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Planning your Next Holiday Destination? Explore Uttarakhand!!

India’s summers may become oppressively hot and miserable. Why exert yourself when a vacation to Uttarakhand is all that is required to rekindle your enthusiasm for life? The best hill towns in North India are found in this state. Everyone may find something to do while on vacation in Uttarakhand, from breathtaking mountain peaks to challenging hiking paths. Here are some of the top hill towns to visit over the upcoming summer vacation.


One of Uttarakhand’s less popular tourist spots is this one. The best time of year to trek over the Garhwal Himalayas is in the summer. The best time to visit this charming tiny hill station where you can take in panoramic views of Mt. Nanda Devi and Ghori Parbat is from November to May. This hill village is even more picturesque because of the apple orchards and the jungles full of oak and deodar trees. The trip to the Auli-Kuari Pass and the journey from Auli to Badrinath are two of the most well-liked trekking routes available in Auli for thrill seekers.


Of course, the state’s capital is one of India’s most well-known hill stations. The city is the ideal location from which to enjoy viewing the Himalayan mountains because it is situated between two rivers. Since the summer is the ideal season for participating in water sports, several resorts in Dehradun provide visitors with a range of these activities, including the renowned Asan Barrage Water Sport Resort. Additionally, there are a number of well-known parks that should not be missed, including the Rajaji National Park and the Malsi Deer Park.


Ranikhet offers a broad range of activities, including camping, paragliding, white water rafting, rappelling, mountain biking, and trekking, making it a well-liked adventure tourism destination. Family-friendly attractions include historical temples like the Sun Temple (Katarmal), Binsar Mahadev Temple, and Jhula Devi Temple that are for their architecture. Oak woods and picturesque tea farms may be found throughout the town.


Since many years ago, Indians’ imaginations and motion pictures have included this enduringly well-liked mountainous location in Uttarakhand. Boat rides are situate around the Naini Lake, which serves as the attraction’s hub. Children will enjoy visiting the Nainital Zoo, where they may witness a variety of unusual creatures, including the snow leopard. The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and the Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary are also noteworthy. Here, riding horses is quite common. Here are many additional Nainital attractions. Rolling green landscapes and breathtaking mountains may be all around Nainital.


The restaurant at Bhimtal Lake is well-known for being situate in the centre of the body of water, providing guests with a memorable eating experience. This hill station, which is 1371 metres above sea level, offers both adventurous activities and magnificent mountain vistas.


One of the most well-known hill towns is Mussoorie, which can be found in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district, 290 kilometres from Delhi. Mussoorie, popularly referred to as Queen of The Hills, is situated at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level with the Shivalik range of the Himalayas and the doon valley in the background.

Many people have long been fans of the sparkling hill town of Mussoorie. It serves as the setting for a love story, a refuge for loners, and a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Once you’ve been here, it’s difficult to get the memories out of your heart; the vibrant hills will always serve as a continuous reminder of your engagement.

This colonial hill town is home to some of India’s most renowned educational institutions, as well as grand hotels, charming cafés, old taverns, estates, cathedrals, office buildings, bustling markets, and tourist attractions. Mussoorie, one of the best hill resorts in India, is widely renowne for its Mall Road, Himalayan vistas, weekend getaways, and honeymoon locations.


One of India’s seven holiest towns, Haridwar is located in the state of Uttarakhand. It is situate where the holy river Ganga initially meets the Indo-Gangetic plains.


A little hill town in Uttarakhand called Mukteshwar is situate around 50 kilometres from Nainital. The 350-year-old Shiva Temple situated here, known as Mukteshwar Dham, gave Mukteshwar its name. It is also for adventure sports and has a stunning view of the Himalayan mountains.

Mukteshwar, which is 2,285 metres above sea level and is situate in the Nainital region of the state of Uttarakhand, is a lovely spot to visit. Mukteshwar gets its name from the 350-year-old Mukteshwer Dham temple, which has Lord Shiva as its resident deity.

From the top of the mountain where Mukteshwar Temple is situate, views of the beautiful Himalayan range are spectacular and magnificent.


One of India’s holiest Hindu pilgrimages and most revered temples is Kedarnath. Kedarnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India devoted to Lord Shiva, is a component of the Chhota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. Also explore about Bhrigu Lake Trek and Kashmir Great Lakes Trek .


One of the four Char Dham and Chota Char Dham pilgrimage yatras, Badrinath is renowne for the holy Badrinath Temple, which is devote to Lord Vishnu. In the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Badrinath is perche on the Garhwal hill slopes, close to the Alaknanda River.

In the lovely town of Badrinath, religion and the tranquilly of nature meet. The supreme house of Lord Vishnu, which is located at a height of 3,133 metres in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, is one of the holiest of the holy temples of India’s Char Dham pilgrimage. Dwarka, Puri, and Rameswaram are some other Char Dham locations.


The sacred River Ganga’s source, Gangotri Dham, is situate in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi district. It is a component of the renowned Chhota Char Dham yatra and one of India’s most cherished pilgrimages (including Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath).


In the Uttarakhand state’s Bageshwar district, 51 kilometres from Almora, is the hill town of Kausani. Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchuli peaks stand out in Kausani’s expansive snow-covered Himalayan landscape.

At an elevation of 1890 metres, with pine tree woods and a flowing creek. Kausani is the perfect destination for honeymooners, nature enthusiasts, and travellers. Snowfall occurs in Kausani throughout the winter. Previously known as Valna, this location is bless with a variety of attractions. And a sunset view that will leave you spellbound. The Adi Kailash Trek, Base Kausani Trek, and Bageshwar-Sunderdhunda Trek are a few popular treks departing from Kausani. The picture-perfect massive, beautiful mountains around the glamorous town are cover in Oak and Deodar Pine trees.

Select a hill station in Uttarakhand for your next summer vacation to recharge for the rest of the year!

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