable option for your company.

1. Lightweight

Signs made from PVC are very light due to the fact that the boards they print on are made from foam. It is lightweight and gives you a great deal of versatility and transport options.

If you’re often a visitor to trade shows or are selling your products in various markets, these are an ideal choice as transporting them is simple.

2. Adhesive Friendly

The signs made of foam are easy to stick to the walls or other surfaces because they’re light. This makes it possible to use removable adhesives for the signs.

If you’re not capable of having a display or sign on your own, you can make use of tiny pieces of tabs for adhesive to secure the foam directly onto the walls. Be sure to choose an adhesive that isn’t likely to cause permanent destruction to surfaces.

3. Cost-Effective

It is crucial to consider your budget when selecting the signage for your business. 5mm Foamex boards are a fantastic option to find a variety of signs at a low price.

Foam board signs can be printed in a variety of colours and provide excellent options for signs that can be customised and are easy to manage.

4. Attention-Grabbing

A well-designed sign will surely draw the attention of customers who have been loyal and also potential customers.

The use of a PVC foamex sign could be efficient in helping your company stand out from your competition, especially at trade shows and conferences.

Shell Scheme graphics print on a range of attractive colours that are sophisticated yet elegant. Your small business will shine through with stunning bright and striking signs made from foam.

5. Imagery

Not to be left out is one of the best advantages of PVC signs made from foam. If you choose to make a sign out of foam board, there is the possibility of printing an enormous-scale image directly onto the surface and providing a stunning backdrop for your logo, or other promotional material.

Background images can be printed directly up to the edges of the foam and make your sign appear as a huge image on a screen.

This is a great chance to market your product or service in a way that is memorable and in a way that will surely grab the attention of anyone who walks by.

The Benefits Of Printing On Foamex Boards For Displays

If you’re looking for signage or displays, you shouldn’t overlook Foamex print on board. There is a myriad of reasons why Foamex is a fantastic material. The following will be highlighted in this blog:

Foamex The Boards Will Last An Extensive Time

If you’re considering buying signs or displays. If that’s the case, except they’re meant for a one-off event, such as an exhibition or a conference There’s a chance that the signs will last for a long period of time.

This is the reason Foamex is essential to offer the user the best surface for images that are less prone to being damaged by scratches. This could make a significant increase in the longevity of businesses and other organisations that use their signs and displays outdoors.

Foamex Is A Great Printing Surface. Foamex Is A Fast Turnaround Surface

Do you have an idea that is getting closer to the deadline? If so, do you have display boards and signs prepared for use?

Shell scheme graphics could help you save your life as they’ve been recognized for significantly reducing the time needed to print. This means that you will have a quick turnaround time and assist with printing last-minute needs.

Foamex Signs Cost Less

For any office director or marketing head, there’s always a need to keep an eye on the budget. Foamex is able to handle high-definition pictures and large files. It will, however, be free of charge.

So, Foamex printing is a great choice and can be a cost-effective material that will help reduce marketing costs without sacrificing the quality of images after printing is completed.

Foamex Printed Is Easy To Carry

If you’re the manager of an organisation which is a travel-oriented marketing company then Foamex might be the ideal lightweight solution that ticks every box.

In addition, the issue of the size that results from transport is removed since Foamex is made as separate panels that can be put together to create larger displays after they’ve been removed from the point of departure.

What Is Display Boards Printed?

The flexibility can be a benefit when it comes to designing displays. But, it’s important to consider what message you’re trying to convey. The traditional design is a great option for businesses for display boards that are focused on DIY or academics who are promoting their research.

If you’re looking for the most professional and premium output. Then this is that printed displays come into the realm of their own.

By integrating printing Foamex directly into your panels, you are able to create stunning, vibrant displays. They also make extremely portable and easy-to-use display boards. It is ideal for exhibitors that aren’t part of groups, especially in the event of travelling.

1. Inspiring Quality To Gain The Advantage Over Competition

The style and the quality of an event is the most important factor that determines whether or not it is successful. Display boards with graphics are designed to offer an advantage over traditional designs.

Display boards from Go Displays are manufactured with premium materials, as is standard. Regarding structural quality, this can help to increase the durability of the display boards.

2. The Integration Of An Eye-Catching Design

Why should you select printed display boards when you’re determined to design your own? Looking to change the layout for every event, printed displays won’t fit the bill.

If you’re looking for the same design for different occasions they can give you an improved and longer-lasting result.

If you’re always trying to alter the look of your home then this is the perfect moment to invest a little more. Have an expert on your side.

3. Created To Last

Display boards made from traditional materials may be placed under the fun and low-cost categories. This also implies that their imagination is limited to their potential.

But the fact that design and marketing aren’t strong doesn’t mean that the products or services will have to be judged by them. Display boards printed will be more costly. But, their design is built on which one invests more.

While the DIY display may be able to achieve moderate achievement in a short amount of time. A professionally printed display can be designed to make an excellent display tool for many years.


Foamex boards that are printed using foam are excellent marketing tools for businesses to convey information to their clients or potential buyers. Shell scheme panels are the best way to promote your business’s products and services during meetings or in indoor spaces to promote your business.

As you can see in the list of pros above there is a myriad of reasons Foamex boards are currently in great demand in the sales and marketing world. To try it out yourself, talk to an experienced Foamex manufacturer today!


The Board Printing Company based in London offers a comprehensive printing service for businesses and individuals. We produce signs for indoor and outdoor use and provide the perfect combination of speed, quality, and affordability.
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